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Time once again to acknowledge a sampling of the folks who pass through this blog, this time over the past few days. As I typically do, I list the location and search engine keyword(s) that brought them here. Today's search proved to be very humorous on a couple of occasions. Without further ado....

1) Someone from Australia stopped by in search of a "new year's message".

2) A blogger from Asia found me by searching for one to "write us for pay". (I hope you found a paid writing gig. If you did, could you hook me up too?)

3) Along those lines, an individual from an unknown location wanted information on "pay nothing". Maybe it was the nemesis of the person from Asia.

4) Someone out of the UK typed in "aaawww" and found me. How cute is that?

5) A Brazil blogger was in search of "matrix phrases wake up Neo". (Keep up that matrix explorin'.)

6) Someone out of Illinois was in search of "chantix misleadings".

7) I've had several hits from people all over the country who are in search of information on "national collector's mint scam/fraud".

8) Along those lines, I continue to receive daily hits, again from all over the country, from folks googling "Kip Schoning." Perhaps he should go to work for the National Collector's Mint.

And now for the finale, the final two, the searches that had me laughing out loud:

9) Someone from the UK was seemingly quite desperate in their need for information on a "dribbling wheezy sleepy baby".

10) And last but not least, a Kentucky blogger found me by typing the following mouthful: "what does it mean when a kitty meows when you pick it up and it also wont (sic) move."

While I am not a Veterinarian or an Animal Psychic, I do have a suggestion. Perhaps kitty has been partyin' it up with the baby from the UK.


Devin said...

HaHaHa-great stuff Nina!:-) Thanks so much for stopping by my place today-I am getting ready to go to bed shortly and wanted to see your latest post. Best to you as always!

Spiritbear said...

Thats cool. I did this once and someone in Maryland googled "Jimmy Swaggart Bleeding Christ" and found my blog. There are some strange people out there.

Nina said...

thanks devin. :)

LOL that's funny spiritbear! there are some weirdo's in cyberland for sure, although i'm probably a weirdo to some of them as well. hope all is well in your new life up north.