MUST SEE Documentary: Flow

I'm going to get right to it. You MUST watch Flow. It discusses the water crisis we are facing. And it is a crisis NOW, not something to be concerned about some 100 years from now. Here are some highlights:

*We are running out of fresh drinking water. Much of our drinking water is polluted. In the United States alone, it is estimated that up to 7 million people get sick from tap water. Some 40% of flu/stomach viruses originate from drinking tap water.

*Fish. In Texas alone, every fish sampled had high levels of prozac. In the Seine, fish are changing sex. Today there are no more male fish.

*The number one contaminant in our drinking water here in the states is Atrazine. It is manufactured by Syngenta, a Swiss company, one of the largest agro-chemical businesses on the planet. Altrazine has been shown to reduce sperm count, increase the risk of prostate, ovarian and breast cancers and act as a "chemical castration" on frogs and fish. Interestingly enough, the E.U. (European Union) banned Atrazine, but still sell it to the States. A 2006 EPA report claims that "no harm will result" from Atrazine.

*As many know, water is becoming privatized around the globe. Three of the big companies (European), Thames Water, Vivendi and Suez deliver water for profit mostly to developing/poor countries. The World Bank funds these projects and threatens communities that unless they agree to welcome the privatization of their water supply, they will cut off the supply. The results of this privatization are pretty predictable. The water supply is polluted and costly. Another note of interest: these water companies are created by Bankers. Hmmm haven't I been talking about the BANKING CARTEL and how they own our global economy?

I digress. On with more information.

*Most of us look at dams and think nothing of them. They look benign, right? Wrong. My eyes were certainly opened up when I learned we are messing with nature by stopping the flow of water, which by it's very nature needs to move, needs to flow. This still water begins to rot and creates methane gas, which contributes to the greenhouse gas problem. And quite often dams displace local populations. It is estimated that upwards of 80 MILLION people were displaced during the 20th century. And yet another little tidbit. Guess who is behind most of the dam creation and financing? The World Bank.

*In 1997 an elite club of individuals from the World Water Council, The World Bank (there they are again), the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and big water companies met to discuss privatizing the world's water supply. These people are profit-driven only and have absolutely no regard for human life. Learn about them. Learn which of your political leaders/representatives engage with these private groups. You will be surprised.

*Parts of the United States face total depletion of water supplies, including New Mexico (which is set to run dry in 5-10 years, depending on whether they continue building golf courses and the like), California (who is set to run dry in 20 years), Arizona, Colorado and other states who rely on the Colorado River.

There are solutions though, solutions that can be developed and created at the local level. For that is indeed the answer. Working together locally, small communities creating their own means of sustainability. That is why I look at this current global crumbling of modern age Rome's with some sense of hope and optimism: What must fall offers the change to rebuild.

Please check out this wonderful documentary (we rented it through Netflix) for more information, including what you can do. Here are a couple of websites: flowthefilm.com and freeflo.org

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