Prophesy. Intuitive Knowings. And Yellowstone.

I've been known to have intuitive knowings on things, either while awake or asleep. For example, the day before 9/11, while sending out a fax at work, I looked at a calendar to confirm the date. I saw where the next day was 9/11 and immediately had the thought "something awful is going to happen tomorrow and there's nothing you can do to stop it". When Laci Peterson went missing, I had a dream where I saw how she was murdered and where her body was. Both turned out to be true. When the space shuttle crashed in Texas, I had a dream that morning where something crashed in an open field and there were people running around everywhere, debris and fresh smoke all over the place. My spouse woke me up just as I was having this dream, saying "honey something's happened! wake up there's been a crash!" Most recently a friend of ours invited us to a local spaghetti feed. Something told me "no, stomachache". Our friend went without us and he ended up having terrible stomach pains for days afterwards.

Today I am recalling a dream I had back in 2004. It was powerful and something within has encouraged me to remember it. I was in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, driving northward to pick up my brother and his family in the Portland area. At the time they were living in Seattle so I thought it odd I would be getting them in Portland. I also remembering worrying about my mom and knew she was living in the Portland area, too. At the time, she was living in eastern Oregon. Something told me she was ok, though and not to worry about having to get her too. So again, my mind thought all of this was rather odd. As we got closer to Portland, near Oregon City to be precise, I could see the Willamette River was filling with lava and mud. There were large tree's swirling around as well. Suddenly I knew: somewhere there had been a massive volcano. At the time I thought it may have been Mt. Rainier. I had the urge to get out of the area ASAP. After picking up my brother and his family, we barely made it over a bridge to safety before it was to be wiped out by the lava and mud flow.

Since that time, my brother and his family have moved to Portland. And so has my mom. Currently my mom is in another state on vacation for the next couple of months.

If this was a prophetic dream of some sort about Yellowstone, then I know she's safe given her location. Which would explain why, in the dream, I knew she would be ok. However, my brother and his family could be in danger.

Given Yellowstone has had over 400 eruptions since late December, making for very unusual circumstances, as described by seismologists and geologists, I have to wonder about the accuracy of my dream. Coincidence? I don't know. I wish I did though. It is something I will be paying very close attention to.

To see the projected territorial impact (with a 600 mile radius) if such an event were to occur, please visit http://www.piglipstick.blogspot.com/ fmi.


Pugs in Space said...

Uh oh. I saw that on Piglipstick's page earlier and it made me go uh oh... now I am really going uh oh.

nolocontendere said...

I'm actually going back up to CO to retrieve some of our stuff that's stored there. The crashing economy along with the deterioration of world events made me jittery.
This was the deciding factor to move it all down to AZ. Jeez.

Devin said...

Nina-this is really interesting but spooky stuff! Things like this fascinate me-please continue to share whatever comes along this way-I will be back to this post-In regards to nolocontendres comment-if nolo or you find yourself in PHX metro area give me a holler if you want -I could send my phone number by private email-best to you as always Nina and thanks again for this and happy new year!