Bullshit Detector on this Easter Sunday

Ok, so now that I'm a parent, I have to admit I'm now celebrating Easter with my little one in the fact that we hid little plastic eggs filled with chocolates around the yard today for her to search for, collect and enjoy.  That was, of course, adorable and entertaining to watch.  However, beyond that, the celebration ends. 

I think of George Carlin on this day who did a hilarious routine about things he said were obviously "bullshit".  Religion was one of his favorites to go after.  It went something like this...(please forgive as I hack it up w/my own opinions and sarcasm)

"Ok, so you have these folks (the believers) who think there's some Man in the Clouds.  And this Man only talks to them.  However, to the rest of the world (who are referred to as the non-believers), he pleads the 5th.  This Man, some 2000 years ago, sent Himself to Earth in human form and called Himself Jesus.  This was done, you see, to free the people from their sins because they were being so wretched and ornary.  The Man in the Clouds also did this to grant the believers eternal life in Heaven with Him, in so long as they do some things for Him.  Some of these things include:

Following commandments such as not having sex with your neighbors wife or husband, not stealing or lying.  Basically, be a good person.  That should be enough to get this eternal life in Heavenly Paradise, but the Man in the Clouds doesn't think so.  He thinks he should also be Worshipped on top of being Obeyed.  [Makes you think the Man in the Clouds has some insecurity issues, huh?]  If one refuses or simply isn't able to do such a thing, they are cast into Hell/Lake of Hell Fire for eternity. 

Take your pick.  It all sounds like a horrible, awful place. 

Now, ask the believers why the Man in the Clouds would do such a thing to a Soul, a Being He so, supposedly, carefully and lovingly created.  Why, because HE LOVES YOU.  Yes, HE LOVES YOU so much, that if you don't satisify his insecure, ego-centric need for unconditional loving attention [sorta sounds like toddler behavior to me], the Man in the Clouds will abandon you forever and send you straight to hell.

If that isn't enough to sound the Bullshit Detector folks, I don't know what is."

Happy Easter/Bunny/Chocolate/Candy/Ham Day to you all - believers and non-believers alike.  We may not unite on things such as Religion, but I think we can all admit to liking a good slice of ham and some chocolate.