Mad Dash To Spew The Thoughts Rambling Through My Brain

The little one's asleep.  Housework is done for the day.  Been another busy day.  And my mind is aching to expel the thoughts carried with me throughout this beautiful finally-reached-60 spring day. 

*Looks like we have another president with an impeachable offense.  Dennis Kucinich has the balls to put the idea on the congressional table.  Will others follow suit?  Likely the repukes will only because he is a democrap. 

*The horrifying nuclear situation in Japan is not enough to touch the sociopathic mindset of certain leaders (which as those who know me is a term is use loosely) in terms of doing the right thing and ridding this planet of anything with the word "nuclear" attached.  POWER WITH HEMP. 

*Ok.  So you lose your job in this hellish economy.  Can't find anything decent much over minimum wage.  "Go back to school," you're told.  You finally decide, "what they hey" and re-enter the classroom.  Sounds easy, right?  Think again.  Obama wants to do away with the Pell Grant program altogether.  Schools, even Community Colleges, are turning away students due to the overwhelmingly high demand while raising tuition 30% plus.  At the same time, they are cutting staff.  Unless you receive priority registration, chances are most if not all of the classes you want will be full.  Interested in a high demand program?  Get in line and wait.  For 1-2 years.  Staff tell you, "Take whatever classes you can, even if they're not part of your degree program".  Which is another way of saying "give us your money even if you end up not taking the classes you want or need".  Sounds like a recipe for collapse???  Hmmm...

*We teach our beautiful angels, our children, to share.  To treat others the way we wish to be treated.  Then we toss them out into a System that does the exact opposite.  Seems to me some of the system creators ought to go through kindergarten again, eh?  Assuming they're human that is...

*Who in the hell ever gave banks the right to own this land?  The entire concept of home ownership/mortgage is nothing but a giant scam, albeit a (disgustingly) brilliant one.  Who else but some banker would come up with the idea of perpetual profit from the land?  It is horrifying to me. 

*I feel so grateful to be my little girl's mama.  It is an experience that cannot be described with words.  It must be felt.  The feelings run stronger and deeper than any other feelings one can experience. 

*The term sustainability is tossed around alot these days.  And the missing key in all of this is often money.  And those left out of the equation are those who don't have any or very little.  The housing market is one thing that is not sustainable.  The cost of food is another.  Health care yet another.  Schooling, ditto.  Need I go on?  Simply put we have an unsustainable system that says in order to provide for your basic survival needs, you must have the money to pay for it.  If you don't, well, sorry for you.  How did we ever (de)evolve to such a state of consciousness that we became ok with this?  How far away from our authentic selves have we strayed to accept such a concept? 

*Am I the only one who feels a sense of deep fatigue when seeing how, once again, The Empire goes and invades another country (Libya)?  I mean really, how long can such people continue to create destruction without destroying their own inner consciousness?  And how long can we as a public remain apathetic to such life and planet-destroying acts?  Are we going to continue on in our apathy and/or sense of helplessness or are we going to dig deep and pull up those love reserves and let it all shine forth loudly, strongly and peacefully?  I myself am a fan of love.  : )


Common Sense Legislation/A World With No Money?

On track for the November 2012 ballot.  Heck yeah, I say.  Heck yeah!
And for those of you who are fed the farmville hell up with the monetary-based system, check out the Zeitgeist Movement (google it).  Proposed is a beautiful system that is free of money.  Imagine it people.  I know you can. 

Been a long time since I blogged.  My days are spent in a daze keeping up with and caring for the toddler-in-becoming.  I love being a mama.  More than I ever imagined.  However, even though in some ways I am more patient and open, in other ways I am less patient.  My disdain for the horrors of our world has only deepened as I now have more reason to care about our planet and its future.  I don't have the patience for obvious stupidity and obvious callousness and obvious disregard for life.  Call me the mad mama on a mission. 

As papa bear says, don't poke the mama bear.