Top Weird News Story: Giant Condom Erected Over Paris

Well, if this doesn't increase the condom market, I don't know what will.

"The French have unveiled their latest weapon in the battle against sexually transmitted diseases: a 120-foot condom filled with helium that went on display Tuesday at the Palais de la Decouverte in Paris.  The giant inflatable – dubbed "Condomfiere" – will set off on a five-continent tour to promote World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, part of a campaign started by the safe-sex group CondomFly. The dirigible condom carries three passengers plus a pilot.  Before starting its international sojourn, the floating behemoth will stop in Vienna for the 18th International AIDS Conference in June, where it will disperse heath information, as it will throughout its travels."

A man's dream.  To boldly claim, with truth, I am the owner of a 120 footer. 

Actually, this is quite a good idea.  Fly it all over the world and perhaps it will make just one person, who is planning on engaging in unprotected sex later in the day with a new partner, decide to use a condom. 

Bill and Melinda Gates: "Save The Children. Jab Them With Needles Full Of Toxic Vaccines."

Bill and Melinda Gates have vowed to donate in excess of $10 billion over the next decade in order to ensure 90% of the world's children are protected from such diseases as pneumonia and (no, I am not making this one up), diarrhea.

If this weren't such a serious issue with such huge ramifications, I would be laughing after reading through the above-referenced article.  Here are a few of the tidbits:

"Vaccines are a miracle," said Melinda Gates. "With just a few doses, they can prevent deadly diseases for a lifetime." ...

The Gates statement said the foundation would help to dramatically reduce child mortality in the next 10 years and urged others to pitch in with research funding and other financial support for poor children. ...

Vaccines are usually an effective way to spend money to improve public health, because they can even be delivered in poor countries lacking functioning health systems.

Ad nauseum.  Can anyone say "System Puppet Speak?" 

Really, if the elitists of the world truly wanted to reduce and eliminate childhood infectious disease, all they would have to do is use their capital and invest it in CLEAN SANITATION SYSTEMS AND HEALTHY DRINKING WATER.  It is these two things alone, combined WITH using such systems to keep oneself and ones home properly bathed/cleansed, that has been shown unequivocably to reduce and eliminate infectious disease. 

If Bill Gates can build an empire, certainly he can do what this humble little woman has done:  Research, research and research some more the wealth of information about vaccines. 

I will end this by saying to keep an eye out on these third world nations and their children, who will likely be the main targets of this global campaign.  Watch the new diseases and conditions that will begin to pop up amongst these beautiful innocent children, all while the system will slowly yet surely convince the masses that these new diseases are now just the norm. 

I guarantee it. 

Nina To John Edwards: Be Honest. Own Up.

And while you're at it, here's a quarter to buy yourself some authentic humility.

You elitist little lying piece of scum.  Behind that smarmy smile, behind all of that wealth, behind all of that supposed power you (and far too many like you) believe you claim over our beautiful little planet and its inhabitants, I would say you are nothing more than a measly little rat (to quote George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life). 

You really believed you could use this supposed power to stick your mr. good-time inside another woman, over and over again, all while your wife was undergoing cancer treatment (you know, when she needed your unwaivering support more than ever), then father a child, then say the child wasn't yours (while allowing a "friend" to claim paternity instead) while claiming you didn't have sex with the woman (I'll bet Clinton gave you some pointers with that tricky little situation, eh?), then use people you claimed to care about, attempt to buy people, in order to cover up your lie, all the while lying to the people of America about how honest and decent you were (because boo hoo hoo since you grew up poor/working class that means TODAY you could somehow RELATE TO us which is the joke of the day), how you claimed Washington needed to change its image in order to become more respectful not only here at home but around the world.......you really believed all along you were THAT above it all and would get away with your lies?

And now you are wanting to get possession of that sex tape of you and your mistress?  (Who, btw, I cannot say I feel badly for really, considering any woman who knowingly sleeps with another man--certainly more than once--who she knows is married--whom she knows said wife is ill with cancer--any woman of that caliber is about as low on the human decency totem pole as are you.) 

It's really a bit too late to redeem yourself, isn't it?  Next time around, if you are wishing to run for any sort of political office (which, at this point, a rat in a sewer stands a better chance at holding such a title), try something new:  HONESTY.  Own your behavior.  Yeah, you were a scumbag for what you did.  Say it with me now John.  Say "I was a scumbag and I messed up."  That's all you owe the public.  Your debt to your family is the one that runs deep and long. 

You know what?  I believe I feel sorry for you.  Pity, even.  For likely you don't have a fucking clue what love is.  Likely you lost it along the way in your strive to amass a fortune of wealth and power.  You know nothing outside of your "ME ME ME ONLY" bubble of corruption, power and greed.  You don't know what it's really like to authentically connect with another.  You don't know what it means to be honest.  And certainly, the world, including your own family and former friends, will likely never fully trust you again with your word.  And that means, in the end, lest you somehow undergo a personal metamorphis, you will likely die a much lonelier, poor-in-spirit person than all of the homeless and impoverished people combined, for all of the money, success and power in the world can never ever make up for emotional disconnect and isolation from the people around you. 

All I gotta ask you is this:  Were those romps in the sack to service your ego-needs worth it?

Corvallis Housing Market: Ninth Most Overvalued In The Nation

Joining our elitist little city on that list, also from Oregon, includes Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend.

So let us break this down.  We have one of the highest unemployment rates.  One of the highest rates for poverty and hunger.  And yet, real estate continues to be grossly inflated, where a quarter of a million dollars may get you a piece-of-crap little shack.

People want to move and live here again why?

I know someone in real estate in this area and when I asked how, given the high unemployment and utter lack of living wage jobs in this community, who on earth is buying the homes in our area?  Her answer:  "Investors."

Once again, rich, elitist, greedy, self-focused only folks continue to turn this state, this country, into a 3rd World nation.  Caring for absolutely no one but themselves, thinking of no time other than the present, with absolutely no care for their actions and the effects on others, most especially the suffering - the victims of their living/buying/spending habits, I believe a revolution is in order.  They've been feeding off the poor and vulnerable long enough.  Time for them to return to their psycho mothership from whence they cometh and zap them into the universal cosmos where they can play out eternity (or at least 50 years earth time - that should suffice) experiencing the results of their G R E E D. 


Helen Mirren's Tatoo. Benign Mark Or Something Darker?

Yes, I know. Ridiculous isn't it. Controversy over a tatoo one famous actress received in her youth during a drunken moment. Mirren is quoted as saying she is "utterly disgusted" with the small tatoo which appears near her left thumb.

Who hasn't done things we later regret when under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

However, digging deeper, is there perhaps something conspiratorial about the tatoo itself? Some folks on the "Above Top Secret" forum seem to think so. To some, it appears to be a Freemason Symbol.

Nina's Commentary: I almost feel the need to apologize for even posting this, but I cannot pass up the chance to share anything of the conspiratorial realm. My only comment is to question those people who get so blasted as to allow needles to be poked into various parts of their body. Being that completely drunk is uncomfortable and painful in and of itself, so why put yourself through more misery? Sure, go ahead. Put that needle into my body. Over and over again. And why don'tcha inject some toxic ink while you're at it? Make it worth my while. While it has been over 20 years since I was falling down drunk and unable to remember certain portions of my "good" time, I cannot ever imagine being that drunk as to allow someone to poke me with needles. If I were at that level of intoxication, I'd be passed out, unable to consent to a damn thing.

I'll stick to temporary tatoo's, thank you very much. And celebrating life sober. Well, partially sober...

More Controversy for ACORN

James O'Keefe was arrested with three others this past Monday in a phone scheme.

"NEW ORLEANS — A hero of conservatives who bruised the liberal group ACORN by posing as a pimp on hidden camera is now accused in an attempt to tamper with phone lines at Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's office inside a federal building. It's not clear what James O'Keefe, 25, and three other young conservatives were trying to accomplish Monday at the New Orleans office of Landrieu, who has been criticized for securing more Medicaid benefits for her state in exchange for her support on health care legislation. State Democrats quickly called the alleged plot a "Louisiana Watergate," but federal officials have not yet said why the men wanted to interfere with Landrieu's phones, whether they were successful, or even if the goal was political espionage."

Nina's Commentary: The act of some young kids looking to be hero's by highlighting corruption? Or simply some big misunderstanding? Who knows...

Tebow Super Bowl Ad Stirs Controversy Amongst Women's Groups

CBS is set to run a controversial Super Bowl Ad centered around the decision made by Tim Tebow's mother to refuse an abortion when she was pregant with him. Doctors at the time encouraged an abortion due to an illness she experienced while on a mission trip to the Philippines. Tebow later went on to win the Heisman Trophy in 2007.

Paid for by Focus on the Family, backers say they find nothing offensive or controversial about the ad and insiste they are simply celebrating families.

"Thirty-second commercials during the Super Bowl are selling for $2.5 million to $2.8 million. Gary Schneeberger, a spokesman for Focus on the Family, said funds for the Tebow ad were donated by a few "very generous friends" and did not come from the group's general fund. Schneeberger said he and his colleagues "were a little surprised" at the furor over the ad. "There's nothing political and controversial about it," he said. "When the day arrives, and you sit down to watch the game on TV, those who oppose it will be quite surprised at what the ad is all about." The protest letter from the Women's Media Center suggested that CBS should have turned down the ad in part because it was conceived by Focus on the Family."

Nina's Commentary: A couple of things come to mind. One being Freedom of Speech. Two being a person/groups intentions and hidden motivations. While I absolutely support the right of people expressing their personal truths, on platforms both public and private, I also firmly believe there is a hidden agenda behind this ad and it is this hidden agenda that leaves me thinking this ad should be pulled. Focus on the Family is staunchly against such things as abortion and gay marriage. If these folks had their way, abortion would be outlawed and gays and lesbians would never be allowed to marry (much less enter heaven upon their death). Therefore, I am not convinced of the organization's expressed surprise over the controversy being shown, nor am I convinced there is nothing political behind the ads, and nor am I convinced it's an ad created to simply celebrate families. If that were the case, air ads showing players bbq'ing with their families. Air ads showing blended and non-traditional families thriving. But keep what is obviously a controversial and political topic off the airwaves, especially during such highly televised events. If Focus on the Family were to be honest and say behind this ad is an agenda to outlaw abortion, then I would at least feel more comfortable in saying "go ahead and air it".

State of the Union: Or, Let Us All Get Drunk

With all of the hoopla swirling around tonight's Presidential State of the Union Address, including fans of the popular television show "Lost" expressing their concern that the Address would interrupt the season premier, which prompted White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to announce:
"I don't foresee a scenario in which the millions of people who hope to see a conclusion to 'Lost' are pre-empted by the president," during his daily press briefing, I thought I would reach out to the jaded American Voter who would prefer to find some enjoyment in what is likely going to be a speech crafted to try and convince the masses that all is well on Main Street. I can't take credit for this idea. That belongs to a couple of college kids who came up with this little game back in 2002. The game?

Take a shot of alcohol when certain key phrases are used during the speech.

"Invented in 2002 by Marc Melzer and Howard Deutsch when they were final-year students at Princeton University, the basic rules of the game require players to down a shot or chug a beer when the president says certain words or phrases, or speaks the names of people or countries during the speech. This year, "hope" and "change" both require a swig of something, as do mentions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan. "Let me be clear" and "make no mistake" get a shot each, and if Obama references problems that his administration inherited, players drink a shot of something aged -- which is also the drinking requirement if the cameras show a shot of 92-year-old Senator Robert Byrd."

Leave it to the youth of this country to find yet another way to get drunk. I only wish included in the rules was the taking of a shot when a lie is spoken.

That would most certainly guarantee a young person intoxication within a 10 minute period of time.


Pernell Roberts of Trapper John, MD Dies

Remember that cool medical show of the early 80's, Trapper John, MD? The actor who played Trapper John, Pernell Roberts, died over the weekend of pancreatic cancer.

If memory serves me correctly, this show wasn't as glitzy/pumped up on hollywood drama and steroids as today's medical shows are. If memory also serves me correctly, there was another doctor on the show with thick, curly black hair who, at the time, I thought was very hot. Or "foxy", should I say...

Apple Earnings

Some first quarter news for all of you Apple fans.

Discretionary Spending: Senator Calls For Freeze

Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), makes an urgent plea to Obama, calling for a freeze on discretionary spending.

'"The president could say in his State of the Union address, I'm going to include in my budget a freeze on discretionary spending, I'm drawing a line in the sand, and I'm going to use my veto pen to enforce that," Bayh said on Bloomberg's "Political Capital."
Pressed by host Al Hunt if Obama would actually make such a statement, Bayh said "I think there's a fighting chance that he will."
Obama is expected to address jobs and the economy in his State of the Union address on Wednesday. A large portion of voter anger over the economy has centered around the $1.4 trillion deficit, a post-war record."

I would say an even larger portion of voter anger over the economy is the dismal job market, declining dollar (while health care and other COL factors continue to climb) and the broken promises of this administration.


Did You Know...

*Did you know that I am not the only brilliant mind on the planet? Apparently there are other people who are also using the banking industry term "too big to fail" when it comes to the attitude of NBC and Jay Leno.

*Did you know that certain mountains in Cali now have more snow than certain mountains in the Northwest?

*Did you know that miracles can happen, sometimes even after 30 years of waiting?

*Did you know that the body does indeed have some switch that, when overly tired, kicks in and puts you to sleep regardless of where you are and how you are physically situated?

*Did you know that being pregnant is sometimes like being a puppy or a small child in that you eat a lot and play hard all day only to crash and burn by 7pm?

*Did you know that doing the hokie pokie really is what it's all about?

*Did you know that swearing when in pain has now been shown to be effective in reducing the pain?

*Did you know that concentrated hemp oil (not the hemp seed oil found in stores) has been shown to cure cancer?

*Did you know that it is, right now, 8:28pm on a Saturday evening, the skies are clear, the air smells like a mix of cool creek water, moss and wood smoke, my dog is sleeping and my spouse is running the kitchen sink?


Life Happenings Update

You may have noticed a couple of new things about this blog:

*One, I have some rather large fonts (which as I glance at them are a bit annoying so I will have to make it a point to fix that) off to the right, appearing as ads or ads-to-be. I have signed up with AdSense and I am awaiting authorization to begin the program and begin collecting my millions. It is one of a few things I am doing to bring in money.

*Two, I have added a PayPal donate button. It rather sucks doing that and I feel a bit awkward in sticking out my hand and saying "please may I have some of your money" but being my life is no longer just about me and Mr. Nina but about me, Mr. N and the little one, I'm putting aside all sense of embarassment and pride. Mr. N is without health insurance and is in need of medical procedures if he is to hold down any sort of employment, which given this little baby is due to arrive in a few months, needs to happen soon. At this point, we're just biting the bullet and getting things taken care of, one at a time, in the hopes we receive financial assistance through the hospital, or that his name be drawn in the OHP lottery (so that he may register with the state health plan, which currently there is a waiting list and thus, the state is doing lottery draws every month or so) or that we come into that kind of cash...somehow...someway.

This situation brings to mind the heartfelt, inspiring, and what seemed to be a bit spontaneous of a speech delivered by Keith Olbermann last year about the health care fiasco in this nation. He summed it up brilliantly and eloquently by saying that simply because he (Keith) makes a very good income, which allows him (and anyone in his family) to receive the best medical care around, that such a situation makes him no more worthy than anyone else, regardless of that persons financial status/situation, of having access to health care. In a nutshell, no one should ever ever ever have to put off medical treatment simply because they lack the financial means to pay for it. At the time I applauded him. Today, it has taken on a much more significant meaning.

The little one is 6 months and making herself felt throughout the day. Aside from the financial pressure/concerns, all is well. Thank you, as always, for reading.

Mama-to-be Nina and family


Jay Leno: Too Big To Fail?

I gotta tell ya, following this whole Jay Leno debacle has me thinking of the term banking executives and government officials were saying about the need to bailout the banks, claiming they were "Too Big To Fail".

Jay Leno (and company) weren't able to maintain his edge during his new show's 10pm line-up, and instead of admitting defeat like legitimate folks in the world of business (yes, including folks in the entertainment business), he's allowing the television execs to make him look like an absolute ass by removing Conan O'Brien (who, in my opinion, is a far more talented comic) from Leno's former spot on The Tonight Show so that Leno can have the former time slot, albeit it at half the running time.

Excuse me, but isn't anybody thinking "Ok, you took a risk. And the whole thing failed. Admit defeat and walk away. And for all that is good, leave O'Brien where he is. He earned it."

You know, BE AN ADULT. BE A MAN. Do what's respectful and responsible.

While Leno's entire persona has been leaving bitter tastes in my mouth for some time, from his blatant sexual/lewd gazes he casts upon some of his sexier (and often quite younger) female guests to his "lookit me mr. 800 million dollar man who is such a humanitarian by giving a homeless guy iIsee on my way into work each day a whole dollar" (while common folks grounded in reality say "oh yes such a wonderful gesture must be sooo difficult to cough up a whole DOLLAR") to his recent displays where he has shown utter disregard and gross detachment from the current economic realities where he has insulted folks (of the male gender) who must work at Walmart and the like, and/or move in/live with their parents, implying who on earth would even think of dating such a "loser"...where was I? Oh yes, while his persona, not to mention his lack of authentic talent as a comedian doesn't put me in his "fan" category, this latest has me thinking even less of him as a person.

His attitude (or certainly his agreeance with studio execs) of "Too Big To Fail" is disgusting. It is every bit as arrogant as those of the banks.

Nope. Sorry Leno, but you are not too big to fail. And I can only hope that enough Americans are fed the farm fuck up with this gross sense of entitlement elitists think they somehow are, well, entitled to. I can only hope even less people will tune in and watch program in that new time slot. I can only hope that as you pass by that homeless man each day, some of that man's humble reality will seep into your heart and soul, give you a good mental ass-kicking and remind you that you are no better than/worthy of/entitled to than anyone else and that, perhaps, the gracious thing to have done would have been to allow Conan O'Brien to continue on with his journey he (and his staff) were creating, to give back to him what you have allowed to be taken so greedily away from him. Yes, the decent thing to do would have been to walk away, quietly. With grace.

That, in and of itself, will earn you oh so many more accolades, the kind that really count, than the extra views your new time slot and show (may) bring you.

Friday Musings

I have been receiving a very high number of spam in my comments section. I'm glad I decided to do the "verify comment before being allowed to post" option as I would typically forget how to delete posted comments. Oh well. Some leave some very pretty foreign characters. Most though are interested in seeing me have the biggest penis possible, usually growing from my own body.

I recently purchased something I never thought I would do: a pregnancy back support belt. Read more about this adventure on my other blog. One term sums it up: AAAHHH.

I learned the most I can go without good sleep (which these days for me is at approximately 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep) before having a nuclear meltdown is, as of today, 4 weeks, an improvement over my pre-pregnancy days where just 3-5 such nights left me ready to strangle cute little kitties. I had such a meltdown this week and, after crying loudly for about 15 minutes and expressing my worries and concerns with Mr. N., I fell asleep for 2 hours (7pm-9pm). Again, I do believe nature has a way of prepping us for the arrival of baby. Number one on my list will be tending to her needs. Number two, FREQUENT NAPS. For yours truly. As I've already told Mr. N, the house is either gonna go messy and the refrig empty or you will have to take up the cleaning, shopping and the like for the first couple of months. He's more than willing to pick up the slack.

Or so he says now. We may both be needing FREQUENT NAPS and may as such be having local friends/neighbors do our grocery shopping for us. As for the housecleaning, well, our puppy pooch is quite smart and talented...

Hey, did you know studies show that children raised by gay couples are no more likely to be harmed or abused than their straight couple counterparts? In what I call "News Of The NO DUH" land, check out this article fmi.

In other news, I found this piece interesting. In the first of its kind, a man is suing his neighbor for refusing to turn off her wireless devices when not in use. Why? He says he suffers from Electromagnetic Sensitivity, or EMS. Not surprising one bit. I saw this happening 20 years ago. We are, after all, beings of energy at every level and given the electromagnetic soup we're exposed to every day, it's only to be expected that such over-exposure is going to disrupt our own energy patterns and fields, with some being more sensitive than others.

Makes you want to toss that wi-fi computer, cell phone, blackberries, blah blah blah and the like, doesn't it? I know whenever I see cell phone towers, I want them removed. Not only are they an eyesore, they emit huge EMF fields. And besides, cell phones have made us rude, lazy and completely detached from our surroundings and one another. A CB radio or walkie talkie is often all that's needed if one finds themselves in a vehicle emergency (and the generosity of a passerby). Toss the damn cell phone. WE DO NOT NEED THEM.

Life is grand. Love is "all that". Connecting with one another is the best thing around. Always has been, always will be. Little one concurs. She just gave me a little kick to let me know she agrees. Peace to ya all!


Montsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure

Not surprising. When I first heard of these folks back in 2000, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I knew this was a company intended on taking over the food supply (already happening), who had no regard for the health of the consumer (already been shown) and will be allowed to have their global health destruction monopoly continue on while the FDA et al stand by and let them (that's what's been goin' on). At the time I shared my thoughts with a co-worker, who thought I was completely over-reacting. I wonder what he thinks today...

On the same day I read the above linked piece, I read another article on GMO foods and how to avoid buying them. Since food manufacturer's still aren't required to label their foods as such (which is insane in and of itself), there are things you can do to avoid this crap if you so choose.

1) Buy organic.
2) Buy foods labeled non-gmo.
3) Avoid or at least greatly reduce processed food items.
4) Watch foods that contain corn and soy products. Unless labeled as non-gmo or organic, odds are they have been genetically modified.

(I would also suggest writing food manufacturer's whose products you otherwise want to buy but who either don't label their food items or use GM ingredients and make it clear to them that unless they stop using GM ingredients, you're switching brands.)

The most popular food items that have been genetically modified are corn and soy products. I also read where papaya from Hawaii (non-organic), zucchini and crooked neck squash are also now being grown with genetically modified seeds. You can add potatoes to that list as well.

I read this could be turned around if 14 million people here in the States would stop buying GMO products altogether. I'm not sure if that's nearly enough people, but it's worth a try. I would also suggest people write food manufacturer's whose products they otherwise wish to buy but who either don't label their food items or who use GM ingredients and make it clear that unless they stop using GM ingredients, you will be switching brands. I would also suggest people create Truth In Labeling Legislation in their respective states.

Doesn't the whole thing sound sinister to you? That's because it is. Whenever humanity attempts to mess around with genetics, with the DNA of any life form, whether for benevolent or malevolent purposes, the results are never good.


Guess Baby's Gender

Anyone care to guess the little one's gender? We don't know if the little one is a boy or a girl and won't until delivery, but our intuition has consistently and strongly said "girl". We already have a name picked out as well as a room theme, which means if "she" turns out to be a "he" we're going to be scrambling for a name and swapping out the elves and fairy theme for, well, something else. Although the fantasy theme can be very beautiful for girls and boys.

Appetite update: I can now eat 2 eggs, 4 links of sausage, a bowl of oatmeal, an 8 oz glass of juice, half an orange and a banana for breakfast. I can eat 3 small lunches, 1 dinner and 1 snack after that. Then I can start all over again in the morning. If I eat light for just one day, the next day I make up for it by essentially eating on the hour every hour. It's rather unreal--and I will admit, very enjoyable. Then when I'm done I plop on the couch, sit like a guy, expose my belly and belch. Mr. N gets a big kick out of all of this.

Movement update: She seems to be active around 10pm (I've felt her several times in the past few minutes) and 6am. I'm likely too busy during the day to feel much, given at this point, her movements feel more like little butterfly strokes against my belly. It's so dang beautiful!

MY movement update: Today I noticed, when bent over to pick out some tissue from a bottom shelf at the local store, I had to struggle a wee bit to stand back up. And make a grunting noise. Sometimes when getting out of bed the past couple of weeks I've noticed I have to push off from the bed. The term "heave ho sailor!" goes through my mind.

I feel great love for this little being already and cannot imagine what the feeling will be like once she's decided to make her way out of my uterus and into my/our arms. Pregnancy has the potential to draw you closer to your partner and let me tell you, this has certainly been our experience. I feel this strong bond, this unity for the threesome we are creating. It's pretty wild how such things can magically create themselves within you, almost through no conscious action on your part.

Bottom line, as Mr. N and I have been saying more and more of lately: Why Did We Wait So Long For This?

Of course most will say the real work has yet to begin. And I agree with that. However, like the line from that awesome movie, How To Make An American Quilt, I am betting on the love we have for one another to see us through the journey.


Currently we are experiencing unnecessary frustration from well-meaning (sort of) but clueless and, as it turns out, disrespectful relatives who are contently retired and are trying to give us job-seeking advice.

I ask all of my readers who are unemployed and have been for the long-term and know what it's like today to try and create some sort of a consistent, stable income for ourselves, either through traditional means and creative, new means, to come forward, write your story so that I may pass it on to these inconsiderate morons. (I say inconsiderate because I have consistently asked them not to offer up any advice--that if they are truly interested in helping they need to ask us what we need. THAT HAS NOT BEEN HEARD and I am royally fed up at this point and done w/it all.)

That being said the best thing I can do for myself is accept them for who they are (grrrr) and delete all further incoming e-mail from them. They won't end the conversation? I will.

I cannot imagine seeing any of them suffer or struggle in any way while ignoring their stated needs and instead telling them what I *think* they should be doing (even if it is something they are doing/have done). When any of them have shared personal information with me about something they are undertaking, I listen. I ask what they need. And on the occasion where I do offer up advice, I make it clear--just some information--if you can use any of it, great. If not, toss it. (Such things have usually been related to some health issue they or someone they care about are dealing with.)

I recall something one of these folks said to me a few years ago. She was talking about how it was in her day, how oh so much easier it was to afford a home, health insurance and raise a family. I succintly recall her saying "I don't know how young people do it today. Even two adults working isn't often enough. There is no way I would want to be starting out or starting over in today's world."

"There is no way I would want to be starting out or starting over in today's world". And yet this same person today can judge us because we are struggling in a world that is even more uncertain and unstable than it was when she made that comment?

What's even more of a difficult pill to swallow is that, up until we became pregnant, I RARELY HEARD FROM THEM. I usually had to call or e-mail them. There was little, if any, interest shown in our lives. But now suddenly they think they can intrude in our lives with unasked-for advice? What's this really about? Our well-being and the baby's well-being or their hidden guilt for being lousy in the helping department?

I'm fed up with being dismissed. Done with being disrespectfed. Done with being abandoned. Done with being silenced.

This is family???

No. This is what happens when you happen to share a bond through blood and/or marriage with pretentious, selfish folks who have a table full of fillet mignon and freshly squeezed lemonaid and offer you up a piece of day-old bread and some room temperature water.

I'm truly done with them all. Anyone care to claim them?

Measures 66 and 67: Rugged Individualism and "Blame The Victim" Mentality Alive and Well

On my area's craiglist rants and rave section has been an on-going heated discussion regarding two very important and controversial measures on our ballot - Measures 66 and 67 which, in a nutshell, raise the corporate minimum tax from $10 to $150 as well as raising the personal income tax of individuals making over $125k ($250k for households) by approximately $180.

I'm going to intentionally avoid getting into the politics of these measures. I wanted to address two common social themes in our western culture that I see coming through loud and clear in these arguments: Rugged Individualism and Blame The Victim.

Rugged Individualism (RI) is this sense that ones success is defined solely by the individual. It is this attitude of "pull yourself up by your bootstraps alone" when dealing with difficulties. It is this sort of thinking whereby one assumes his/her success is self-created only.

Along these lines, Blame The Victim (BTV) is a common theme shouted by those who cling to the concept of rugged individualism who seek to blame others solely for problems they may be experiencing. Such BTV attitudes arise when the RI way of life proves itself to be false. Such people blame those who are most struggling without even knowing the individual's story. It is, afterall, much easier to blame someone (which is no different than passing judgment). That way the RI doesn't have to dig deeper to see the many dysfunctions of the economic models and social/political policies and ieals that create many, if not most, of our societal ills.

Not to bypass the idea of personal responsibility, for when it comes down to it, that old saying applies: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make her drink it.

The RI, however, will tell the horse to go find his/her own damn water and if the horses are not successful, they get blamed by the RI for their own misfortune.

Some days as I think about such themes, I shake my head in an appalling manner that such ridiculous viewpoints are still a part of our society. They are utterly contrary to peace, justice, kindness, fairness and equality. Plus, they are false ideals based on short-sighted thinking and illusion.

Those who are against these measures seem to fall into the RI and BTV categories. They offer up the simpleton logic of "work harder" to those who aren't rich. They toss out very short-sighted comments like "you're just jealous" to those who aren't rich and who are (rightfully and justifiably) pissed as hell about the ongoing hoarding of the wealth on this planet. (Kip Schoning, local slumlord extradoinnaire, has been quoted as telling those who have sued him that they are "just jealous" of his wealth. Talk about avoiding the issue!) The RI and BTV folks completely ignore the stats, which clearly show wealth has been funneled to the top, ever-so-slowly for decades, where today the rich have much more wealth and the middle and the bottom, much less. One individual made the comment that "Wealth is capital" yes failed to go into detail beyond that. Yes, wealth IS capital--capital manipulated, controlled and in truth, stolen.

More than anything, I am disgusted with these RI/BTV folks who hold this sense of entitlement, who are blind to the fact that NO ONE makes it on his/her own, who are equally blind to the fact that MANY WORK THEIR ASSES OFF only to find themselves in dire financial situations through no fault of their own. And more than anything, such folks have forgotten what we teach our children about sharing, generosity, helping out our friends and neighbors. Their mentality is a sickness that has plagued this planet along enough. If I had the power, I would give them the opportunity to change, to expand their minds and open up their hearts. If not, I'd ship 'em off this planet in a heartbeat for their limited, judgmental, rigid and blind mentality has ruled this beautiful earth long enough. It is long past time for something new.



We have a new law here in Oregon that's been in effect for the past week. No longer can one drive and talk on their cell phone at the same time. I am not one for gov't intrusion into our behaviors, but good lord, if I had a dollar for every near-miss I have experienced and witnessed as a result of these idiots who think they are equipped with special talent the rest of us don't have, I would be the owner of a cell phone as well as the most expensive cell phone plan in all the land. Just yesterday, some guy, thinking the law didn't apply to him, was talking and driving in front of us. He failed to see the light change to green. He then proceeded to swerve a few times, tapped the brakes when he didn't need to, then suddenly turned w/o signaling. I also read an article in a local rag (The Alchemist) about some guy, a teacher, who claimed he simply had to drive and text (!!!) and talk at the same time. Why? He was registered w/some service that calls him up when a teaching job becomes available. He must respond immediately.

Apparently he's never thought to PULL OVER. His argument was without any merit. And this guy is teaching our children (not to mention he's on the road regularly)? Yikes...

How does a glass jar leave your house completely in tact, placed in a cloth bag, put on the front seat, only to arrive just 3 blocks later down the street shattered? I did a bit of shopping tonight and was very careful with this bag, placing it in the front of my shopping cart. A few minutes into my shopping experience, I reached into the bag to pull out the jar. I was going to use it to refill some yummy maple syrup from the bulk section. Well, I didn't even feel the cut. What caught my attention was that warm liquidy feeling running down my hand. So after a sloppy but quick rummaging through my pockets and purse with the non-bleeding hand (while holding up the bleeding hand) I was able to locate some tissue, which I wrapped tightly around the offended finger and proceeded to do the rest of my shopping left-handed.

I still don't know how that damn jar shattered like that...

Local friends had their baby yesterday. He weighed in at...get ready folks...ELEVEN POUNDS.

Eleven. Pounds.

Hearing that made me rub my belly and reaffirm this little one will be, well, not that big!!

Our brilliant prez wants to employ more security measures (i.e. continue to kiss our privacy rights buh-bye) at local airports. One of the ideas in the works is mind-reading technology. Anyone thinking "Minority Report"? When I first saw that movie I had some double-speak going on in my mind. One side said "no way" while another said "yep, probably so some day".

Frankly, I'm more concerned about drunk pilots and the "occupied" sign appearing on the bathroom door when I really need it...

Lately I want to hug children of all ages - even college students. I find myself calling them "sweetie".

Anyone have an unused (running and in good condition) car sitting around they would be willing to donate? I will make you cookies of your choice each month for a year for your generosity!


It's My Belly and I'll Show It If I Want To. Or "I Show, I Glow".

While taking a walk today, I decided to lift up the lower portion of my shirt, thus exposing my belly. It's been a bit mild here lately. And being one of the side-effects of pregnancy is increased body temperature (to which I can only say thank the cosmos I will not be pregnant during summer), as well as the urge to be naked, I suddenly felt the urge to expose my bulging belly to the elements.

I certainly was not doing this for all to see, however, as Mr. N seemed to imply when he shook his head, smiled and told me others may find offense at such a gesture and I should be prepared for that.

While I may be temporarily losing some of my ability to walk without waddling a bit at times, I still have the full function of my middle fingers, which is what I told him I would be saluting anyone with if they decided to approach me outloud with such a ridiculous judgment.

It isn't like overweight men are criticized when they expose their bulging bellies. While many may cringe, few, if any, would ever think of saying anything. And besides, a pregnant woman's belly is beautiful. An overweight man's belly is simply fat.

(gasp) Alert! Alert! A pregnant female has exposed her belly in public!

Aahh, did it feel good. And in a way, I believe my little growing one was also behind this ever-growing desire. She's already hidden snugly and safely in her little cave. I must believe, I do believe, she feels the effects of the sun and daylight when mama's belly is exposed.

After I made the remark about my middle finger (which brought forth another smile on his face--the kind I know well--the kind that says "that's my lady"), I finished the conversation by saying he best be prepared for more to come, for once springtime hits, I plan on wearing baggy shorts and comfy tank tops, pushed up to just the right location, thus allowing that warm, bountiful, life-giving energy of the sun to shine upon me and the little one.

A more beautiful, meaningful representation of spring, of new life, I cannot imagine.

Sarah Palin Ain't Got A Thing On Me

So ok. I've now had enough people tell me I look like Sarah Palin to look into this further. As I mentioned on my pregnancy blog, any physical similarities end there. Well ok, unless you don't count for her love of the outdoors and her ability to hunt and gather her own food. Well, again, ok, so I've never shot an animal for food. I've caught a lot of fish though and I have no doubt if hunger were an issue, I wouldn't blink an eye at shooting a wild pig or deer. Well, again, ok I would blink an eye once or twice until the pains of hunger kicked in and took over. Then there's the idea that we've both been pregnant in our, (ahem) more mature years. Only I'm actually showing. Very much so. More each day. Trust me.

I've had people say "Your hair looks like that Sarah Palin's hair" and "Hmm something about you just looks like Sarah Palin." The truth is, she has MY hair and she looks like ME.

Not the other way around.

Aside from that, how different we are.

*I believe in a woman's right to choose at all times, not just when it's convenient.

*I could never ever ever kill a wolf unless it was about to kill my dog, child (mine or any other's), my spouse or someone else I cared for.

*Good lord I could never vote Republican.

*I believe Canada's Health Care System kicks ass over America's.

*Along those lines I don't believe in visiting another country and telling them to adapt some business standard of America's.

*If I wrote a book about my life, it would take a good 2-3 years. I'd also write it myself.

*If I flub up what I'm saying I don't toss out silly phrases like "oh gosh darn golly". I get to the point. "Crap, I'm sorry, let me say that again," is more my style.

*More Oil? Hell no. Hemp is best. Oh how it is best.

*I don't dye my hair. (cheap jab)

*Joe Six-Pack? That's the best example her camp could come up with to best portray America? Some simpleton carrying around a watered-down cheap six-pack of beer? At the very least I would have given him a good micro-brew and perhaps a chaser of good Scotch. And a name like Albert or Jeremiah. Yeah. Jeremiah "Amber Ale". Tokin' on a stogie while reading Aristotle, his partner Andrea "Rogue River Valley Chablis, 1997", with her head slightly tilted, reading glasses resting gently in the neck of her handmade hemp gauzy top, pondering real solutions to end poverty.


Bankrupties Jump 32%

And this news is surprising?

But, wait. I thought the economy was recovering. Silly me.

Read my lips. We're in a depression. A manufactured god damn depression. Any other POV is worthless and without merit. But as long as there's you and me, there is hope. As long as we have our minds and can use them to create, we can form our own means if self-sufficiency. But good lord it ain't gonna happen as long as we isolate ourselves or continue to hold onto the illusion that things will just fix themselves. Or worse yet, we desire a return of how things were.

As Mr. N says, tear it all down and start over again with new ideas. The old didn't work for all. Never did. Let's only be open to things that work for ALL where ALL benefit.

Or is that all just a POV that is worthless anymore, too?

On This Monday...

So here's a little more reality to toss out at those who still care to read. It's again directed at the thoughtless fucktards in our life who see the huge and I mean h u g e financial pressure we are under and who aren't offering up a god damn thing but who oh so clearly can. I'm to the point of making it clear: Please help. If not, you won't be seeing us or our child-to-be again. Ever.

Imagine this: Your own parents who say oh how they wish they could offer you more in the way of financial assistance but simply can't. Why? They're on their way down south to their luxury condo's for the winter. And oh yes, wait, that's after the visit to the Rose Bowl game. And yes there's the daily round of golf. Etc. etc. etc. But I do recall my ever-loving papa once telling me he wasn't willing to give up any of his luxuries to help me out regardless of whatever it was I was facing.

Can't offer up any assistance, my lilly white ass. (And to the individual who found my blog, who called to tell me about said find, who tried to convince me a year ago the only people in my life who ever have been there for me financially are these same assholes and that I owed them my presence because they more than earned it--you fucking understand now? You still under that insane, delusion impression? Too little, too late if you do.)

So today...Mr. N goes for another interview at yet another company who offer yet another assembly-line style of job seeking. Fill out an application whereby you're told to wait outside (it was raining, btw) for up to 2.5 hours. What if you took the bus? Too damn bad. All of this for a minimum wage job. And said interview is just a few minutes. So Mr. N goes through the routine along with the other 100 plus individuals who, according to his calculations, ranged from age 18 to 65 or so. He's never seen anything like it. He even drove me by the place. I as well have never seen anything like that. Not even during the intial recession of 2001, which we never recovered from which has lead to today's (intentionally created) Depression. Back then I was competing with approximately 500 people per job. That was the total number of applicants on average. Today it's more like 500 people PER DAY--especially when there's an open-window of just a few days to apply in person.

What's so sad (if not ridiculous) is the very few wonderful people in our lives who HAVE helped in their own way and who have said they really wish they could help more but like us, they're at the bottom of the bucket in the financial department as well. A more humbling, grateful experience I cannot imagine: Someone in need themselves offering you help.

To make this clear: Those who have, those who are comfortably secure, hoard. Those who have live the high life and turn a blind cheek to those they claim to care about. Those who have donate their extra money to their fucking church first and foremost, to god damn dogmatic pretentious church walls. None are stepping up to the plate in the way loving folks are supposed to. And yet those who don't have, WANT to help and have helped out in ways that are oh so much more difficult on their pocketbook than those who have. Call them on any of this and you either receive the silent treatment or defensive diatribe and rage.

I am so utterly completely deeply to my core thoroughly disgusted I can't put it into words, not to mention the deep hole of abandonment I feel, which can only be described as unbearable sadness.

To wrap it up: We need money. Mr. N needs medical attention (which includes surgeries) and unless he receives it, he cannot hold down employment. Unless the hospital agrees to comp the care, we're screwed. He has no insurance and is currently on the reservation list for the state plan. Our car either needs replacing or several hundred dollars in repair. We also need a better place to live, one that isn't infested with mildew and mold. The bedrooms are the worst. I don't want our baby to be breathing that crap but unless we can find a rental that is AFFORDABLE and isn't a run-down slummy little shack, it looks like we don't have much of a choice in this regard. An outside investigation showed a huge dark stain on the side of the house where the mold comes through in what is going to be the babies room. This shit is inside the walls. And lest it is black mold, we have absolutely no recourse to get it fixed. Our computer seems to be on its last legs. If I didn't need it to sell our collectibles and other items (got a small biz idea I'm creating--handcrafted items--and need start-up funds for that), it wouldn't be much of an issue. But it is. We're going in the hole. We're asking for help. Please. I simply don't know what else to do at this point.


A Life Too Real For The Weak

There's a line from The Sound of Music that I just love. Maria is sharing some of her distress with the Reverend Mother. Paraphrased, she says: "But what's even worse, I can't help saying what I think and believe." Reverend Mother brilliantly replies: "Some would call that being honest."

Mr N and I often fall into that category of saying whatever we are thinking at the moment and it's often gotten us a lot of flack. We've really stepped up the pace given the situation we're living and the huge struggles on our plate. Afterall, it isn't just about he and I anymore. We have a little one on the way so the "well what will they say if we tell them the truth of what's going on and what we need" has been tossed out that proverbial window.

I cannot tell you the number of people who are simply too weak to handle hearing what we're experiencing. It isn't like we're exagerrating. We're simply telling things like it is. I mean come on, when someone you've known for years and/or you consider a friend wants to know how things are going, you tell them the truth, right?

Apparently not. Apparently these weak-minded folks are simply lying when they ask how you're doing and what's new.

Maybe it isn't a matter of weakness. Maybe it's a matter of a lack of empathy. Maybe it's all about lifting the veil of illusion that's been between many of the people in our life (friends and family) so that we can see their TRUE intentions. And in a nutshell, most of these folks have shown us we can't rely on them unless what we're experiencing has happy rainbow sunshine smiles all over the place.

One of my favorite sayings is "Shit Happens". Not because I ENJOY it when such things happen (and especially when the S H I T is not of your own doing but of the system itself), but because it hits the nail on the head about life. Shit happens. We're dealing with some shit. Can you help?

I posted a few weeks ago about life THEN and life TODAY and how we've shared that with certain older individuals. The response has been one of silence. For awhile I thought 'they're just clueless'. But today it hit me. They aren't clueless. They simply don't care. Or perhaps they care MORE about being in denial than they do about our well-being.

Either way, it makes them snakes in a snake pit. And how any of them can claim themselves as members of our family is disturbing and sickening.

I found this card I received when I was 18 from my grandmother. In it she wrote this beautiful letter to me about how the family was always there for me, no matter what, no matter when. That turned out to be utterly false. I remember the first time I really opened up to this same grandmother about a life issue I was struggling with. I made one specific request of her and she agreed to it. Well that agreement lasted that phone call for the next time she spoke, she totally violated my request.

Never trust sweet older women who greet you with cookies and a warm couch. They ain't always so innocent. Often times they're just spinning some mantra or being amicable in the moment. And sometimes an ugly manipulative vindictiveness comes to surface when you call them on their actions. Goodness knows I've encountered that one by my mother.

I know we all have our weaknesses and our issues. I just know that whenever someone, regardless of how much I know the person, shares with me some struggle they are going through I ask if there's anything I can do to help. And it doesn't stop there. Once the conversation is over, I spend time thinking of ways to help, doing research of organizations and the like, and passing along the information. And if there is something concrete I can help out with, whether it's money (even if it's just $20 which for me at times throughout my life is a lot), food, a place to stay for awhile, I DO THAT. That's what love does. And I admit such offerings ain't always easy. I simply do not understand it when someone wants to hear what's going on with you then walks away w/o a word or fails to bring it up again or worse yet, abandons you altogether.

And uglier human trait I simply cannot fathom.

Tough Interview Questions

These questions aren't your standard fare of questions created by over-paid 20-something writers with atrocious spelling and syntax on those cheesy career websites. I mean come on already. We all know to be prepared for questions such as:

"Tell us a bit about yourself."

"What is your biggest asset."

"What is your biggest weakness?"

Blah blah blah.


Here's some tough ones Mr. N has encountered lately:

"You're way over-qualified for this position. Why did you apply?" (I wonder if Walmart asks such a question of the PhD, Master's and Baccalaureate candidates who have had to resort to applying there.)

"Your previous position looks like a good one. Why are you no longer there?" (Is it considered taboo to say "because my boss was an ego-maniacal abusive dictatorial prick"?)

His recent interview consisted of a literal assembly-line of candidates whereby one had 5 minutes of the manager's time (which was interrupted by knocks on the door of potential candidates wanting to apply for the one position so in truth one had maybe 3 minutes total of the manager's time) only to be shuffled off to another location to fill out an application, which allowed candidate number 478 to have his/her 3 minute shot at employment fame. The ad requested that the candidate be willing to talk for awhile about why they wanted to work there. Share their ideas and their values. It was also requested the candidate bring their portfolio (it was for a creative position). Was Mr. N asked why he wanted to work there? Was he given a chance? Was there ANY time offered for him to share his ideas and such? Did they look through his portfolio? The answers to those questions are "no" and "no" and "no" and "for perhaps 10 seconds".

And this was for a reputable employer.

Perhaps there are no reputable employers out there amongst the masses of the insane. Perhaps a life of crime is what this nation is coming to in order to survive. All I can say to those who don't have to work is to thank your lucky stars. And to those who have employment they enjoy and can do, ditto. Folks in both categories are lucky. Nothing more, nothing less. And frankly, none have any business giving advice to another soul in the opposite corner.