Friday Musings

I have been receiving a very high number of spam in my comments section. I'm glad I decided to do the "verify comment before being allowed to post" option as I would typically forget how to delete posted comments. Oh well. Some leave some very pretty foreign characters. Most though are interested in seeing me have the biggest penis possible, usually growing from my own body.

I recently purchased something I never thought I would do: a pregnancy back support belt. Read more about this adventure on my other blog. One term sums it up: AAAHHH.

I learned the most I can go without good sleep (which these days for me is at approximately 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep) before having a nuclear meltdown is, as of today, 4 weeks, an improvement over my pre-pregnancy days where just 3-5 such nights left me ready to strangle cute little kitties. I had such a meltdown this week and, after crying loudly for about 15 minutes and expressing my worries and concerns with Mr. N., I fell asleep for 2 hours (7pm-9pm). Again, I do believe nature has a way of prepping us for the arrival of baby. Number one on my list will be tending to her needs. Number two, FREQUENT NAPS. For yours truly. As I've already told Mr. N, the house is either gonna go messy and the refrig empty or you will have to take up the cleaning, shopping and the like for the first couple of months. He's more than willing to pick up the slack.

Or so he says now. We may both be needing FREQUENT NAPS and may as such be having local friends/neighbors do our grocery shopping for us. As for the housecleaning, well, our puppy pooch is quite smart and talented...

Hey, did you know studies show that children raised by gay couples are no more likely to be harmed or abused than their straight couple counterparts? In what I call "News Of The NO DUH" land, check out this article fmi.

In other news, I found this piece interesting. In the first of its kind, a man is suing his neighbor for refusing to turn off her wireless devices when not in use. Why? He says he suffers from Electromagnetic Sensitivity, or EMS. Not surprising one bit. I saw this happening 20 years ago. We are, after all, beings of energy at every level and given the electromagnetic soup we're exposed to every day, it's only to be expected that such over-exposure is going to disrupt our own energy patterns and fields, with some being more sensitive than others.

Makes you want to toss that wi-fi computer, cell phone, blackberries, blah blah blah and the like, doesn't it? I know whenever I see cell phone towers, I want them removed. Not only are they an eyesore, they emit huge EMF fields. And besides, cell phones have made us rude, lazy and completely detached from our surroundings and one another. A CB radio or walkie talkie is often all that's needed if one finds themselves in a vehicle emergency (and the generosity of a passerby). Toss the damn cell phone. WE DO NOT NEED THEM.

Life is grand. Love is "all that". Connecting with one another is the best thing around. Always has been, always will be. Little one concurs. She just gave me a little kick to let me know she agrees. Peace to ya all!

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