We have a new law here in Oregon that's been in effect for the past week. No longer can one drive and talk on their cell phone at the same time. I am not one for gov't intrusion into our behaviors, but good lord, if I had a dollar for every near-miss I have experienced and witnessed as a result of these idiots who think they are equipped with special talent the rest of us don't have, I would be the owner of a cell phone as well as the most expensive cell phone plan in all the land. Just yesterday, some guy, thinking the law didn't apply to him, was talking and driving in front of us. He failed to see the light change to green. He then proceeded to swerve a few times, tapped the brakes when he didn't need to, then suddenly turned w/o signaling. I also read an article in a local rag (The Alchemist) about some guy, a teacher, who claimed he simply had to drive and text (!!!) and talk at the same time. Why? He was registered w/some service that calls him up when a teaching job becomes available. He must respond immediately.

Apparently he's never thought to PULL OVER. His argument was without any merit. And this guy is teaching our children (not to mention he's on the road regularly)? Yikes...

How does a glass jar leave your house completely in tact, placed in a cloth bag, put on the front seat, only to arrive just 3 blocks later down the street shattered? I did a bit of shopping tonight and was very careful with this bag, placing it in the front of my shopping cart. A few minutes into my shopping experience, I reached into the bag to pull out the jar. I was going to use it to refill some yummy maple syrup from the bulk section. Well, I didn't even feel the cut. What caught my attention was that warm liquidy feeling running down my hand. So after a sloppy but quick rummaging through my pockets and purse with the non-bleeding hand (while holding up the bleeding hand) I was able to locate some tissue, which I wrapped tightly around the offended finger and proceeded to do the rest of my shopping left-handed.

I still don't know how that damn jar shattered like that...

Local friends had their baby yesterday. He weighed in at...get ready folks...ELEVEN POUNDS.

Eleven. Pounds.

Hearing that made me rub my belly and reaffirm this little one will be, well, not that big!!

Our brilliant prez wants to employ more security measures (i.e. continue to kiss our privacy rights buh-bye) at local airports. One of the ideas in the works is mind-reading technology. Anyone thinking "Minority Report"? When I first saw that movie I had some double-speak going on in my mind. One side said "no way" while another said "yep, probably so some day".

Frankly, I'm more concerned about drunk pilots and the "occupied" sign appearing on the bathroom door when I really need it...

Lately I want to hug children of all ages - even college students. I find myself calling them "sweetie".

Anyone have an unused (running and in good condition) car sitting around they would be willing to donate? I will make you cookies of your choice each month for a year for your generosity!

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