Nina To John Edwards: Be Honest. Own Up.

And while you're at it, here's a quarter to buy yourself some authentic humility.

You elitist little lying piece of scum.  Behind that smarmy smile, behind all of that wealth, behind all of that supposed power you (and far too many like you) believe you claim over our beautiful little planet and its inhabitants, I would say you are nothing more than a measly little rat (to quote George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life). 

You really believed you could use this supposed power to stick your mr. good-time inside another woman, over and over again, all while your wife was undergoing cancer treatment (you know, when she needed your unwaivering support more than ever), then father a child, then say the child wasn't yours (while allowing a "friend" to claim paternity instead) while claiming you didn't have sex with the woman (I'll bet Clinton gave you some pointers with that tricky little situation, eh?), then use people you claimed to care about, attempt to buy people, in order to cover up your lie, all the while lying to the people of America about how honest and decent you were (because boo hoo hoo since you grew up poor/working class that means TODAY you could somehow RELATE TO us which is the joke of the day), how you claimed Washington needed to change its image in order to become more respectful not only here at home but around the world.......you really believed all along you were THAT above it all and would get away with your lies?

And now you are wanting to get possession of that sex tape of you and your mistress?  (Who, btw, I cannot say I feel badly for really, considering any woman who knowingly sleeps with another man--certainly more than once--who she knows is married--whom she knows said wife is ill with cancer--any woman of that caliber is about as low on the human decency totem pole as are you.) 

It's really a bit too late to redeem yourself, isn't it?  Next time around, if you are wishing to run for any sort of political office (which, at this point, a rat in a sewer stands a better chance at holding such a title), try something new:  HONESTY.  Own your behavior.  Yeah, you were a scumbag for what you did.  Say it with me now John.  Say "I was a scumbag and I messed up."  That's all you owe the public.  Your debt to your family is the one that runs deep and long. 

You know what?  I believe I feel sorry for you.  Pity, even.  For likely you don't have a fucking clue what love is.  Likely you lost it along the way in your strive to amass a fortune of wealth and power.  You know nothing outside of your "ME ME ME ONLY" bubble of corruption, power and greed.  You don't know what it's really like to authentically connect with another.  You don't know what it means to be honest.  And certainly, the world, including your own family and former friends, will likely never fully trust you again with your word.  And that means, in the end, lest you somehow undergo a personal metamorphis, you will likely die a much lonelier, poor-in-spirit person than all of the homeless and impoverished people combined, for all of the money, success and power in the world can never ever make up for emotional disconnect and isolation from the people around you. 

All I gotta ask you is this:  Were those romps in the sack to service your ego-needs worth it?

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