Helen Mirren's Tatoo. Benign Mark Or Something Darker?

Yes, I know. Ridiculous isn't it. Controversy over a tatoo one famous actress received in her youth during a drunken moment. Mirren is quoted as saying she is "utterly disgusted" with the small tatoo which appears near her left thumb.

Who hasn't done things we later regret when under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

However, digging deeper, is there perhaps something conspiratorial about the tatoo itself? Some folks on the "Above Top Secret" forum seem to think so. To some, it appears to be a Freemason Symbol.

Nina's Commentary: I almost feel the need to apologize for even posting this, but I cannot pass up the chance to share anything of the conspiratorial realm. My only comment is to question those people who get so blasted as to allow needles to be poked into various parts of their body. Being that completely drunk is uncomfortable and painful in and of itself, so why put yourself through more misery? Sure, go ahead. Put that needle into my body. Over and over again. And why don'tcha inject some toxic ink while you're at it? Make it worth my while. While it has been over 20 years since I was falling down drunk and unable to remember certain portions of my "good" time, I cannot ever imagine being that drunk as to allow someone to poke me with needles. If I were at that level of intoxication, I'd be passed out, unable to consent to a damn thing.

I'll stick to temporary tatoo's, thank you very much. And celebrating life sober. Well, partially sober...

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