Consuming In America

i read something last week that has been weighing heavy on my mind and heart. it was an answer to a question i had been seeking for a few months. i have been wondering about consumption, wondering if everyone on the planet lived like the elite, could the planet sustain this level of consumption/living? of course i knew the answer to that one, but i wanted to see proof. and i got it. according to a report called "Footprints of the Planet" (no date--read it in the Health and Social Justice textbook I am reading for work), if every nation consumed at the same rate as we do here in the States, we would need, get this, FOUR ADDITIONAL PLANETS to sustain this level of consumption. Four Additional Planets.

and here i have been saying "i need more, i need more". perhaps the truth isn't that i need more. perhaps the truth is those who have the most actually need LESS. a lot less.

i am a strong believer in fairness. to my core, i support the idea of sharing the wealth. i deplore the class system. i deplore the idea of anyone owning big homes (unless they have a big family and have adopted most of their children). i deplore the idea of anyone owning more than one home (unless they allow homeless persons to live in them when not in use). i deplore the idea of anyone owning large SUV's and more than 1 car per adult.

if the planet could sustain this for everyone, i'd have no issue with it. but being we have populated this planet so heavily, it is time for those WITH EXCESS to relinquish some of that load. equal the playing field. every one of us is worthy of and deserving of every item of luxury that life has to offer. however, because this is not feasible for ALL of us to enjoy, then none of us need to live such a life. it isn't right. it certainly isn't fair. or just.

i used to believe in the words of the new thought movement, in the words of oprah and others of her financial status. "we don't know what the purpose is for others. perhaps the poor people chose to come here and live as a poor person to teach us compassion." utter rubbish. bullocks. bullshit. this is nothing more than a convenient justification told in order to justify THEIR wealth which enables them to turn their minds and their hearts away from reality. that reality being there are policies created that KEEP the class system in place, that create it to begin with. that reality being that not everyone has the support system, the skills, the talents, the energy to pursue work that pays a high income. that reality that not everyone can possibly live their standard. speaking from a plantery/resource level, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

do i think those "with" will voluntarily decide one day to give back some of that wealth? likely not in my lifetime. massive consumption just continues to grow. people want more. it's an obsession. an addiction. technology keeps spitting out new gadgets and americans want to keep up. our homes are bigger. we eat more food. we own more cars. my god WHEN WILL THIS INSANITY END??? when will folks wake up and see that THEIR CHOICES are EFFECTING OTHERS? when will folks wake up and see that THEIR CHOICES are DESTROYING OUR PLANET?? it isn't just co2 and other toxic substances that are hurting our planet. it's our over-consumption that's also causing harm.

imagine if you knew that your way of living was ensuring that other folks go without?

if this woman living in poverty (poverty according to the standards as set forth in the U.S.) can ask herself this question and do some serious soul-searching, then so can you.


Saturday Thoughts

our town has an annual tradition of holding a parade the friday after thanksgiving. this year it was postponed. why? because of a football game. we had our annual civil war game yesterday--a game filled with dangerous, unnecessary competition held in a stadium full of drunk, littering suv-driving folks of all ages. dollars that could be better spent helping rather than harming the body and planet. a friend of mine watched the game yesterday and called me afterwards to tell me who won. i was immediately on my soapbox, preaching about the perils of competitive sports and the waste of resources. she couldn't disagree, but she still loves a good football game. i've always always always been a terrible fan (back in the days when i watched certain teams regularly). i'd be so estatic when my team won, but then i'd always feel sad for the losers. then i'd go into this spiral of guilt that eventually lead to introspection. i came away with the idea that all sports should be played like t-ball: for fun. no scores are kept. no winners or losers. just people playing a game they love and having a good time.

my hub is correct. the university rules this town. explains why (some of) the local police are so damn lax with the behaviors of college kids. the excuses out of these officers mouths has really pissed me the farm fuck off at times. "look, they're college kids. this is what they do. if they're keeping you up, just move." "i know their music is loud, but this isn't an issue for the police. you need to call the landlord." "aren't you being a little picky?" then there was my favorite: "i don't hear a thing."

hub and i took the chance last night and ventured out to rent some movies. we were surprised at how quiet it was--not much traffic. the party-animals had likely already left town, or as my spouse said, were "passed out early" being they began drinking at 10am. we decided to rent al gore's an inconvenient truth. excellent film. very well done. you get the feeling that gore is truly living his passion, his destiny. this is what he is meant to be doing right now and it is that sincerity, backed up with the inarguable scientific facts, that should convince every last bit of the doubters out there. the scene that most moved me was the animated picture of the polar bear swimming and swimming in search of ice. so many have drowned because of the melting glaciers (what wasn't touched on was the bears who are dying of starvation because of the changing food chain). that image is now burned in my mind and i can only hope it remains there and reminds me when i am being wasteful with my energy use.

the only thing i wish he had gone into a bit more detail was the idea of greed and over-consumption. i wish he had spoken about the unequal distribution of wealth and resources. the "keep up with the joneses" mentality is killing our planet. balance is desperately needed. of course, one could make an entire documentary about this topic alone. it's just something i am intensely passionate about, so i was hoping to see more discussion. anyway, this is going to be a film to add to our permanent collection.

anyone interested in learning more, check out www.climatecrisis.net. being i'm a songwriter, i have to mention melissa ethridge's song she wrote and contributed to the movie, "wake up now" (i believe that's the title). very moving, very powerful song. the video is a special feature on the dvd.

so many things in which we need to "wake up NOW"....................


am i the only one who thinks about things like this on a regular basis???

i was inside enjoying a peaceful, quiet shower when i heard a loud rumbling outside. at first i thought it was the garbage pick-up, then realized it was too loud for that. it sounded like a plane, so i jump out of the shower, throw on a robe and run outside. yep, it was a plane allright. fighter plane. all in honor of the civil war football game event going on today. as the pilot flew overhead, i sent him a mental image of homeless kids and adults, hoping he would see some of these poor souls on his journey to our gluttunous, greedy university.

i should make it clear that in and of itself, i am not against such acts of excess. but i most certainly am when the thousands of dollars spent for a few moments of entertainment could be so much better used elsewhere. my god when will we get our act together and put our dollars into FIXING what needs FIXING first and THEN engaging in fun moments of excess. our university was paid a huge sum of money by a major television affiliate all over a stupid football game. a sporting event that isn't going to do a damn thing to really help those in need. part of that money went towards paying for these fighter planes to fly overhead. (i'd like to add a little caveat. this sporting event DID help line the pockets of my spouses employer. he saw over 6k in the first 3 hours of business. if he appreciated and embraced the concept of sharing the wealth, which is what decent people and employers do, he would spread a little of that joy around to those who, you know, actually DO the work. but he's a capitalist pig, so he's going to smile his fucking ass all the way to the bank.)

as i have said, i'm an employee of this university. i make a little over $8/hour. the coach of these football players makes about $800/minute. talk about income G A P.

apparently my services, which benefit those with disabilities, isn't as valued as some fucking football coach, who would really do some good if they were to teach their players to speak proper english. these players look like idiots when interviewed on television. uh uh uh you know, weez justs gotta execute.

ok, getting off on a tangent here...............i have for so long wondered why there is such a homeless problem in my community and why there is so much poverty here. this is a filthy rich town--lots of money--lots of old money. and yet even though some of these folks do volunteer their time and give some of their money away, there is no fucking way they're willing to do more--give more of that money--give up more of their resources and share them in such a way that will equal the playing field--you know, actually create a REAL community, not a community of have's and have not's. i mean come on, what kind of a community is that? community is inclusive, not exclusive........ i have formed one question that i wish to see everyone ask themselves: is the lifestyle i am living capable of being supported by the planet if everyone were to live the same lifestyle?

if the answer is "likely not" or "most definitely not", then you are contributing to the problem of poverty, which is an (unnecessary) social condition produced by capitalism and a value system which values money over the well being of others. change your mind, change your heart, change your behavior. in doing so, we can have a world where military planes fly overhead not only for corporate-sponsored sporting events or exclusive elitist parties but for us ALL. because god damnit, me and everyone in my same or similar situation are equally as worthy and deserving of such things as are those with the money to pay for it.

stuffed with turkey and some sadness

my sweet and i had a quiet holiday...........napped.......watched a movie........had some good conversation.........cooked up a storm and ate more than we needed to, although our little pooch had no complaints in this regard..........being we feed her a primarily fresh food diet, she loved the turkey and veggies and gravy.......i even let her have a tiny bite of pumpkin pie...all three of us were crashed on the couch by 8pm........there was even some snoring.

there was some sadness this year, as there often is for the two of us. neither of us are that close with our families, the past few years having brought this to our full attention. the sadness this year though was a bit different. it was tinged with a bit of acceptance. a forlorn acceptance, this inner knowing of "that's just the way things are", but still an inner hope and wish for something different, something better. something more. no one in my spouses family called. my mother did call, though, something i had already expected. phone calls with her are often of the mixed-emotion kind. there's that longing for something different mixed in with the knowledge that i will never have the connection i want or need from her.

we could have invited any number of them down, but we no longer do that. it gets old asking your family to please come visit, only to hear "yes we must do that" over and over again, the words being just that: words. without action. it's painful.

i had been hoping to speak with my brother. he was going to be staying at my mother's place thanksgiving evening and she had said she could call when he was there. i said i'd like that. i have been trying to get to know my brother for years. after making numerous visits to his home, after opening up to him about who i am, what i think and feel, what i want for my life....you know what i speak of......those things you say to those with whom you wish to develop a real relationship........after i took those risks and was met with so much judgement from him, after being told to shut up, after being told my opinions were bullshit, my feelings were crap and that statement he made in which i will never forget: "i disagree with almost everything that comes out of your mouth" (which at the time i remember thinking, how can you say that when you hardly know me??).......after speaking with him about all of this and saying "you don't even know me"..........after him listening and agreeing........after hearing him make promise after promise of offers to come visit us......to call more........to listen to me without judgement.........after all of this went nowhere, i let it go. fuck it, i thought. i don't need this from anyone, i don't care if he is "family". if he really is that interested in knowing me, he can take the next step. i made the last phone call 10 months ago. i haven't heard a word from him since--the longest we've gone without speaking.

so i was hoping when my mother called, my brother would be there and would want to speak with me. i was surprised when, at not quite 5pm, the phone rang. it was my mother. i told her i thought she was going to later in the evening when my brother was to be there. she said he had gone out to a movie. rather than question it, i just let it go. if i were to question it and show any sort of thoughts surrounded with any sort of emotion, i would be hushed in some way. my family's funny weird strange in this regard. have an emotion??? why that's a sin! they're so robotic at times, it can be quite uncomfortable to be around. i can remember funerals where no one showed their sadness. everyone walked around very stiff and formal. i thought this was normal until i went to my friend's sister's funeral in college. the tears were flowing. grief was everywhere. as sad as this was of course, in a way it was so refreshing to me. PEOPLE IN FAMILIES ACTUALLY CRY TOGETHER!! wow.........

my dad, who i also didn't hear from, is not like this though. when dad's angry, you know it. when he's sad, you know it. this is likely where i get my ability to show my emotions, although i still have the energy/influence from my mother's side of the family to keep it all inside and put on a smile instead.

my dad is another family member with whom i kind of tossed the towel in this year as well. his retirement activities are his priority. i guess if i had had a good relationship with him growing up, i would be more supportive of this, more understanding, but being his needs always came first while growing up, it just adds fuel to the fire. he has also made numerous promises to visit, each one never seeing a follow-through. one such visit he simply never showed. a few weeks ago i tried speaking with him about this, saying how much i would love to visit with him. oh but i am so busy each day playing golf, he said. well what about on sunday, i asked. oh that's rest day, he said. ok well maybe you can skip saturday golf to come spend the day with me, i asked. he gave a "eeehhhh"--one of those points of hesitation, which to me was a "ok i know i COULD but i really don't want to and i know you're my daughter and i shouldn't want to say no but that's what i really think so instead i'll just say eeeehhh".

dad's another family member in which i had made numerous trips to visit. our last visit happened because my spouse and i went to visit him. part of me says if this is the only way you can see them, you'll just have to make the effort.

and yet, what's the point? why would i want to invest any energy into a relationship that is not being created by both parties? family or not, it isn't ok with me. and given our one vehicle needs transmission work, we're certainly not comfortable driving it out of our area. the family knows this, too.

that kind of makes me laugh. when we first discovered our transmission issue, at first it felt like a huge burden. when you're low income, coming up with over $1,000 feels like a very big mountain to climb. when we have been able to save that kind of money, a medical expense or other more important expense comes along. now i see though that this car problem has opened up my eyes. for you see, when we first learned of the problem, i thought "ok well now our families will have to come to us until we fix this situation." i had hopeful visions of family visits at our place. maybe even a holiday or two.

reality can be a bitter pill to swallow..........

nonetheless, as i said, this year's holiday sadness was a bit different. there was more acceptance. maybe resignation. perhaps a bit of the two. and because of this, i was able to focus more on the family that was right there in front of me: a wonderful husband and the sweetest, cutest puppy dog on the planet.



i was watching some man on the tube speak about wealth. he said he has never understood those who write about poverty and how to resolve poverty continue to speak about the problems of poverty long after they've achieved millions selling their books. ok, so this catches my attention considering i completely fucking agree. but as i continue to observe him, i notice the huge rings on his fingers. the diamonds. the jewels. his suit, obviously a designer suit. his face, nicely tanned. his silver hair, very well cut and styled.

the guy's swimming in wealth himself.

fucking hypocrite. "i'm going to insult those who are doing the same thing as am i."

he went on to talk about how we are to share the wealth. how we are to shine our light without blinding others. uh oh, i thought, the guy's going religious on me.

the camera then points to the interviewer--pat fucking robertson. that ugly slimy smile he wears. how anyone can look at that man for more than a moment and not KNOW he's the epitomy of evil and greed and lies is beyond my scope of comprehension.

i immediately turned the tv off. saged the room. saged myself. saged the dog. (wasn't going to take any chances.)

i don't understand why one person has yet to ask these gluttunous bastards (and bitches) who speak out against poverty "do you think the planet could sustain it if we ALL lived YOUR lifestyle?" i love the lines from forrest gump about wealth. "mama always said there's only so much money a person needs. most of it's just for showing off. use what you need then give away the rest." love it love it love it

i also don't understand why these folks don't talk about sharing the wealth. and i don't understand why they don't point out the studies that show that those countries who have more equitable wealth distribution have citizens who are healthier and happier. it's simply common sense. fucking common sense.

it's so easy to focus on africa. so very easy. it's so very easy for these rich stars to point to africa and say "we must help them!" duh! no brainer! the conditions throughout africa are, of course, horrendous. the ONE campaign regularly (conveniently??) interchanges the words "poverty" and "extreme poverty". one day they're out to erradicate extreme poverty. the next day, they want to eliminate poverty. oprah gives away 10% of her income. angelina jolie, 30%. they're worshipped because of it. why? if i were a multi-millionaire or a billionaire, my god, it would be soooooooo easy to give away up to 30% of my income. i don't need 5 homes. i don't need private chauffeurs and cooks and nanny's and gardeners and housecleaners. i don't need my own private jets and helicopters. and guess what? NO ONE DOES.

we ALL need a nice home. we ALL need an income/wage that pays nothing less than a living wage. we ALL need running water and heat and cooling. we ALL need healthy, fresh, abundant food. we ALL need clean clothing. we ALL need access to health care. we ALL need to breath clean air. and until these rich idiots begin talking about REDISTRIBUTING THE WEALTH, they are doing nothing more than putting band-aids on a lesion that will continue to ooze.


merry fucking christmas

every year it seems people become more distressed over hearing the phrase "merry christmas". this political correctedness is way overblown. aren't there more things to direct emotional distress towards than someone wishing you a sincere merry christmas?

i'm not christian. the phrase doesn't bother me. i'm not african. greeting me with "happy kwaanza" doesn't offend me either.

that being said i will tell you what bothers me. the entire holiday season bothers me. THE PRESSURE. the on-going pressure everytime you step outside your house. the pressure you feel when every other commercial on television shows the scenes of family gathered around the table and tree. the pressure you feel when you connect to the internet and are bombarded with articles with pretty little ads showing snow and fires and upper middle class secure happy family, assuming every one has that life. the pressure you feel when the phone rings and family members for whom you feel no connection with want to know what your plans are so that you can get together (because it IS the holidays afterall) and keep the illusion going of the "picture perfect" family where you are really not there to share who you are and to be known and accepted for who you are but instead are merely a fixture. at this point, you could simply paint my picture in with photoshop for my family pictures. the meaning would still hold the same value.

that being said, i am nostalgic. i do have a heart that still has some warmth and tenderness to it. i do long for the norman rockwell painting to become reality in my life. i long to own that little home in the woods, a fresh dusting of snow having fallen on christmas eve, a warm fire having being lit in the fireplace, my spouse and i blissfully happy, watching our child--or children--giggle enthusiastically as they open their presents. all of us happy. healthy. secure.

secure because we are one of the lucky ones who just happen to make our dreams a reality. or secure because our government has snapped out of their crime spree and is now putting revenue back into the hands of the people, ensuring all have the equal opportunity and support--on going--that enables ALL to achieve their dreams.

until such time, i will likely slip into my grinch "merry fucking christmas" shoes. that is when i'm not crying my heart out over what i wish had been....what i wish i had.......what i wish could be.......


i pledge allegience, uh, to myself

most of us grew up saying the pledge of allegiance. it was something that was so ingrained in me, i never stopped to consider what i was saying or why. a natural thing for a power base to do to its citizenry. chant chant chant without thinking. blind obedience to a tradition.

obviously i snapped out of my trance and in time began questioning why i had been forced to do this all of those years. it became uncomfortable for me, so it's a practice i rarely, if ever, participate in. however that being said, i believe in freedom of speech and thus i believe people have the right to either say or not say the pledge. this recent move by a group of college students in orange county, ca, while it doesn't provide enough details for me to form a thoughtful opinion, feels a bit extreme. an out and out ban? sounds like the flip side of the coin........we'll either force you to say the pledge or we will take away your right to say the pledge.

i pledge allegience
to the knowledge
of the truth that resides within me.



hadn't seen this one before........

was online yesterday doing internet searches for the types of work i am interested in........after hitting that proverbial brick wall, i ended up screaming "I HATE MY LIFE"...........to which, after i was again calm, i heard this small voice say "type that in the search box".

so i did and found a website with that very title. i laughed, and decided to browse through it some. in doing so, i came upon this website. wow. i wasn't aware there was a piece of legislation like this one. now, i haven't taken the time to look much into this site, particularly to determine how the government would fund such a task (of course it is possible if we were to reallocate the billions given to big business and instead share that wealth with the people). nonetheless, this concept, this bill, needs to be on every media outlet, every blog, on the minds and in the hearts of everyone who believes that we are ALL worthy and deserving of affordable housing, health care, living wage jobs and absolute guaranteed protection of our civil rights and liberties.

i sense it coming.............my dream of seeing a country where the wealth is shared.........it's coming..........it's coming..........


post-election dysfunction

michael moore and the folks at moveon.org keep filling up my box. "good work!" they say. "now we can take back our democracy!" they cry out. all i can think of is "this is democracy???"

i wasn't sure how i would feel after all was said and done. even though at this moment virginia hasn't been officially announced, the democrat is leading by a good 1000 votes, so it looks as though the democrats will be ruling the walls of congress for the remainder of the bush presidency. despite knowing this is a better scenario than another 2 years of absolute republican control, i still have this sense of sadness mixed in with some apathy, sprinkled with a shot of salty anger. i'll be happy when the things that must be done actually get done........those things that aren't spoken of.......ideas that will get me labeled all sorts of nasty, ugly names and labels.....ideas such as:

~replacing the minimum wage with a living wage.

~affordable housing for all.

~ending the war on drugs and reallocating the money on treatment and understanding the emotional, mental and physical basis for addiction.

~redistributing the wealth. study after study has shown that in countries where the wealth is distributed in a more equatible manner, the citizens are much healthier.

~health care for all.

~increasing the rights of workers.

~ensuring those who are out of work/unemployed or underemployed receive financial assistance that will pay for all necessary/living expenses until such time as they are gainfully employed, making a living wage.

the democratic party supports the free market and capitalist system every bit as much as do the republicans. the democratic party wants to make sure the wealthy are happy, every bit as much as do the republicans. these "values" continue to come at great sacrifice for the middle and lower income persons. it's wrong. simply wrong. we can do different. we can do better. we must do better.

in the meantime, i'll be contemplating my ideas, thinking of ways in which to share them with the public (without running for political office). and as i do so, i will be singing the "post-election dysfunction" ballad........

it's finally over
and how do you feel?
the blue ones
now have the wheel.

people are dancing
joyfully in the street.
while some can do nothing more
than weep.

and yet here i stand
with my eyes open wide.
distrusting this latest
turn of the tide.

for i see the struggle
of the ones left behind.
unable to keep up
with the daily american grind.

if only we could see one another
for who we really are.
embracing this ideal,
we could really go far.

and yet those in charge
still refuse to see
beyond the scope of power
and into the insanity.

'tis why i'm drowning
in post election dysfunction.



uh uh uh uh................DUH!

shock! gasp! surprise surprise! there's chaos in the voting equipment today.......

question is, will this "disturbance" reflect on the republican ticket yet once again???


monday morning pre-election blues

spouse has decided to vote. after much inner-debating, i begrudingly did that last week. he wants to know how i voted. he trusts my opinion. normally i am one who loooooooooves to be asked my opinion, especially on things of the political nature. however, when it comes to filling in those voting circles, i cannot bring myself to tell someone what to do or who i voted for and why. figure it out for yourself, please.

michael moore and moveon.org have been flooding my e-mailbox lately, urging me how important it is that i call everyone i know and tell them to vote and encourage them to vote democrat. (i can just see how that would fly with my family, who usually vote republican and who think the word "socialism" is a baaaaaaaaaaaad word.) gotta "take back the country" from those nasty republican thieves. granted, our country has gone in a direction i find horrifying the past few years, but i am certainly intelligent enough to know the democrat's priority is the same as the republicans: KEEP THOSE IN CHARGE OF THE MONEY HAPPY

"take back the country". i can laugh on that one. when in the last 40 years has this country ever really belonged to we the people? ever since kennedy was killed, the government ceased being a government of and for the people. idealism died in political leadership that day. or at least the flame was blown out. that's why i am a big supporter of independent parties. new ideas. ideas that challenge the oh-so-outdated two-party system.

i visited a "progressive" political website for my state. the word "progressive" has been stolen and turned into something else. my little dictionary here defines progressive as "favoring reform, forward thinking". this website thinks the democrats are, given the two parties, the "progressive" party.


well ok, given the two parties, yes, the democrats are more forward thinking. and yet they still have their eyes closed when it comes to the following:

1) national health care for all
2) establishing a living wage for all
3) getting the hell out of NAFTA and the WTO
4) addressing the outrageous cost of housing and growing numbers of folks living in poverty
5) stop the $$ waste on this ludicrious "war on drugs" and instead put some of that money towards treatment and understanding the deeper reasons for addiction
6) along those lines, LEGALIZE LEGALIZE LEGALIZE
7) what really happened on 9/11
8) their marriage to corporate america and lobbyists
9) addressing the damages caused by capitalism
10) montsanto's global agenda to control the food production
11) the risks of western medicine, including vaccinations
12) along those lines, the benefits of homeopathic and herbal remedies
13) tossing the patriot acts
14) STOP SAYING AMERICA IS THE GREATEST NATION OF ALL.........i mean geesh come on already..........are we really THAT arrogantly presumptious??? pride without some open humbleness doesn't create the space for cooperation and friendship......

i could go on and on with this list..............

the next 48 hours will be interesting, i would gather.............or the whole election may simply pass quietly into the night, without so much as a peep...........

we can only hope, right?


a little of this, a little of that.........

i read something disturbing today: since monsanto began forcing their way into the lives of farmers with their genetically altered seeds, 20,000 farmers in india have committed suicide. the cultivation of genetically altered cotton in has lead to massive crop failures, driving the farmers into poverty and bankruptcy.

20,000 people. TWENTY THOUSAND. i would have to say monsanto is the most dangerous "disease" on the planet today. they have the ability to control the entire food population and thus our health. our lives.

i completed my ballot. well it isn't quite complete considering i left a lot of those oval circles empty. i also wrote some folks in. i wonder if anyone at our local election headquarters is familiar with zardon............ i read a letter to the editor in some paper awhile back. the writer was urging all of us to simply not vote. personally, i have favored that idea for a few years now, however it is a logistics nightmare and the chances of getting the vast majority to favor it are slim to none. anyhow, the writer said he simply wrote "NO" in large letters across the ballot. i thought that would make for a wonderful art gallery display--artistic expression with the theme of "voter apathy".

lots of stink over the recent antics of rush limbaugh and his remarks about and ensuing impression of michael j. fox. i read something of interest about what rush had to say. it was written by a medical doctor who said the medications that mr. fox takes do exagerrate his symptoms for a brief period of time. i also read that mr. fox admitted in his biography to taking these meds before appearing in front of some government committee in order to garner more sympathy. who knows what to believe. if this is true, while i may not approve of such a method to garner support for a cause, i can understand the desire--the strong desire--to see the fruition of the end result, in this case the funding for stem cell research. furthermore, even if there is truth in this, to make a point by making fun of someone who has an illness is simply inhumane and shows what a bully he is. and we all know that bullies, deep inside, are very frightened, insecure people. and as a side note: if they are male, they usually have issues with their penis and/or their sexuality.

rush limbaugh. the pill-popping, republican ass-washing, playground bully who is afwaid of his widdle pee pee..........

i found a really good vitamin company--swanson's health products. i've shopped around, both in the stores and online, and have never been ok with the idea that you have to spend at least $30 per month per person for a good multi-vitamin. i was offended a few months ago at a local vitamin store when i was told that the $18.99 bottle of multi-vits i was buying wasn't nearly as good in quality as the $49.99 bottle. i said i couldn't afford the more expensive brand (which interestingly enough was the store brand) and was given a weird look by the clerk, who then walked away. i've had a couple of other weird experiences with this store, who seem to cater to people who actually HAVE money to freely dispose of at a whim on the latest, most expensive health care miracle supplement.

so anyway, i found swanson's. they were also recommended by a friend, a fellow low-income earner, who has been with them for years. she said their products were excellent and their customer service, superior. i was sceptical, but after placing my order and receiving their products, i gotta admit she was right. first of all, when i called, i didn't reach an automated system. a person actually ANSWERED THE PHONE! can you believe that???? in this day and age??? i was so caught off guard, i had to say "you mean this is a LIVE person i am speaking with?? i don't have to press any buttons for english or to place an order???" she laughed and said "of course not. that's now how we do business here." WOW. a made-in-america company operating in the way of the good 'ole days. there's hope for america yet, i tell ya...........anyway, their products arrived quickly--within one week of processing my order. i popped the multi-vitamin and i could actually feel something taking place in my body. it was a subtle change but i did notice something. my spouse said the same thing. never had that experience before. the vit/mineral combination is equal to that of the more expensive brands. today i placed another order for a tri-mushroom complex and astragalus--substances that have been shown to increase immune response, decrease inflammation and have anti-cancer agents. the chinese actually use these particular mushrooms to fight cancer and tumors. i've been sick off and on all month so it's imperative i do something extra to keep my immune system strong.

so much more i could write about with the world, but the other bloggers are doing a good job of that on their own.