Mainstream Media Manipulation

The folks at Yahoo put out this piece from the AP. It says things are spiraling out of control. It says the rugged individualism of our spirit as a nation is being challenged.

And that's where the article stops. Of course. Nothing else is added. Nothing added for hope. No call to action. And certainly no accounting for the real perpetrators.

Here's where I pick up on it and add the truth and reassurance so many of you, so many of us, are looking for.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Burned out? Frazzled? Confused? Afraid? That's ok. It's to be expected. In fact, if you aren't feeling this way, I'd question what in the hell is wrong with you.

It's all, largely, been controlled and planned to be this way. As far out as that may sound to yet some of you, don't you think if our leaders were really concerned about our best interests, about our concerns, there would be plans in place...YESTERDAY... to:

1) Lower the cost of energy.

2) Lower the cost of food.

3) Reign in this out-of-control health care crisis.

4) Replace the millions of good wage jobs that have left this country.

5) Reign in this out-of-control profiteering.

6) Put an end to corporations who rape the land with their deplorable farming practices, then once the land becomes uninhabitable for vegetative growth, they move on to the next space.

7) Put an end to the massive subsidies given to farmers that, for starters, require them to grow food but then give them subsidies to DESTROY the food.

8) Reign in this globalization trend that ruins lives, abuses workers and destroys our planet.

Please feel free to add your own.

Let's all take a deep breath and say the following affirmation, together, three times.

Government does not care about me.

Government does not care about me.

Government does not care about me.

Feel the rage that comes up. Feel the sense of betrayal. Feel the pain. FEEL that victimhood. Own it. Then use that anger to DO SOMETHING. Big, small. Doesn't matter. DO SOMETHING. Even if it's to educate yourself more on the going's on.

Research things like weather control (HAARP) and manipulation. Research Montsanto and the massive influence they have in farming. Research things like chemtrails. Or better yet, just pay attention to the skies above and watch how some of those little poofs coming out of planes turn into strange looking clouds that spread out and leave unnatural looking streaks in the skies. Learn about the blood lines of our political leaders. Read up on the on-going plans for globalization. Follow some of the links on nina's favs to get more information.

As the Yahoo article states, our sense of independence and self-reliance is being challenged. That is the silver-lining in all of this chaos. In all of this controlled ugliness, we have the chance to realize WE NEED ONE ANOTHER. It's HEALTHY to need each other, to depend on each other. And sadly, part of the sick brilliance of the System is to focus us away from our feelings and instead, focus on our Left Brain, the logical, rational, scrutinizing, judgmental part of our being. While the left brain certainly has it's place, we need a balance of left and right. Our schools fill our left brain with knowledge and facts. Creative tasks that encourage right brain activity are grossly missing. Free thought is encouraged only so long as it isn't too far out in right or left field.

One of the most ugly things to me is the field of psychology and human behavior, ugly in how at it's core is the motto to help people, and yet what it really does it quiet people. We have seen huge increases in people labeled with such supposed "illnesses" as depression, anxiety, mood disorder, personality disorder, ADD and ADHD, rage disorder. Today I see such things and say well it's about TIME! Not that I agree these are disorders, but it's about TIME people start exhibiting such behaviors. I believe this to the absolute core of my being, but overall, I believe the vast majority of folks labeled with such things are the brightest, most sensitive, intuitive, intelligent folks on the planet. Angels, we are. Folks who know something's up, something's not right. Folks who know this planet could truly be a paradise. A glorious, beautiful, wonderful paradise. Folks who know THINGS DO NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY (contrary to what we're told by both well-meaning and ill-meaning individuals). In short, we're labeled "fucked up" because WE KNOW THINGS ARE FUCKED UP. And when we know that, even if it's a deep knowing not yet embraced by the conscious mind, we exhibit all sorts of symptoms the field of psychology and now mainstream society, says must be quieted in some way. Usually in pill form. May I introduce to you the Pharmaceutical Company to the rescue?

I recall a conversation once with a psychologist I was seeing at the time:

"The world, the System, is really fucked, you know that?" I said.

"Yes, it really is fucked," she said, agreeing with me, not mocking me.

"So then, I'm really here to be comfortable in my own self so that I can go out into the fucked up System and function like everyone else, right?"

She paused for a few moments before saying: "You can say that."

I told her perhaps her field of experts needs to be doing more to heal those controlling the System instead of making all of that money on the System's victims. She could only look at me.

I think that's the first time in my life I've ever felt a real sense of power. I had discovered a truth. And I had opened up the eyes of someone in power.

Pay attention to your feelings. For there you will find something that bypasses both of the brain's hemispheres. There you will find the truth of that part of us that is connected to that source even more powerful than all of the world's corruption combined.

So yes, things are chaotic right now. Don't let the controllers tell us there's nothing that can be done. Even IF the weather isn't being manipulated right now, the technology exists and has for decades to do just that, so there's no reason the weather cannot be manipulated to be bring us more stable climate conditions. And all of these levee breaks would not have happened if this nation's infrastructure had been properly maintained, which it has not been. Finally, the MSM came out and cited a study (done 3 plus years ago, btw, but hey, these folks move like molasses sometimes) by a group of Civil Engineers that gave our nation's infracture a "D". Food. Hmmm. There's plenty of land space to grow enough food to provide for us all. It's being mismanaged. Think the elite are suffering? Hell no. That alone speaks volumes.

One thing I've learned: Whenever some elite business or government leaders tell us it is we, the little people, who need to change, QUESTION THE HEAVEN AND HELL out of that statement. And then pay close attention to see if that individual is doing one of the following:

1) Profiting off of said changes we are to make. And/or
2) Not doing a thing him/herself to change his/her lifestyle.

If so, KNOW you're being lied to and manipulated. Once we swallow that pill, we can go about the business of creating the kind of world we want. The kind of life we want. Together. Black, white, brown, yellow. Male, female. Young, old. Straight, gay. Rich, poor. Left, right. Religious and non-religious. Get beyond the petty crap and judgments and we will discover we ALL desire to LIVE AND LET LIVE. We ALL desire to have fun, joy, connect, play, laugh, discover, experience, learn. We ALL desire peace. Our needs are all inherently the same. If you get anything out of this piece, it is this sentence above all else.

Paradise. NOW.

It's possible. It's always always always possible.

What do you want?


Oklahoma Uses 10th Amendment. Declares Sovereignty.

Looks like Oklahoma gave themselves a big dose of courage. Every other state needs to follow their lead.


Ethanol Is Not Our Friend, Folks

I noticed on the Corvallis weblogs page that no one had clicked on my previous post on Ethanol. Why not, I wondered? Probably because there are a lot of well-meaning progressives and environmentalist types who have fallen for the ethanol game. And typically, when someone has a differing pov from the left side, you're labeled a republican, conservative or some other "right leaning" label.

There are a lot of flex-fuel vehicles in this little city and so I can understand that folks don't want to give up on their Ethanol usage. However, I ask them to consider the idea that shouldn't we get to choose which fuel we put in our cars? What about those of us who don't have flex fuel cars?

Come on, Corvallis! Do your research on Ethanol. Talk to gas station employees and owners. Talk to your neighbors who have older and old model vehicles. Listen to us as we say our gas mileage has dropped considerably. Hear us when we say our cars run a bit rougher. Then join in and make your voice heard by e-mailing Representative Gelser: rep.saragelser@state.or.us and say you support a Bill that reverses the previous decision to mandate Ethanol and make it what it once was and should be: a choice.


Corvallis Residents: Let's Get Ethanol Out Of Our Fuel Supply!

For those of you who believe as I do, who know Ethanol is bad for our wallets in that our fuel mileage is reduced, bad for our cars in that Ethanol has a lower BTU burn rate and clogs up our fuel filters, bad for the environment in that the energy used to create this product is ridiculous, not to mention it does not burn cleaner than regular gasoline, then please contact our local Representative in Salem, Sara Gelser. You can e-mail her at: rep.saragelser@state.or.us and ask her to please reverse the decision that was made in Oregon to mandate the use of Ethanol in our fuel supply. I recently received her newsletter and she is asking her constituents for Bill Ideas. She was quite pro-active when I asked her to pursue legislation banning the use of field burning.

Even if you are undecided on the use of Ethanol but don't like the fact that our choice has been taken away, that this has been forced on us without public vote, please e-mail her.

If you still aren't yet convinced, remember all of the corn crops that have been wiped out recently. Then ask yourself if your pocketbook can take that kind of an additional hit.

I tried finding local stations that are still selling regular unleaded, ethanol-free fuel. I couldn't find any. Stations in Oregon have until September to make the change. And every single gas station employee I have spoken with agree: Ethanol clogs up filters on both vehicles and pumps, which means more frequent filter changes, and reduces fuel mileage.

Someone tell me again why Ethanol was such a spectacular idea??


OSU Commencement Gives Rise To Contemplation

As I watched the grads sitting there all in black, roasting in the early afternoon sun, I thought back to my own graduation. I don't even know why I went. Probably because I had family coming. All I wanted was that piece of paper so I could get the hell out. 16 plus years of being part of the educational system was enough for me. I wanted to go out into the world and be free!

Little did I realize that the world was even more controlled as was the education system. Free thought? A joke, unless you supported the status quo/the way things are. Freedom of choice? Not really. The truth as I discovered was freedom to choose from a limited number of options. In short, I was told "No" a lot; and my personal favorite "sorry, that's just how things are."

I looked at these young faces, some looking bored, some looking tired, others smiling. But in all of their faces I could see one thing: Hope.

College is a sort of security blanket. And when venturing out into a very unforgiving system, I wondered how many, like myself, will suddenly start to miss that security blanket. Some will find a place to fit in. Other's won't. That's how the system has been designed. Success for some, certainly not for all. Self-empowerment certainly has it's place, in that it can keep you believing in yourself and fighting for the life you envision for yourself. However, it isn't enough.

Isn't it time for something new? Isn't it time for true freedom? Isn't it time for unlimited options for all? Isn't it time for so many of these archaic, draconian laws and rules to be abolished so that those who want to live a life different than the status quo are given the freedom and support to do so?

Sliding scale fees on all goods and services. A belief system that embraces all as equal and worthy. A myriad of housing choices. Bartering. Government's sole role being to ensure "the system" provides basic freedoms such as ownership of land and house, education, health care, clean air and water, healthy, abundant food. In short, all of our needs are provided for and met, through our own efforts and through the efforts and assistance of others. A world where no one goes without. It's possible. It's possible when there's hope.

Which is why my wish for the graduates is to never lose sight of that starry-eyed optimism, to never lose sight of hope. If they're not careful, the system can crush it. Keep the hope alive kids!


Democrats and Universal Health Care: A Sign Of What's To Come

Since it appears Obama will be the next appointed, er, elected president, we need to be aware of the consequences of his HELLth insurance plan, which will mandate parents insure their children. While adults won't be required to buy into a plan (as Hillary's plan did), you can bet that eventually, this is the direction we will be heading. Read here for what happens to you in Massachusetts if you refuse to buy a HELLth insurance plan. Government pays a little visit to your wallet.

I say "ROCK ON" to those 5% of folks who simply refused to buy into the private HELLth insurance fiasco. Peaceful non-compliance, baby! While the Republicans want to keep the private HELLth insurance companies alive and viable, their option of HELLth care reform to offer tax incentives to americans to help make HELLth insurance more :::choke, cough cough::: affordable, the Democrats like to shower us with the flowery, feel-good phrase "Universal Health Insurance", which simply means ALL WILL BE COVERED BECAUSE WE SAY SO.

Both parties towing the line of the status quo, keeping the free-for-all market economy going at the expense of all who aren't at the steering wheel.


Weather Weirdness

Have others noticed the change in the sun's location? In the past year, Mr. N and myself have noticed it is setting more to the north, Mr. N noticing it rising more to the north (I haven't noticed this only because I'm not one to be awake at dawn). I've read some articles the past year or two about a polar shift occuring. This seems to add up to the possibility, the probability, that we have shifted southward. However, given the cooler temps we've been experiencing since last fall, both during the day and at night, the idea of a tilt towards the southern pole just doesn't make sense.

So what else is going on?

How much of this is natural and how much of this is controlled? Chemtrails? Sun cycles? HAARP Technology? Human-caused pollution?

All, I believe, are factors and this global warming/global climate change debate is not focusing on enough variables for our current weather situations. But then again, it's much easier to tax us and control us by saying global climate change has one singular component and that is you and me and the CO2 we put out into the atmosphere so, in turn it is we the people that must make the drastic changes in how we live by guilt-tripping us into giving up our cars and spending double the price for organic foods and buying hybrid cars and installing fluorescent bulbs etc. etc. etc. please feel free to insert the latest guilt trip...all the while focusing the attention away from the biggest polluters and consumers--big biz and the elite--but that's ok--they can buy into that carbon tax b.s. to alleviate their supposed guilt. Not that driving less and buying healthier foods and owning smaller vehicles that consume less fuel and installing more energy efficient things in our home isn't a good thing. It becomes suspicious when it's surrounded by government and business (and all of their sponsored scientists) fanfare and manipulative marketing. Especially when such folks ride around in Limosines and private jets and live in 5-10,000 square foot homes while owning 2 or more "vacation" homes. I mean come on, doesn't their credibility on this issue kind of smack in the face of hypocrisy?

Anyway, I digress...Polar shift is definitely not getting the attention it deserves/needs. All anyone needs to do is pay attention to the sun and hopefully, recall from past years its location in the sky.

Meteorlogical computer models are based on weather patterns that simply do not (seem to) exist anymore, hence, weather forecasting has, overall, become a bit of a joke. As Mr. N likes to joke: "I'd love to have a job that paid me $100,000 a year, where I would have no pressure on me when I messed up time and time again." Today for example, it was supposed to be 80, warmer than yesterday. At noon it was 62. At 5pm, 73.

These folks can't predict 24 hours ahead anymore.

And given meteorologists cannot give a forecast that is authorized by the national meteorlogical (that is a really difficult word for me to type for some reason) association, which is simply a government organization, it will likely take some time before forecast models are updated. After all, they were several years behind in finally acknowledging global climate change. Although quite often, the term that is used today is "really weird, really unusual weather pattern".

Not really. Just the new way that mother nature is behaving. The reasons are likely many, the discussion and debating will go on with the real truth likely getting lost for some time.


Ethanol And Your Car: Are The Two Compatible?

Want to know if that Ethanol you're being required to inject into your car (in Oregon that is) is damaging your vehicle? Check out this link to find out if your car is compatible. Many are not, mine included. I'm mad as hell about it and demanding our state officials return to the days when it was a choice or compensate me for another vehicle and a way to retrofit the vehicle so that it is compatible.

I'm surprised more people aren't mad as hell about this as well. Of course if it doesn't impact you, I guess why bother getting all riled up. And yet, this is yet another move by the government to take away OUR CHOICES and FREEDOMS and as such, should upset us all.


If You Believe In The Rapture But Your Friends Don't...

Fear not. For $40, you can leave them messages after you've disappeared, trying one last time to convince them of their desperate need for salvation and to claim the love and judgment of Jesus Christ. You read that correctly. Someone who has been a non-believer for decades can suddenly, in a flash, out of absolute fear and terror, authentically, purely, wholly and sincerely embrace an entirely new set of beliefs. Rather doubtful, huh. And I would think, being Jesus is supposed to be all-knowing, he'd be able to see through that rather forced attempt at redemption, right? What happens then? Sorry dude, it's into the firepit for you.

Once the rapture occurs, this website's fail-safe system will send out your messages automatically to your loved one's left behind via e-mail. Of course, there is a short window for the rest of us sinners to be "saved" and enter into the kingdom with the rest of those who vanished into thin air. After a few days or so, all hope is lost.

I wonder if there's a money-back guarantee. Say the rapture doesn't happen in your lifetime. I'd want my 40 bucks back. I also would think that if there is this rapture event, it would knock out electrical grids, rendering the use of e-mail null and void. I guess the rest of us would really be screwed then, huh?

Oh so sad how so many have been manipulated this way through fear. One one hand I laugh, but in my heart, I just feel sad. As I've seen in my own family, this sort of mind-control works on even the most intelligent, rational of folks. But that's the ugly, dark side of fear. Used enough, and especially if one was parented through fear and threats and is thus used to complying to such tactics, it's quite effective. In this case, sadly and terrifyingly effective.

All I know is that if I see Bush and Cheney lining up to go with Jesus, I'll wait for the next bus trip.

Website as lifted off of piglipstick's bloggo.

On Marriage And Household Chores

Mr. N has decided, with some gentle prodding from me, to improve his cooking skills. He's great at grilling. He is even more brilliant at opening up a box or can and dumping the contents into a pan and turning on the heat.

All of this means I do 99% of the cooking on non-bbq days, which amount to at least 300 of the 365 days. And if I do say so myself, I am quite the cook. Or shall I say I have become quite the cook over the years. In other words, Mr. N is very pampered in this regard.

At first he hesitated until I told him that if I could go from burning ramen noodles and pork chops to learning how to cook 7-8 course meals for 13 people, all on my own, (I actually did pull that off--twice--whereby I fell asleep during the meal but hey, I was told the food was outstanding), then he could expand on his cooking skills as well.

Tonight's meal was homemade pizza. A fairly good place to start. While I made the dough and pizza sauce, he gathered the rest of the ingredients together and put it all together. It went quite well, if you don't count the pornographic image that appeared as he rolled out the dough, giving him a good chuckle. And, well, there was also the moment where, for some reason beyond my own imagination (and the laws of physics) he somehow got pizza sauce all over his shirt, the stove, the countertop and wall, whereby he suddenly (after insisting he did not need my help) wanted my help (which at first I refused--in all my years of cooking no one else but myself has cleaned up my own cooking messes--but then caved and helped him remove his shirt and brought him a clean one, and ok, pointed out to him some of the spots of pizza splatter he missed).

Once the mess was cleaned, a new t-shirt put on and the pizza in the oven, I jokingly said now he was ready to move on to a 3 or 4 course meal. He said "No problem. It can't be that difficult."

Anyone else but me giggling in anticipation??

Lavender: A Distant Relative Of The Cannabis Family?

Actually, the correct term would be the cannabaceae family, which is where over 150 species of plants come from, including cannabis.

I can just see it now. "Lavender: The New Gateway Drug!"

Funny Fudge Made With Lavender, Not Pot.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana University police say brownies a girl gave to dorm workers didn't contain marijuana at all. The leafy substance mixed in was lavender.

IU Police Capt. Jerry Minger said the 13-year-old girl came forward after the case was publicized to let officers know the brownies were safe. The fudge was given to workers at IU's Eigenmann Hall on May 23 and police were called after one of the employees took a bite and noticed a green, leafy substance inside.

The girl gave some of the lavender to police for a field test, and Minger said it registered a "weak reaction" on a test for marijuana.


Job Titles We'd Like To See For Certain Individuals

Counselor For The Developmentally Delayed:
George Bush. We figure at the very least, he'd be able to relate to them at the language level.

Grave Digger:
Dick Cheney. Given it's his (sick and twisted) mission to see to the deaths of millions, we figure he may as well be preparing their final resting place.

Osama Bin Laden. No one else in the western world can seem to find him, dead or alive. Maybe he can find himself.

Maximum Security Prison Guards:
The Schoning's, owners of the local Red Door Properties. Even though they belong in jail given their on-going deplorable treatment of their renters, this will likely not happen given their financial status, so the next best step for them is to work side-by-side each day with the nation's psychopaths.

Kindergarten Teachers:
Members of Government and Corporations. These folks have forgotten the basics like sharing, cleaning up your own messes and apologizing when you've harmed another. Perhaps by returning to the classroom, with the help of their students, they can relearn these very basic traits of good human behavior.

The Elite. It's time they learn what it's like to clean and upkeep their massive complexes. You know that basic kindergarten rule as mentioned above. Clean up after yourself. Uh huh.


No Kissy Kissy For Homosexuals In Seattle

At least at Safeco Field. And in front of uninformed heterosexual parents who would rather hide from their own fears and discomfort rather than explain the realities of life to their children. It's all so unfortunate and quite a silly fear. Kids can handle a lot more than people think. Keep it simple and straightforward. Don't over-react or add in a lot of unnecessary emotion and the child will likely simply shrug and think "oh, ok" and go about his/her business.

I would be more concerned with having my child witness ball players who chew tobacco or get upset over some call and have a fit on the field. And I would think it would be a little more difficult to have to explain the dysfunctional complexities of the class system, which come into play at sporting events. For example, those high class special stadium rooms.

"Mommy, why are there people sitting in that room behind glass? Why are people waiting on them like they do at restaurants?"

"Because they are wealthy, dear."

"What's wealthy, mommy?"

"It means they have a lot of money."

"How do they get the money?"

This is where the difficulty comes in. Mommy must explain that some people work and make a lot and others work and make very little while others inherit their money. The child will likely go on to ask if they can get some of that "money" so that they can sit in the room. Mommy will have to explain that not everyone can work and make that kind of money and not everyone will inherit a large amount of money. She will have to explain how the System works and will likely blow it all off in frustration, claiming "that's just the way things are!" while telling the child to go back to eating his hot dog.

The young child will never fully understand.

Orphaned Uganda Child Working 12 Hour Days Breaking Up Rocks Just To Survive

This story really haunts me. I've been brainstorming ideas to help out in some way. Anyone have any ideas or interested in helping? Perhaps, at the very least, finding some way to send money to him every month?

Stephen Batte works in a quarry under the blazing sun, chipping rocks into gravel with a homemade hammer. It's tiring, boring and dangerous. Stephen is 9 years old, and has been on the rock pile since he was 4.

"Life has always been hard here," he whispers, carefully positioning a sharp rock before striking it with well-practiced accuracy. "But since my mother died, things have been much harder."

Hard to read. Hard to stomach. And he isn't alone.