Ethanol And Your Car: Are The Two Compatible?

Want to know if that Ethanol you're being required to inject into your car (in Oregon that is) is damaging your vehicle? Check out this link to find out if your car is compatible. Many are not, mine included. I'm mad as hell about it and demanding our state officials return to the days when it was a choice or compensate me for another vehicle and a way to retrofit the vehicle so that it is compatible.

I'm surprised more people aren't mad as hell about this as well. Of course if it doesn't impact you, I guess why bother getting all riled up. And yet, this is yet another move by the government to take away OUR CHOICES and FREEDOMS and as such, should upset us all.


Spiritbear said...

My truck runs like shit since the switch to the ethanol blend. Also my gas mileage is worse. Just what we need a blend to make us buy more gas. I am outraged but what can I do

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

We drive an older honda. I spoke with a representative from the Honda Motor Company and was told a few things (which I was told I could quote).

1)Ethanol does not provide the vehicle with the same BTU's as does gasoline. Hence, the car will need more "reving" when starting from a place of idling. (Nice waste of fuel, huh?) This contributes to the lagging and stalling.

2)He insisted our vehicle was manufactured to take a blend of 15% ethanol. We have a fuel injected system and he insists the computer chip was programmed to detect changes in altitude and fuel. That may be true, but my vehicle sure doesn't seem to like this new fuel. And as you said, our fuel mileage is definitely worse.
3)I was told ethanol will not corrode my seals anymore than gasoline as benzene is just as corrosive as ethanol is. He also said the ethanol will not damage my fuel system.

All I know is my experience says ethanol SUCKS. Even this guy I spoke with said he doesn't support it--says it's a waste of resource that should be dedicated to food. I wrote our representative and haven't yeard back yet. I suggest everyone who feels the same write and write again. It should be a CHOICE.

As my husband said, the pebble's just been dropped and we're just starting to notice the ripples.

crallspace said...


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