Democrats and Universal Health Care: A Sign Of What's To Come

Since it appears Obama will be the next appointed, er, elected president, we need to be aware of the consequences of his HELLth insurance plan, which will mandate parents insure their children. While adults won't be required to buy into a plan (as Hillary's plan did), you can bet that eventually, this is the direction we will be heading. Read here for what happens to you in Massachusetts if you refuse to buy a HELLth insurance plan. Government pays a little visit to your wallet.

I say "ROCK ON" to those 5% of folks who simply refused to buy into the private HELLth insurance fiasco. Peaceful non-compliance, baby! While the Republicans want to keep the private HELLth insurance companies alive and viable, their option of HELLth care reform to offer tax incentives to americans to help make HELLth insurance more :::choke, cough cough::: affordable, the Democrats like to shower us with the flowery, feel-good phrase "Universal Health Insurance", which simply means ALL WILL BE COVERED BECAUSE WE SAY SO.

Both parties towing the line of the status quo, keeping the free-for-all market economy going at the expense of all who aren't at the steering wheel.


crallspace said...

I get tired of hearing regular people using the "healthcare" case for supporting Obama.

Kucinich was the only one with a decent idea, but that's a ways off here in the land of ignorance and greed.

Spiritbear said...

In some respects I supported Obama because of health care. That is in the since that though his plan sucks it was not as evil as hillarycare.

Kucinich is the only one who gets it. Obama is just less bad thaen the alternative.

I think Bush's health plan is better than hillarycare

Anonymous said...

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