Lavender: A Distant Relative Of The Cannabis Family?

Actually, the correct term would be the cannabaceae family, which is where over 150 species of plants come from, including cannabis.

I can just see it now. "Lavender: The New Gateway Drug!"

Funny Fudge Made With Lavender, Not Pot.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana University police say brownies a girl gave to dorm workers didn't contain marijuana at all. The leafy substance mixed in was lavender.

IU Police Capt. Jerry Minger said the 13-year-old girl came forward after the case was publicized to let officers know the brownies were safe. The fudge was given to workers at IU's Eigenmann Hall on May 23 and police were called after one of the employees took a bite and noticed a green, leafy substance inside.

The girl gave some of the lavender to police for a field test, and Minger said it registered a "weak reaction" on a test for marijuana.

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