Job Titles We'd Like To See For Certain Individuals

Counselor For The Developmentally Delayed:
George Bush. We figure at the very least, he'd be able to relate to them at the language level.

Grave Digger:
Dick Cheney. Given it's his (sick and twisted) mission to see to the deaths of millions, we figure he may as well be preparing their final resting place.

Osama Bin Laden. No one else in the western world can seem to find him, dead or alive. Maybe he can find himself.

Maximum Security Prison Guards:
The Schoning's, owners of the local Red Door Properties. Even though they belong in jail given their on-going deplorable treatment of their renters, this will likely not happen given their financial status, so the next best step for them is to work side-by-side each day with the nation's psychopaths.

Kindergarten Teachers:
Members of Government and Corporations. These folks have forgotten the basics like sharing, cleaning up your own messes and apologizing when you've harmed another. Perhaps by returning to the classroom, with the help of their students, they can relearn these very basic traits of good human behavior.

The Elite. It's time they learn what it's like to clean and upkeep their massive complexes. You know that basic kindergarten rule as mentioned above. Clean up after yourself. Uh huh.

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