Piglipstick and Nolocontendere - A Tribute

I recently received the news that my friend and long-time fellow blogger, truth seeker and bullshit shiner Nolocontendere, author of the blog piglipstick.blogspot.com, has died.  Mr. P died at his home on August 4th due to complications arising from pneumonia. 

I met Mr. P through my husband and a friendship was thus begun.  He came into my life when I was in full swing of questioning reality.  He was a wealth of information, which he readily shared.  And while his opinions were very strong, his emotions behind them a times almost fierce, he was at his core a peaceful, kind, tender-hearted soul.  A big teddy bear, you could say.  He knew planet earth could be a "paradise".  And he dedicated the remaining years of his much-too-short life pointing out the factors of our world which kept paradise at bay. 

Whether people realize it or not, a beacon of beautiful light has left our planet.  And whether Mr. P realizes it or not, he had a big 'ole influence on our planet.  He entertained and enlightened many a soul.  And for that, I thank him.  And will miss him for it. 

RIP big dude.  Keep on searchin'. 



Comcast - A Customer's Story

The following is my family's current dilemma with Comcast.  I've followed up with 2 e-mails to some of the higher-ups at Comcast.  Whether Comcast will come clean and admit their customer service representative's gross error and honor the original agreement remains to be seen.  My next step is to post my you tube video I created. 

On May 8th, 2012, my spouse contacted Comcast to inquire about high-speed internet (HSI) and phone package deals. We had been using Comcast HSI at a 12 month promotional price of $29.99, which was expiring that month and we were hoping for another good HSI bargain. We already had basic TV (for years) and wanted to keep that as well. He reached the Beaverton, ORE office and spoke with a young man named Jay. Jay said we could get HSI and the unlimited phone package for $45 a month, plus the $7 modem rental. Combined with our basic TV service of $12.61 a month, our total monthly cost for HSI, phone and TV would be $64.61 a month for 12 months, minus of course service fees and taxes. When my husband stated that I had spoken with a CSR named Maria a few days prior and she quoted me a price of $59.99 (plus $7 modem rental) for HSI and phone, Jay said this was our lucky day.

I stood by my husband as he reiterated the amounts and terms of the agreement and Jay concurred what my husband relayed to him.  My husband also wrote everything down on paper as Jay spoke with him.  (We still have that piece of paper.  It will be shown on my you tube video.) 

We received our first bill. Comcast claims we owe $92.76 – significantly higher than what Jay said our monthly bill would be. Going through the bill, I noticed the only discount we received was for the phone. There was NO discount for the HSI, nor was there any package deal of HSI and phone, again all as stated by Jay would be forthcoming.

So my spouse calls Comcast and talks with CSR billing and gets nowhere. He kept wanting to talk about the discrepancy in what Jay said and what Comcast was now telling us.  The CSR kept wanting to only explain the bill.  So he is finally connected with a manager who says the only discount we received and were told by Jay we would be receiving was the phone discount of $15 (which in and of itself was false in that the discount shown on our bill was higher than that - $26.95 so where this $15 he kept quoting comes from is unknown - likely something he was pulling out of thin air to cover his a$$). Utterly false.  So I got on the phone to talk to the manager. He stuck to his story – in spite of my reading off the piece of paper of notes my husband took that day when he spoke to Jay. The manager said, again, the only discount we would be receiving was $15 and nothing for HSI. (I should also note that Comcast is currently offering that same discount as quoted to me by Maria back in May – but this manager said NOTHING about this. Don’t you think he should have to make SOME attempt at remedying the situation?  Don't you think at the very least he should have said "we do have this one HSI and phone promotion...")  I even went so far as to ask if they record their phone calls, including the one my husband had with Jay.  They do, I was told by the manager.  So I told him to find that taped phone call and listen to it. 

Think he will?

I doubt it.  This manager was truly a bum - a poor poor example of a CSR manager. 

I finally hung up, realizing I was going to get nowhere with this manager. This CS experience was horrible. At the very least, Jay gave us misinformation. At the worst, he mislead us, which is completely deceptive. And either way, as I told the manager today, this is Comcast’s problem to deal with, not ours.

I expect them to make good on the original agreement we had with Jay.

UPDATE:  Spoke with a woman in "Executive Relations" who did what the original manager should have done:  listened to the phone call of May 8th.  "You were right," she said.  We are receiving the original package as offered and agreed upon.  There is some justice afterall in the mega-corporate environment. 


The Perfect Mother

So, to begin with, WTH Google??  Changing things again??  I don't have time to learn much less read these days.  I'm not interested in change.  I'm interested in CONSISTENCY.  I'm lucky to get a few moments to write the occasional post (by occasional I mean 1/x every 3 months). 

Back to my original subject.  The Perfect Mother.  She exists.  It isn't a myth.  The one I hate to hate because she's so darn nice.  But hate her, nonetheless I do.  She has boundless energy.  I see her riding her bike several times a day, all decked out in her professional bike riding attire.  Where the hell does she have this energy, especially at 7pm at night?  By 7:30pm, I'm lying in the chair in a half-comatose state, my little one snuggled up onto my lap.  And who is watching her children during these rides?  She obviously has help and plenty of it, whenever she wants.  That reason alone is enough for me to resent her.  My one activity that I love more than anything, playing the piano, is something I get to do maybe 2-3 times a MONTH - certainly not EVERY DAY. 

I see her play with her children throughout the day.  I never hear her yell, even when one of her children happen to run out into the street.  All I ever hear is positive praise.  Good job this, good job that. Come to MY house and you'll watch this over-worked, overly-exhausted mama, hair half up, half down, likely broccoli and spinach in my teeth along w/bad breath because I haven't had time in months to really give my teeth a good brushing.  In between the occasional comments of praise you will hear "don't touch that...no leave that alone...come here yes you i said COME HERE put that down before you hurt yourself no we don't touch that".  I NEVER hear those words come out of this mom's mouth.  Another reason I hate her. 

Who is cooking the meals and cleaning the house during all of this excessive outside playtime, I think.  And the house.  Oh, the house.  I walk by and peek inside.  Nary a toy do I see.  The yard, no toys either.  The lawn, PERFECTLY manicured.  Flowers?  All in tact and watered.  Come to MY house and you'll see buckets, little shovels and rakes, turned over pots and a massive smattering of dandelions in our always-needing-to-be-mowed lawn, and the plants sitting there many of whom beg for water in their droopy state.  My poor plants, many of whom are half-picked because I have a curious toddler who thinks all things with a pretty petal must be picked. 

And there's the nice factor.  She always waves, always stops to chat, always with a smile on her face.  UGH!  DOESN'T SHE EVER LOOK TIRED?  ISN'T SHE EVER BITCHY?  When I'm having a mama day, I don't always wave.  Chatting isn't something I want to do - unless it involves a shoulder to cry on, some good pastries and a babysitter.  And smiles?  Forget about it!

I would continue but I'm having a mama day.  So before I put my foot in my mouth even further, I shall close up.


Bullshit Detector on this Easter Sunday

Ok, so now that I'm a parent, I have to admit I'm now celebrating Easter with my little one in the fact that we hid little plastic eggs filled with chocolates around the yard today for her to search for, collect and enjoy.  That was, of course, adorable and entertaining to watch.  However, beyond that, the celebration ends. 

I think of George Carlin on this day who did a hilarious routine about things he said were obviously "bullshit".  Religion was one of his favorites to go after.  It went something like this...(please forgive as I hack it up w/my own opinions and sarcasm)

"Ok, so you have these folks (the believers) who think there's some Man in the Clouds.  And this Man only talks to them.  However, to the rest of the world (who are referred to as the non-believers), he pleads the 5th.  This Man, some 2000 years ago, sent Himself to Earth in human form and called Himself Jesus.  This was done, you see, to free the people from their sins because they were being so wretched and ornary.  The Man in the Clouds also did this to grant the believers eternal life in Heaven with Him, in so long as they do some things for Him.  Some of these things include:

Following commandments such as not having sex with your neighbors wife or husband, not stealing or lying.  Basically, be a good person.  That should be enough to get this eternal life in Heavenly Paradise, but the Man in the Clouds doesn't think so.  He thinks he should also be Worshipped on top of being Obeyed.  [Makes you think the Man in the Clouds has some insecurity issues, huh?]  If one refuses or simply isn't able to do such a thing, they are cast into Hell/Lake of Hell Fire for eternity. 

Take your pick.  It all sounds like a horrible, awful place. 

Now, ask the believers why the Man in the Clouds would do such a thing to a Soul, a Being He so, supposedly, carefully and lovingly created.  Why, because HE LOVES YOU.  Yes, HE LOVES YOU so much, that if you don't satisify his insecure, ego-centric need for unconditional loving attention [sorta sounds like toddler behavior to me], the Man in the Clouds will abandon you forever and send you straight to hell.

If that isn't enough to sound the Bullshit Detector folks, I don't know what is."

Happy Easter/Bunny/Chocolate/Candy/Ham Day to you all - believers and non-believers alike.  We may not unite on things such as Religion, but I think we can all admit to liking a good slice of ham and some chocolate.