Piglipstick and Nolocontendere - A Tribute

I recently received the news that my friend and long-time fellow blogger, truth seeker and bullshit shiner Nolocontendere, author of the blog piglipstick.blogspot.com, has died.  Mr. P died at his home on August 4th due to complications arising from pneumonia. 

I met Mr. P through my husband and a friendship was thus begun.  He came into my life when I was in full swing of questioning reality.  He was a wealth of information, which he readily shared.  And while his opinions were very strong, his emotions behind them a times almost fierce, he was at his core a peaceful, kind, tender-hearted soul.  A big teddy bear, you could say.  He knew planet earth could be a "paradise".  And he dedicated the remaining years of his much-too-short life pointing out the factors of our world which kept paradise at bay. 

Whether people realize it or not, a beacon of beautiful light has left our planet.  And whether Mr. P realizes it or not, he had a big 'ole influence on our planet.  He entertained and enlightened many a soul.  And for that, I thank him.  And will miss him for it. 

RIP big dude.  Keep on searchin'.