Abusive People On The Blogosphere

Blogging gives us a false sense of security. We tend to think we're safe behind our keyboard and computer screen. It's easy to abuse and be abused by others with words left on our posts and comment sections. I know at times I've had to use the delete and backspace key to change words that are otherwise nasty or less than what I would normally use when face-to-face with another.

That being said, I've had my first experience of someone posting anonymously on this blog and another of mine, accusing me of things and when I ask for more information, none is forthcoming. What follows is more little game playing, accusations and insults. Without going into detail, other than to say I am confident this person was once pulling the same little game on a fellow blogger whom I know personally (as in know in "real" life), it's caused me to think about some things. For one, I won't be feeding into this person's need for attention. All further comments will be deleted. And yet, I also want to say "fuck it" to taking the higher ground of practicing respect, treating others the way I'd want to be treated. I've taken a lot of verbal abuse throughout my life, most of the time silently. Either that or I try and come across as feeling ok about the experience, trying to deal with the situation from a place of respect.

Today's a new day though and for once, I'm gonna unleash without censoring myself. To this particular individual and to all others who think the internet gives them some sense of security in terms of abusing others, you're a sick fucker. Who in the fuck do you think you are? Does it make you feel superior, does it give you a rush to attack and abuse another person? Does it give you a sense of sick delight to manipulate another person, to draw them in to your obsessive need for attention, whether it's negative or positive?

I don't care what your mommy or your daddy did or didn't do for or to you as a child. I don't care if you were brutalized or ignored as a child. I don't care if someone came along and stole your puppy or your sweetheart or your favorite toy. I don't care of the kids taunted you at every chance possible. Nothing ever will give you the justified reason to abuse or harm another person without cause.

If I had the power, I'd put you all on a boat to nowhere so you could abuse each other and live in your own little delusional prison. Until then, do what the rest of us do. Acknowledge the crap that you were handed that caused your pain and work your ass off to heal from it and better yourself so that you don't repeat the cycle. Own up to your shit. You owe it to yourself.


Ralph Nader: An Unreasonable Man

Watching this documentary, I was able to see again one of my favorite quotes, a quote I used to attach to my e-mails years ago. "The reasonable person adapts themself to the world; the unreasonable person persists in trying to adapt the world to them. Therefore, all progress is dependent upon the unreasonable person." George Bernard Shaw, 1903. That's a good quote to remember when I'm being told how unreasonable I am.

As I posted a couple of days ago, Ralph Nader is making another run this year for president. He really is the only one running who truly would represent the people, you and I. It's something he's done for close to 50 years. Without making himself a multi millionaire. Without Corporate backing. Here are just some of the things in which we have to thank Ralph.

1) We have him to thank for the seatbelts in our cars.
2) We have him to thank for the air bags in our cars.
3) We have him to thank for the labeling on our prescription bottles.
4) We have him to thank for some of the labeling on our food.
5) We have him to thank for making our air cleaner and our food safer.

And did you know, that since 1978, no new nuclear power plants have been constructed here in the U.S.? Guess who we have to thank for that one. Yep. Ralph Nader.

This post isn't just my own personal endorsement of the man. It's also to talk about the documentary and how fascinating it was to watch him in action over the years, taking on Big Business and reprimanding the government during congressional hearings, keeping them accountable. Ralph Nader is the citizen crusader of this country and he certainly hasn't been in it for the money. It's his life work. It's his passion. He lives and breathes what he does. He really cares about the safety of the american people and he's equally as passionate in pursuing justice when he sees injustice. And of course, he's a strong supporter of democracy and a government that represents the people. He says he was outraged by the corporate culture he saw in government that began during the 1970's and yet, as he remarked, compared to today's environment, what we saw during the 70's was benign.

It was disheartening to see his support drop during his 2004 run and how unfairly attacked he was by progressives and Democrats. Even Michael Moore, who back in 2000 was a big Nader supporter and was encouraging people to vote with their conscience, vote with their heart, to stop the trend of "voting for the lesser of two evils" (which Ralph humorously points out "what you have left is still evil"). And yet in 2004, Moore had changed his tune, even going so far as to encourage people NOT to vote for who makes them feel good, saying a few moments of feeling good can lead to years of terrible consequences. Geesh! Talk about jumping ship.

People were so desperate to keep Bush out of office for another 4 years, they saw Ralph, again, as a Spoiler. Some went so far as to call him selfish for running, claiming he was all about ego (as though none of the other presidential candidates has ever not had his--or her--ego front and center). While everyone has a right to their opinion, I would put that one in the "absolutely false" category. He ran because he sees the corruption in both parties. He sees the corporate control in the halls of government. He sees how a vote for a Democrat or a Republican, while it may result in some typically minor differences in policy, is still, overall, a vote for Big Business. How can that possibly be good for America, for you and I? It can't. It never can be. It never will be.

He wasn't a spoiler. What he did was stir up people who generally don't vote. He didn't take votes away. He brought the apathetic non-voter into the scene, thus brought in new votes.

Watching this movie left me with a couple of my own quotes that I will end with.

1) An apathetic citizenry is a killer of democracy.

2) For to lose the ability to be outraged by acts of injustice is to ensure more acts of injustice.

H.R. 1638

This important piece of legislation helps those affected by the attacks on 9/11, including the rescue workers and people who lived and worked in the area at the time. It provides services to these folks who have been dealing with a variety of ailments, including respiratory sickness and post traumatic stress. As shown in Sicko, our rescue workers are still dealing with on-going health issues that our government refuses to acknowledge let alone offer $$ assistance. If that doesn't speak volumes as to the blatant lack of appreciation and respect our government continues to show its citizens, especially those who do the dirty work, I don't know what does.

Only a handful of representatives have signed on, most of them from the New York/New Jersey area. Ridiculous. This bill was introduced a year ago and has sat silent since April, 2007 (!!). I am disgusted that I never heard it mention on the MSM. I am also appalled that every single representative has not signed this bill and gotten it passed already so these folks can get the help they need and deserve. Please contact your representative and demand they endorse this bill. If you do not know or aren't sure who your representative is, click on this link.


New Uses For RFID Chips

No. They won't be used to insert during rectal exams of our elected leaders, although that isn't a bad idea. Give us a powerful taser along with the ability to track them. When they go against our wishes, we find out where they are and give 'em a zap in the ass.

Ok. Enough fantasyland amusement. Today whilst at the store, I paid for my purchases with my debit card. Or shall I say I tried. The machine showed the "card error" message, so I handed the card to the clerk and asked her to hand enter it. That didn't work either, so I ended up writing a check. Funny, how I found this to be an inconvenience given just 5 years ago or so, writing a check was the norm. Interesting how we adapt and get used to things.

However, these RFID chips aren't anything I plan on or wish to get used to.

After my purchase, I stopped by my bank and asked them to check on my account. All was good. What was needed was a new debit card. As my order was being placed I was asked if I wanted one of the new "Tap and Go" cards.

"The what huh?" I asked, confused.

"Tap and Go," the bank clerk said, smiling.

"I have no idea what that is," I said, still looking confused.

Well turns out it's just as it sounds. Instead of scanning, you tap your card. How weird, I thought. Hmmm.... Somewhere from within, a light turned on.

"What enables the card to be read with just a tap?" I asked, already pretty confident I knew the answer.

"Oh, one of those radio chips," said the clerk.

"RFID?" I said, rather loudly. "NO WAY, no thank you. No frigging way will I be tracked with those things! I will stick with the old style!"

Need I mention almost every head in the bank turned my way as I made this announcement.

"I understand," the clerk said, smiling, before saying, rather quietly, she, too found the RFID chips disturbing.

A ha. A sheeple who is awakening, I thought.

So I went on to tell her something I heard on a radio talk show last night, something I also want to pass along to my readers, in case none of you have yet heard. Plans are underway by one of the big makers of the RFID Chips (maybe it's Tyco?) to start putting chips into shoes and clothing--that will be hidden within the fibers--and without our knowledge. Groups are currently lobbying congress. Not to stop the process, but to require manufacturers to label the clothing as carrying an RFID chip.

If that isn't disturbing enough, these new chips will be able to monitor us from, get this, a distance of only TWENTY FEET.

Well, the bank clerk was stunned. "Rather disturbing, huh?" I asked.

"Yes, it is," she said, shaking her head.

I was under the impression RFID chips are already in many of our products without our knowledge, only we can visibly see them. At least that's what I assume Mr. Nina and I tear out, destroy and throw away. However, to have them embedded. Hidden. Without our knowledge.

So there you have it. Clothing of the future will be tagged and there's a good chance we won't know it. And the new ATM cards called "TAP AND GO" are now available and being passed out to customers. At least with the card you have a choice. For now.


News of the Day: From Food Rationing to Solar Activity to Coming Econonmic Crisis

As I first read on Nolo's blog, Solar Activity has been quiet lately, which has scientists wondering if we're headed for a serious cooling trend while once again, claiming the biggest controller of climate change is the sun. Who knows. I'm on the fence with this issue. You'll want to read the comment section as well for continued discussion. This article also contemplates the same thing.

Then there was the recent warning from the UN about possible food rations for the middle class.

And if that isn't enough, if you're able to stomach more (my mind's spinning at this point), here's an interesting piece that predicts the heart of our economic crumbling will be visible come September 2008.

Another Study Showing The Ineffectiveness Of Anti-Depressants

As first read on this fellow Corvallis blogger's website. Irvin Kirsch, University of Hull, lead the study. Here's what he and his researchers concluded.

"Washington--The researchers found that compared with placebo, these new-generation antidepressant medications did not yield clinically significant improvements in depression in patients who initially had moderate or even very severe depression. The study found that significant benefits occurred only in the most severely depressed patients. Although patients get better when they take antidepressants, they also get better when they take a placebo, and the difference in improvement is not very great. This means that depressed people can improve without chemical treatments, Kirsch said in a statement."

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Not surprising.

We're being sold, essentially, love in a pill, for that is what we are really in need of. When our needs aren't being met, the mind and body become stressed. The result is illness, or a body that becomes out of balance. Our needs are universal. Physically we need safe shelter, healthy food and water, clothing. Emotionally and mentally we need connections with one another. We need to be respected, heard, cared about and for. We need activity that supports the mind and body.

We have a system in place that tells us to fear one another, to put our faith, respect and trust in government, business/employers, doctors, the church, our teachers or whoever the System says is the authority figure. And yet is any of that trust, respect and faith returned to us in kind, in the way we are told (often demanded) to give it? Hardly.

We're taught that hard work and long hours (which in today's world means you're working like a slave for someone else who is in turn becoming rich off of your labor) is something to be proud of, to be honored. We're taught to keep quiet if any thought, belief or action goes contrary to the individualistic ways of America.

We've been so brutally and methodically lied to, for so long, it is no surprise we're suffering. The answer to what ails us does not come in a pill. While I realize for some medication is necessary, if we were to truly change how we think and live, believe and act/interact, we wouldn't need so many of these damn pills. In fact, if we were to get clear on what our needs are, individually and collectively, and work together to achieve these needs, we would likely put a lot of pharmaceutical companies (and likely even some health care professionals) out of business. But that's ok. We would help these folks create something new for themselves. Needs are needs, as as hard as this pill is to swallow, (no pun intended), we are all equally worthy and deserving of having those needs meet.

We were not meant to get sick in the way we do, with the frequency in which we do. The body is such a miraculous entity. It isn't just a machine. It's our vehicle for everything we are. And not only do we need to treat it better, we also need to treat our heart, our feelings/emotions with the same amount of care. We cannot do this on our own either. We need to do it together. And if the System won't go along, we need to create our own System that has as its core agenda the goal of ensuring the needs of those it is serving are met, with respect and without fail.


Monday (Political) Musings

I saw on the news last night that Nader's made the official announcement to run for President. At least I now have someone who will be officially on the ballot here in Oregon (I can only hope) who I can vote for in good conscience. Nader, that unreasonable, always-pushing-the-status-quo-envelope candidate is, if anything, a likable guy. Who can dislike a man in a $25 tweed blazer? What will most likely happen though is the following. The Republicans will essentially ignore him and the Democrats will try and encourage Nader supporters to change teams to keep the Republicans from taking office in 2008. A logical argument. And yet, aren't we tired of playing that game? And are we not yet aware that a vote for Hillary or Obama is a vote for the status quo and essentially, more of the same? Take a looksie and see who is backing Hillary and Obama.

I was reminded yesterday, after reading the paper, why, in part, I have become disgruntled with the election process, or at the very least, with the mindset of some if not many Americans. The Gazette Times had an editorial whereby the author stated that out of all of the candidates, she favored the ideas of Kucinich. Not surprising since polls conducted online have garnered the same results, especially amongst registered Democrats. However, she then fell asleep, as do so many others, when she said she would not vote for him because she didn't find him electable. She even went so far as to compare him to Charlie Brown. (This woman has a job writing for a newspaper???)

Sigh. I digress... She has obviously been glued to the MSM outlets and has not taken the time to actually research Kucinich and his political record. If she had, she would see he is very much a powerful man and has a history of taking on Big Business, his status-quo colleagues and issues most candidates shy away from, like impeachment, universal health care, the disasters of NAFTO and the WTO. A wimp like Charlie Brown? Hardly. My question for her and all others who think along the lines as she does is: "If you like the ideas, why not support the candidate behind the ideas?" No more "well he/she isn't electable" or "the polls show this". Enough. Vote for who you want, end of story. If we all did that, we could really have a new movement afoot. Until then, expect the same 'ole same 'ole.

MoveOn sent me an e-mail this morning griping about the attacks coming from the Republican party. As though that's headline, shocking news. Wow. A Republican is attacking a Democrat. Wow. A Democrat is attacking a Republican. It's all smoke and mirrors, designed to keep us glued to petty cat fights while ignoring the real issues.

Consider me the new MSM. Vote for who you want. Vote for who you want. Vote for who YOU want. Vote for WHO YOU WANT. Until I learn subliminal conditioning, you will have to settle for all caps and bold.


Sicko, Indeed!

We finally got around to watching "Sicko" last night. Sick, indeed, on so many levels.

This isn't just about health insurance affordability. It's about basic human decency. And for that, Corporate America gets a big red "F" on their gluttonous fat asses. And a big "F" factor for all those persons, private and public, who support this gross exploitation.

I won't go into the intricate details of the movie, since we are likely one of the last folks on the planet to watch this flick (and just in time for tonight's Academy Awards, where "Sicko" is up for best documentary). And I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know. But still, it moved me. Deeply. As such, I'll share some things that most touched me.

I like how Mike was able to find a Canadian, a member of the Conservative Party no less, who fully supports Canada's Health Care System. His opinion was one of universal collectivism. We are to take care of one another, he opined with absolute certainty. Those with help out those without, bring us along together, equally. Basic human decency, right there, coming from someone who is otherwise quite conservative in his political views. Proving, of course, that human decency, that the concept of "we're all in the same boat" can indeed run through all party politic lines.

Also of interest to me was the discussion with an older gentleman from G. Britain about government/system manipulation, how a populace is harder to govern when they are educated, healthy and confident. However, through a variety means, make that populace demoralized and frightened and you have puppets willing to trust you with their strings. As one former American citizen now living in France said, "The problem is, the people of America are afraid of their government. Here in France, the government is afraid of the people." (a la V's character in V for Vendetta) While I have a hard time imagining any of today's major government bodies being afraid of their citizens, she did make a point in that over in France, people protest in mass quantities, unlike the protests here in the states, which are typically small and short-lived.

And who can forget the stories of the people. The mother whose baby girl died because she didn't take her to an insurance-approved hospital, and rather than treat the girl anyway, who was in urgent need of medical attention due to her 104 degree temperature, the hospital forcefully removed the mother and her daughter. Shortly after they arrived at the "approved" hospital, the mother's daughter died. The husband who had kidney cancer and who, upon finding his brother was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant, was denied coverage by the insurance company and died 3 weeks later. The women who had cancer and died for the same reason. And the most disturbing of all, if such a thing were even possible, were the stories of former insurance company employees, showing obvious signs of regret and sadness over how many people they denied coverage, simply due to greed. The cake topper for me was the physician testifying before congress back in the mid 1990's, sharing how the more she denied medical treatment to patient's (some of whom died, how many she wasn't even sure of), the more bonuses the insurance companies provided. I recall seeing this same doctor on Oprah last year, how her story was being challenged by an insurance industry spokeswoman, claiming "that doesn't happen anymore", to which the doctor immediately stated "That is a lie. I witness it happening regularly."

Aside from the profound level of sadness and utterly lack of ability to wrap my mind around such behavior, I could only wonder why these "insurance" folks playing russian roulette with their customers aren't in jail for, at the very least, manslaughter?

From where did this HMO scam originate? We have Richard Nixon to thank for that one. Thanks to old audio recordings, the viewer was privy to hearing Dick state his enthusiastic approval for a new health insurance plan that would provide less care while providing more money for insurance companies. It's indeed a brilliant plan. If you're a psychopath.

With the exception of Cuba, in countries where Universal Coverage is the norm, they enjoy healthier and longer lifestyles than we do here in the States, not to mention they receive better health care. For being how America advertises itself around the world as being number one, being the model for all in terms of liberty, freedom, democrary and happiness, our health care system sucks. It's fixable of course, but until the people and government officials remove the stranglehold the criminal insurance companies have over the entire system, people will still suffer and die unnecessarily because some sleezy numbers cruncher can only see dollar signs instead of a human being.

For all the hysterical, unfounded cries of "socialism" and "socialized medicine", we need to realize we already have in place socialistic services. Public schools, libraries, fire, police. Can you imagine the reaction if any or all of these services suddenly fell into the hands of private business? It would turn into a situation where only the wealthy could afford to send their kids to school, check out books and have that fire put out or criminal arrested.

Things certainly don't have to be this way, of course. It's all a choice. Privitization is indeed a good thing and can be beneficial to a society, if only some basic tenets are followed. For starters human worth, decency and respect is never compromised for profit. Sadly, that's not what we have today and as such, the large private operations of anything dealing with basic human needs and those that run them simply cannot be trusted nor can their strange bedfellows, the government. They have lost the right to our trust and our respect. They are the criminals and we are their victims. And as such, it is time to stop being afraid, stop being demoralized, and remember who we really are and what this country really stands for. They can join us or we can send them off to sail on their own damn boat. For in reality we don't need them as long as we have each other. That's perhaps the biggest secret of all.


America Has Too Many Stores

No shit.

I look around our town and only sigh. Land being slaughtered so that the newest strip mall can be put in. Give me another coffee shop. Give me another high-end boutique. I can't get enough of expensive java and $200 pair of designer, made-in-China jeans!! MORE MORE MORE I simply must have MORE!!!

We visit the local Vina Moses center now and then. It's a wonderful place, a small thrift-store where items are donated and are free for the taking to low income individuals and families. I try and make up for what we take by donating items when I can. Next door, due east, is the latest strip mall hell being put in. And hell, it is. The sounds of jackhammers fill Vina Moses with the shakings of an earthquake. As one of the volunteers told me, this daily, on-going sound, which has been going on for months, has interrupted her ability to sleep. After 30 minutes of it, I'm ready to get out. It's traumatizing for the body.

All I can think of is what a damn waste. What an utter, sad waste of resources. Why does the City of Corvallis continue to allow this raping of our land while there are already empty retail spaces littered throughout the city? I don't get it. The Strip Mall on Circle and Highland sits mostly empty, having been built over a year ago. And need I even mention the former Cannery Mall, which, remodeled years ago still has empty spaces available?

It only makes sense to me that if there is empty retail space with no plans to lease, certainly space that has set empty for 6 months or more, that no new retail buildings will be constructed.

Why not use that land in a way that would truly benefit our community? Create a Community Center. Build a shelter to house the huge ferral cat population and provide free or low-cost spade and neutering. Construct a shelter for the homeless. More community gardens. Or here's a bright idea: LEAVE THE LAND BE and let the wild and plant life have it.

I realize my ideas don't generate much in the way of profit. But I know that it is ideas such as mine that are truly needed, certainly above and beyond the desire for name brand shoes and that $5 cup of joe.

Good Luck Buying A Home

If you're thinking about taking out a mortgage in one of the following areas, good luck. Not so good credit? Forget about it. And yet even with good credit, due to stricter underwriting guidelines, taking out that mortgage is looking pretty dismal.

Arizona: Entire State.
California: Entire State.
Florida: Entire State.
Nevada: Entire State.
Colorado: Denver-Aurora, Greeley
DC/MD/VA/WV: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria;
Baltimore-Townsen, MD; Bethesda-Frederick-Gaithersburg, MD;
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-W.VA
Georgia: Atlanda-Sandy Springs-Mariette
Hawaii: Honolulu
Idaho: Coeur d'Alene
Illinois: Chicago
Massachusetts: Boston-Worcester-Barnstable Town
Michigan: Detroit-Dearborn-Livonia
Minnesota/Wisconsin: Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington
New Jersey: Atlantic City-Hammonton; Edison-New Brunswick;
Newark-Union; Ocean City
New York/New Jersey: Nassau-Suffolk; New York-White Plains-Wayne;
Virginia: Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News-Winchester
Oregon: Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton
Washington: Tacoma

If my calculations are correct, that is 21 states and their respective major metropolitan areas. A trend which is likely to spread to their more rural counterparts as well as to other states. Any system that is not supportive of human needs and seeks to grossly profit from it to boot is doomed to fail. To read the entire article, check out this link.


Political Blatherings

All in one day thus far...and it isn't even noon yet.

For starters, while eating breakfast, I watched Rachael Ray on The View. She was talking about her charity for kids, which encourages healthy eating habits and gives scholarships to kids wanting a career in the culinary arts. A good program for certain. And then the talk turned to politics and how, or so she claims, so many people, or "everyone" as she said, was so excited over this election year.

All I could think of what do we have to really get excited about? Well, other than this will put an end to having to see Bush and Co. on our television's, but really, is there going to be real change? Or will there simply be, if a Democrat is appointed, er elected, maybe a bit more funding for education (and since when has additional money for our schools ever been shown to improve things?), social programs and continued "talk" about renewable energy sources with nothing really big in the way of investment and creation? Will there simply be continued discussion about our health care crisis and the end result will be pitiful attempts to make it more "affordable", leaving the health insurance companies unregulated while still leaving out millions? Will there simply be more blatherings about ending poverty while higher education costs are allowed to continue to skyrocket and living wage jobs continue to be merely a dream of the past, while housing, energy and food costs continue to climb astronomically? And then there's war, terrorism. Will we simply have more of the same, nation invading and pre-emptive attacks, all based on propaganda?

I understand the desperation for something new. I feel that desperation every single flipping moment of every day. But I'm also not so blind as to see what the people really want IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as long as we continue to have a government run by big business and special interests. As long as we continue to have a two-party system. As long as we have a media that is heavily controlled, where the news of the day is not what we necessarily want to see but instead what Uncle Sam and their bedfellows want us to see. As long as NAFTA and the WTO are left as is. As long as we continue to hold firm to rugged individualism and the belief that we're the greatest nation on the planet (which only serves to divide us from other nations). So many things I could list...

Now there's this thing called "Obama Mania". He is appealing. It would be nice to look at a president and not want to smirk, roll your eyes or puke. And yet, is he authentic? I don't believe so. No one makes that quick of a rise in today's political scene unless they have very powerful (and therefore, usually corrupt) people behind the scenes making it, allowing it, to be so. Do some research and find out who is in his camp. You may be surprised and like me, given cause for some "hhmmm" thinking. Not that Hillary is any better. Quite the opposite. For starters, the number of people who died/committed "suicide" during the years of her husband's reign speaks volumes. Again, research it.

Perhaps I'm just jaded. And yet how does one become jaded? By having faith in someone, something only to find out you were being lied to, manipulated, mislead. For how many times have we as a people put our faith into a political leader only to be lead astray? Seems to happen every 4 years, doesn't it?


Moments: Children Playing, Tough Guys Driving, Bee Gees Singing

While walking the pooch, I had one of those moments where I was fully in the present, absorbing the picture in front of me, feeling it all. There's a small private school nearby and on non-rainy days, the children can often be seen playing outside. Today I saw 4 children swinging joyfully and lazily on a tire swing. One was a hispanic girl, one a girl of middle east descent, one a caucasian boy and the other an african american boy. Four different races, both genders, getting along just fine, sharing a swing, all working together to keep that tire moving. It was just another reminder of who we are as children and what we tend to toss aside as we enter adulthood. It was a metaphor for our potential. A reminder of who we all really are, when you remove all of the stories we've been told about how things really are, who we really should be, think, believe.

As I walked home, I observed some of the cars passing by. One car came up from behind, thumping bass that I could feel through my body. That sort of frequency is something I'm quite sensitive to and normally I react, yell "turn that down" or something like that. Instead, I just observed. I observed the driver, a young male, likely in his late teens to early 20's. He had on his "I'm The Tough One" mask. That look that says "ain't NO ONE messin' with ME". I didn't stop there though. I imagined him as a young boy, facing some of life's difficulties for the first time, and in doing so, I could feel his vulnerability. I could see it. I could hear the messages he received about making it in the world, how to be as a male, how it's better to be tough, better to have some 'tude. It was an amazing experience and I had to fight back the urge to chase after his car and ask if I could give him a hug.

Later on, while driving around to complete some errands, I heard "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees on the radio. Now I know some believe the Bee Gee's are pansies who write foo-foo type fluff music. However, as I've grown older and especially as I've studied music and begun the journey of writing my own compositions 10 plus years ago, I've come to the belief that these guys are brilliant songwriters, both lyrically and melodically. I've loved to jam out to their disco tunes throughout my life and yet I haven't always paid attention to the lyrics to some of their songs, this one in particular. Today is the first time I've really listened to the lyrics of this particular song. I got the message. I didn't just sing the words, I understood. I felt. "Cause we're livin' in a world of fools, breakin' us down, when they all should let us be. We belong to you and me." Stunningly beautiful words. Living in a world of fools, breaking us down. Those fools, those who set our cultural, societal values, those who run the System, run our churches, our schools, our governments, our big businesses. Their words, opinions, expectations, demands--breaking us down from who we really are. When in a world of love they would let us be. And we would remember that we don't belong to their silly rules. We belong to ONE ANOTHER.

"Give Me Your Poor, Your Tired"

Lady Liberty once had that beautiful sentiment associated with her. America once was a place where people flocked to to escape religious persecution, to create a better life, to live freely. Now all of that is systematically being destroyed with a System run by people who have completely forgotten what love is and as a result, that has created a culture, through laws, policies and brow-beating messages at every corner the energy and actions of greed and resulting neglect, whereby as a nation we no longer embrace the suffering or the poor. Sure, we may welcome you in, but we'll essentially ignore you just as we do our own suffering and poor. While we may hand out government welfare checks and assistance, which only serve to keep people barely fed and barely housed (if you are lucky enough to move to the front of an enormously long line typically lasting for several years on the waiting list for housing vouchers, if not it's a shelter, again if you're lucky, or a cardboard box, under a bridge or park bench, although those are quickly becoming illegal places of residence in many cities), we give the real attention and welfare to big banks and corporations, who may find themselves in financial ruin only to have debts wiped free and clear while massive tax handouts (that would be the dollars from you and I) are deposited.

Whoever claims 'welfare is for the poor is big problem' needs to broaden their definition of "welfare". Welfare is government assistance. And Big Business receives billions each and every year in tax breaks and bail-outs, regardless if financial ruin is in the picture or not. And need I mention that government assistance for Big Business continues to see an increase ($$) while government assistance for the poor sees decreases each year.

That phrase, "Give Me Your Poor, Your Tired" has been on my mind and in my heart lately. My dad gives out cash for the holidays. It's a tradition with him. On his check this past holiday was a picture of Lady Liberty with that phrase. It bothered me. Bothered me deeply for this sentiment cannot be farther from the truth in terms of my father's value system. I was raised to believe the poor were a lazy rabble, unworthy, dirty. Deserving of everything they experienced and lived. And at the very least, if you were poor and American, something was seriously inept in your being.

Quite a horrific set of beliefs, isn't it? It took me living such a lifestyle to open my eyes and thus my mind and heart and realize to be "poor" hasn't a darn thing to do with worth, nor does it necessarily correlate with filth (those who don't care for themselves are unable to do so either because of lack of resources or apathy and depression which often goes along with living in poverty) or lack of motivation (see the preceding comment in parentheses).

Unexpected things happen that can land any one of us in such a situation--loss of job, illness, loss of insurance, war, natural disaster, or the most discouraging of all: the affordability factor--today's wages that don't come close to keeping up with the cost of living. The list is long. And it's the ultimate act of cruelty to point the finger of blame at someone facing such a situation. That has been a hard pill for me to swallow, but swallow I did.

We need one another, in good times and in bad. We have a responsibility for our own happiness and a responsibility to help those around us, the poor, the tired. It's not an individual road we walk. It's a collective one. That's what love is, in a nutshell.

Now That I Got That Out Of The Way...

...here's a recent example of hypocrisy a dear friend encountered, an example which I just had to share. I realize we all have moments of hypocrisy, but this one takes the cake. It's so distressing because it impacts (negatively) hard working folks.

My friend works for a particular employer who, like so many, pays her a terribly low wage and offers no benefits. But meanwhile, he's getting quite wealthy off of his workers, who perform 90% of the work while he's off on vacation, getting his weekly massages, flitting around in his massive McMansion. He's on the fast track to becoming a multi-millionaire, due to his employees and his thirst for greed. Share this wealthy with those actually doing most of the work? Unthinkable.

Last week, my friend and her boss were having a conversation about this and that. Reading material came up. And much to my friend's surprise, her employer highly recommended Carlos Castanada's material.

Now for those unfamiliar with his work, you won't see the extreme hypocrisy in this statement. Carlos is what you could call a "New Age Spirituality" author. He speaks of the enlightened mind and heart. Of love for self and all.

Getting the connection here? Or shall I say, the disconnect?

Here we have an employer who is reading material about enlightment and all that this entails while he continues to treat his employees like cattle, like slaves, and doesn't pay them a living, fair wage all the while leaving them on their own to try and conjure up some sort of health insurance.

Some day, some person will call him on his shit. I would like to be there. I would insist he wear a sign that reads: "I Am A Hypocrite. Ask Me Why." I'd probably also insist he pay me half a million for my creation so that I could divide it up amongst his employees who ensured his vast wealth.

Will People Ever Really Wake Up To Love?

I deleted a comment today because of some disrespectful language. Even though I disagreed with this poster, I would have been ok with the commentary had he/she not resorted to such statements as "liberals are so full of hate" and how people on welfare "don't deserve it".

I believe deeply in the power of love and how it is the key to what ails us as a person, as a citizenry. I've been criticized for such an opinion, down to the point of being mistreated with hateful language. I made the decision awhile back that no longer will abusive, violent or hateful comments be thrown at me and expect to receive commentary. If posted here, they will be deleted. I'm interested in engaging in respectful conversation.

Love is the answer. It's a hard one to grasp and live out, but it is what drives us to seek peace. One day, either while living here on earth or in the after life, people will see that. And such folks will wish they had listened more to us "liberals" (and I am not referring to liberal politicians, for most aren't truly liberal). For to be "liberal" is to be open in the mind and heart, to be tolerant and generous, to have the compassion for the suffering, to see the worth in all. Actually, I would remove the "liberal" label and simply insert "loving".


War, Poverty, Primaries, Wages, Etc. Etc. Etc.

I thought I'd make it easy by summing up what's going on today.

War: Still being waged. Millions dead/dying/injured. No end in sight. Blah blah blah.

Primaries: Still being waged. Millions lied to/mislead. No end in sight. Blah blah blah.

Poverty: Still being waged. Millions suffering/abused/neglected. No end in sight. Blah blah blah.

Cost of Living: Still rising drastically. Millions suffering. No end in sight. Blah blah blah.

Wages: Still falling and stagnating. Millions suffering with more to come. No end in sight. Blah blah blah.

Rugged Individualism: Still the way of the west. Millions continue to be falsely lead in the direction of the "ME ONLY" factor. No end in sight. Blah blah blah.

Love In Action: Still being pushed aside for greed and power. Millions needing it more than ever. Possible end in sight? I don't know, but it is the only answer to eliminating all of the crap behind the headlines.

Disgruntled American

Those two words accurately describe how I feel about living in this country.

I watched a report last night on Denmark, how the government pays for health care, education (through college). How there is very little disparity in income levels, very few who live in poverty. The citizens are much more laid back. Employees receive 6 weeks of vacation per year. The work week isn't as long and afternoon breaks are the norm. Oh yeah, and the people are happier, according to surveys and studies. Their advice for Americans? Lighten up and let go of the illusion that is the American Dream. Excellent advice, considering the "dream" was never meant to be open to us all, but only to the few while the rest of us work for the man (or woman).

While Americans claim to be intrigued by such findings, most refuse to pay the necessary 40-50% of their income in taxes in order to afford the above. However, when one thinks about it, we already pay close to that already. We're taxed up the ass here and there and it adds up. Phone usage, water, electricity, cable, gas, hotels. There are taxes and things called "fees" that get tossed into our monthly expenses. And need I mention health insurance? Our premium consists of 25% of our income and without the subsidy we receive, we would be paying approximately 65% of our income. On health insurance alone!

How often do we read about some country being p'd off at Denmark? How many nations have these folks invaded? Do they force their political agenda onto other nations? Do they subscribe to the "our way is best" mentality?

Folks, what is so wrong with a government that actually takes care of its citizens, from birth to death? What is so flipping wrong with that? What is so flipping wrong with a government that uses the people's tax dollars to ensure they have health insurance, education, adaquate housing? In other words, we see an example of a government that actually is a government for and of the people.

I read an article the other day on Rense.com. The author, obviously an uptight Puritan-like individualist, was talking about "bad" Democrat policy, including things like Pro-Union Laws, help for the poor/social welfare, higher taxes on the wealthy. I cannot stomach or fathom anyone who would look at such things in a negative light. What the fuck is going on with such a mentality, with such callousness, with such a cold, detached way of looking at life, at people? Who put into his head such things?

What are we supposed to do? Ignore the realities of poverty? Ignore the realities of slave labor? Ignore the effects of NAFTA?

This author went on to say that businesses run things better than the government. I had to shake off the brain fuzziness that followed after reading such an outrageous statement. How can anyone really look at our current state and say that, since the massive deregulation in recent history, our people and our environment are better off? Poverty is up. Wages have stagnated. Pollution in our soil and waterways has increased. And yet, businesses continue to see their profits skyrocket. Yep, leave big brother business alone and things run swimmingly. For them, that is.

I'm just sickened by this uptight, Puritan, individualistic, insane go go go consume consume consume lifestyle. It isn't me. It never has been and never will be. I talk with people about this wherever I go. I'm certainly not the only one who wishes things were different. And yet, I'm tired of talking about it. Rather than hanging around, I have a growing longing to move to another country whose values are more in tune with my own. I'm simply too fucking tired to fight for a change here at home. Besides, that fight will likely end in futility. For as long as people continue to vote for the lesser of some group of appointed thugs, we'll continue to see the same results.

I'm ready to live the way I want NOW. I'm ready to live in a place where I don't have to worry about health insurance, where I can go back to school and not let $$ be a factor. I'm ready to live in a place where employees aren't cattle, where fair living wages are not only provided but ensured. A place where people ENJOY life because they take the time to do so. A place where quality AND quantity are of equal value. In short, I'm ready to breath that sigh of relief and say "yes, at last I am home."


Sunday Musings

Lots of sun time, play and social gatherings have brought forth today's musings.

I love the sun this time of year. There's still the reminder of winter when the wind gently blows and yet, the sun gives you this perfect sense of warmth. It awakens in you the absolute need for its presence in your life. I'm not one to wear sunscreen, and even though a part of me wonders if I should take that pre-caution at times, I have a difficult time fathoming how something so life-giving could pose such a big health risk. Anyway, lots of park-playing/walking/letting the sun shine on the face/ball-time for the pooch yesterday.

We visited with our friends/neighbors late in the afternoon who are residing here temporarily from Palestine. Wonderful people. Beautiful children. So generous, authentic, so caring. So family oriented. Made me long to be one of them, well as long as I could maintain my western feminine mystique and charm. It's fascinating, to someone like myself, to get a perspective of life from a different culture, especially with the horrific conditions being played out over there. They spoke of the military check points, the rationing for water and food. 20% of Palestine land has been lost/taken. When we weren't discussing this, we were drinking coffee. I had my first taste of authentic turkish coffee yesterday. Yowza! Ass-kicking coffee is what they should call it. Strong. Bold. Lots of ampage. Mr. Nina had 3x what I did (I ended up settling for juice). Normally a chatterbox in his own way, this time I couldn't get him to stop. We have a special signal (that comes from me most often) when one of us believes the other to be overpowering a conversation whilst amongst a group of people. I must've given that signal 10 times before I finally just let him go at it. The after-effect? The crash and need for nap, but there was no time for that. We had a party to attend.

It seems whenever I attend a gathering and meet new people, at least one person swears they know me from somewhere. Last night I had such an experience. "I know you," he insisted. Nope. Never met you, I said. "I don't care. I've seen your face. You're familiar." I said maybe it was just that inner connection we all share. He then went on to explain how there are 14 different types of faces, so the familiarity factor is bound to come into play. I hadn't heard of that and so I don't know if that's true, and being by the end of the evening and several glasses of wine he didn't even know who I was, I wasn't sure what to make of the whole experience, other than I was glad I chose to eat more from the chip and veggie platter than I did drink from the bar. What also often happens to me when I attend a party is I seem to find someone who is suffering or hurting in some way and I end up being counselor. Or maybe they find me. I'm not complaining. It makes me feel good, it centers me, reminding me of how alike we all really are at the core, and besides, I would much rather talk about real life experiences than (try to) talk cocktail talk over loud music. Although, I must admit, it would be nice for once if I could be the "patient", swap roles.

The highlight of my day would have to be the (unexpected) hug I received from a little girl. It was one of those shy, lean-into-you hugs, where the child hesitates but smiles at the same time, excuding the overwhelming desire to melt into you while wondering if that would be ok. A hug, especially from a child, not ok with Nina? That is an impossibility. We need more hugs. Hugs say I like you, I love you, I care. Just one of those many ways in which we're alike.


Can Too Much Pot Kill You?

We all know the answer to that one. But according to a police officer, who used confiscated pot to make brownies for he and his wife, it can just make you feeeeel as though you're dying. Oh yeah, and time goes by "really really really really slow." Click on the link below and check out this video, originally found on piglipstick's blog, to watch the news footage and hear the hysterical 9-11 phone call. On a more serious note, there is some solid evidence to show what really goes on with all of that confiscated doobie.



No Title. Just Lots'o Thoughts

If you have a member of your family or circle of friends in a nursing home, you'll want to read this article, which provides a link to a government pdf file outlining nursing homes that were found to be needing improvement, along with those homes that have shown improvements and those that don't. My great uncle lived in such a facility prior to his passing. One of the residents forged checks in his name, pocketing a few grand. He was unable to care for himself due to alzheimer's and a host of other physical conditions, so this makes the situation all the more deplorable. She was of course eventually caught and I urged his guardians to also hold the home accountable, given it was later proven she had a history of similar behavior in previous nursing homes. A simple background check would have shown this.

I have a place for people like this and it ain't a sandy beach in Hawaii...

There's a rumor going around that one of our local bloggers is contemplating running for Darlene Hooley's upcoming vacant seat in the 5th District. Check out his recent blog entry fmi. All in favor say "Aye".

Speaking of the world of sin, er, politics, it appears as though Obama has inched his way to the front, leading by a nose. Our Leftist Savior or just another puppet? Perhaps middle of the road somewhere. I'm leaning towards another puppet, just a little softer, smarter version. Instead of Oscar the Grouch we'll have Miss Piggy's male counterpart. I really want Elmo.

The weather has been unbelievably beautiful, giving cause to lots of walks and yard work. Putting my hands in the soil, feeling that cool softness, experiencing the roughness of the decaying leaves and twigs stirs up that primitive desire to plant, nurture, watch and enjoy. I suddenly longed for 77 degrees (my ideal temperature), the sun on my back, cut off shorts, tank top, sandles, my planting shovel and seeds and starters. Looks like I'll have to wait a few more months for that though.

I wrote to a representative of the local food bank last week and heard back. We're playing phone tag at the moment. I wrote to express my concerns regarding my on-going experience of receiving expired food items and a real lack of healthy, fresh foods (including fruits, veggies, meats and bread). I've shared my ideas and am hoping he's willing to discuss with me some possible solutions. I'm hoping I may even be able to get some type of a job out of this. At the very least, if they don't already have such a position, they need someone who monitors the local food banks to see what's being distributed.

I recently finished reading The Diary of Anne Frank. I read it once, in part that is, when I was a child. For years, I've wanted to read it in its entirety and always put it off or forgot about it. I finally picked up a copy at the library and simply could not put it down. It's gripping, terrifying, deeply deeply sad and shocking, funny and brilliant. What an amazingly insightful, brilliant philosopher she was. So sensitive, so beautifully mischevious. I found it interesting, if not a bit odd, that I found myself relating so deeply to a 14 year old girl. But as I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that regardless of our age, we all inside share a common bond around our need for love, and for so many of us, our perpetual state of confusion over why war must continue to quiet the energy of peace. Her words are her legacy and she left us all an amazing gift in those words.

Maybe our blogs will do just that, in their own way.

Enough for now...


Sign Of The Times: $3 For a Head of Spinach

Shopping at the local co-op today, I had a brief conversation with a fellow shopper about the ridiculous cost of food, in particular, this head of spinach she was holding.

"Can you believe this??" she asked, holding it up for both of us to see.

"I know, unreal isn't it," I said. I then reminded her I had seen a head of spinach at a local competitor yesterday for the same price, only it looked like crap. Wilted, tiny little leaves.

I noticed a few other shoppers picking up on our conversation, nodding their heads in agreement.

Perhaps that's what we as consumers need to start doing. Start talking outloud while we are in such stores. Start sharing our disgust and disappointment and frustration, right there at the source.

Our conversation ended on this note:

"Something's gonna have to give," she said.

Yep. I couldn't agree more. Something will have to give. Growing our own food is a great idea, but not always practical for everyone, especially renters with no yards or limited spaces.

Nope. Businesses are simply going to have to start eating (no pun intended) more of the cost instead of passing it all on to the consumer. I'm so beyond sick of this trend. Modern day business philosophy: "Our prices increase, we pass it all on to our customers." I make it a point that businesses hear my opinion, pointing out the morality of this all, asking whose income keeps up with these growing costs??? What do they think we're going to do? Sit back and take it?

I predict a new crime will result if things don't change: Food Theft.

Let's make some new ground rules. Any goods or services that are sold/given forth to the public, that are based on survival needs, should be non-profit. Housing. Food. Water. Energy. Clothing. Health care. Remove the profit already, damnit.

Let's grow into this idea, shall we? For it is indeed a moral crime for ANY person to go hungry (homeless, cold, sick, thirsty, etc.) simply because they lack the money, the income to nourish and take care of themselves.

Access to healthy food is a right, not a privilege. Corporate talking heads getting that one?! I'll keep pounding this one away as long as I have the fingers to type and the voice to speak.


Short Film Recommendation

We recently watched a collection of academy award winning short films. While each one was brilliant in its own right, one really captured my heart. "The Danish Poet" is an animated film, told in the way one would tell a child's bedtime story. As such, you will want to be snuggled up with a blanket, a child, pet or spouse. It's a story about love, fate and those things we still like to call "coincidence".

It begins with a young man, a poet, who, due to his writers block, requires the services of a psychologist.

"You need a holiday," says the psychologist, to which the poet concurs.

So off he sets in search of his favorite author, hoping for some inspiration, but instead, encounters a young farm girl with whom he madly falls in love. But alas, the young farm girl has already committed herself to another man, her father having facilitated the arrangement. Of course she is not in love with this other man but is instead, quite taken with the young poet. Not wanting to disappoint her father though, she opts to keep her commitment, leaving the young poet heartbroken, where he then heads back home from his trip, forgetting about his original intention.

What follows is a series of "coincidences" as well as a rather hysterical scene (to which there are more than one in this film) involving the young farm girls new husband, which leaves the viewer hoping that love will win in the end. I won't ruin the surprise by telling you if the heart is followed, but I will say that by the end, I was weeping. And the little twist at the very end adds even more emotion.

This is one film to have in the movie collection.

Blog Visitors

I went through some of my blog visitors information. One such entry, out of Europe, intrigued me. The visitor had googled "does employment end poverty".

According to John Edwards it does. And I'm sure many other such political figures, who think giving someone a job, any job, lifts the spirits and pulls the person out of poverty.

Ask the single mother who, due to the government's brilliant welfare to work program, if that job flipping burgers at one of Dick Clark's hamburger joints, which uncle sam helped her obtain, pulled her out of her situation.

Ask the educated job seeker and former IT professional who has to paint houses for a living.

Ask the former white collar account executive who has had to settle working for Wal Mart.

Ask Mr. Nina and I, who went from a completely unemployed household to a household where both were employed, but still eligible for some services because our income was still considered to be that of a low income.

Ask the growing thousands, the growing millions, both here in the states and throughout the world, if landing a job, any job, ends poverty. You will receive a lot more "no's" than that of a "yes".

Example of the 151 "Wasteful" Programs To Be Cut From The Fed Budget

Billions cut from programs that serve, largely, the vulnerable (people and planet alike) so that 170 billion can be allocated for killing. Makes sense to me.

Having worked for a state employer, I became quite familiar with bureaucratic red tape. For example, the unbelievable journey my time sheet took just to result in a pay check. As such, I am quite confident that there are some programs that could use cleaning up and restructured. However, services to help the poor have continued to receive cutbacks since 2000, most notably funding for our own state health plan and FHIAP. FHIAP is not taking new applications for a good year. Our state health plan is so under-funded and in such high demand, they are holding a lottery to see who will simply get to apply.

So while there is way too much red tape in many government programs, something tells me it is the poor who will, as usual, suffer from these proposed budget cuts. The War Machine, however, will continue on as usual.


"Grow Up!"

That's a phrase I feel quite confident in saying that we have all heard directed our way at one time or another. The other day I was watching Judge Judy. I can only stomach watching her for a few moments at a time. Too much like my childhood. My father, like Judge Judy, was under the impression that calling someone "stupid" and other such words was a recipe to get one to "get with the program" and "grow up". Sadly, these people fail to realize that this behavior serves only to strip the other person of their sense of self, worth and dignity.

As I watched Senora Judy rip apart the young person in front of her, saying her usual "grow up", it gave me cause to think about that term. "Grow up." We say it a lot. And yet what does it really mean?

In today's society, to be "grown up" means you have made success for yourself professionally and financially. You're self-supporting, or so you claim. You're a rugged individualist. Strong. Tough. Powerful. And in today's society, it doesn't matter much if one makes themselves a success professionally and financially in ways that abuse and mistreat others. So what if the Corporate Type Business Owner is underpaying his/her employees, over-working them, treating them like cattle. In so long as Mr./Mrs. Corporate is making money and enjoying a successful business, they are labeled "grown up". They have that mortgage payment, car payment, insurance payment et. al to prove it.

Maybe a better way to define this experience is to say Grow Into Yourself. With Love. We see time and time again, examples of tyrants and bullies who are self-supporting, and yet I would hardly define them as grown up. To truly embrace this experience, we must grow into who we really are. And the only way to do this is through love.

For in this manner, we can truly enjoy real success. A success that can never be lost or taken away. The end result may look different than we in the western world are used to. But I believe it is time to expand our view on what success looks like. What it really is.


Corvallis Employers: This Is An English Speaking Country. Remember?

I am utterly dismayed, disgusted, disgruntled, disappointed that growing numbers of local employers continue to require bilingual employees. Sometimes it is required that you are bicultural. How completely wrong it is to cater to a group of people who came to an ENGLISH SPEAKING country and demand their ENGLISH SPEAKING citizens to learn the newly-arrived's language. This situation is no different than the english-speaking europeans who came to this country and took over the native's land and language.

History, I see, is repeating itself. Only this time, the native's are allowing and actually encouraging the takeover by pandering in a pathetic manner. As a result, many of us are simply being left out of the job market, simply because we cannot speak the newly arrived citizen's language.

This is unacceptable.

There are services available to the newly arrived south-of-the-border citizen to learn English. However, the same services are not available to those of us who, well, were here first to learn Spanish. What else is there to say other than WTF is up with that? Where is the fairness?

Local social service agencies are backlogged with people, the large percentage of them folks who have migrated from Mexico, leaving those of us who, well, were here first, unable to access said services, provided by agencies for whom we have been pumping our tax dollars into for years.

I can understand the desire to escape deplorable situations, to find a better life elsewhere (although the U.S. is quickly becoming a place NOT to do just that). I understand from experience how strong those survival needs are. I understand the sense of entitlement, the desperation, the self-focused thoughts and behaviors that go along with said survival needs. However, let's be practical, logical with this. It is only fair that whoever was here first never be left behind or out due to an influx of newly arrived citizens. And this is what is happening.

Something must be done.

Close the damn borders already and let us go back to english speaking/business as usual! Rather than continuining to allow people IN in such an irresponsible manner, over-populating communities, over-taxing services, let's instead end this fucking war on terror and the war on drugs, reinstate fair and just tax codes on the corporations, and use some of that revenue to help those people in other nations seeking to escape conditions that are even worse than the poorest of the poor in the states.

Of course, I have other ideas on what to do with those in charge of keeping the System of Poverty going, but I've already inserted my foot in my mouth enough for one day.


Polar Bear Confusion

Polar Bear Numbers Dropping.

Polar Bear Numbers Increasing.

Nope. They're dropping again.

Now they're increasing.

Fox has its own spin. It's their genitals that are shrinking.

(i couldn't resist posting this. i'm a heart-felt supporter of animal rights and protecting their environment. however, all of this confusion and bickering regarding their well being is a bit staggering. just google it and see for yourself the conflicting reports.)

Smack Dab Evidence The Primary's Are Utterly Unfair

Decision's already been made for the GOP nomination and we still have state primaries hanging in the wings. Why the people don't demand a one day primary in the same way we do the presidential election is beyond my comprehension. Of course the entire electoral/political process is a sham, but whatever. The mass slumber remains in effect.


Warning: To Anyone Posting Spam On This Blog

It isn't wanted. It isn't appreciated. And it isn't allowed. It will be deleted. I will then hunt you down, greet you with a "Hello, it is nice to meet you. I was just on my way to the airport and I thought I would give you this little gift." I will then smack you in the ass with a 2 x 4.

I Would Appreciate...

...more comments on this blog.

I would also appreciate more readership, especially from the smaller blog authors. We need to be reading one another's blogs more and the big dude's less. I support the smaller blogs by regularly reading and commenting. I would appreciate if that favor were returned in kind.

Thank you.

Warning To Job Seekers: Employment Agency Tactics

Tactics really means "lies", "misleading" and other bullshit marketing manipulations.

I saw a position I believed I was well-qualified for. It was through one of those employment/staffing agencies. I immediately sent off the required information, and yet somewhere inside, my voice of wisdom told me the position had already been filled and they (the agency) were using the position to garner business. Kinda like waving a dangling carrot in front of a hungry rabbit. I was pretty confident I'd receive a letter informing me the position had been filled but I was welcome to come in and register with their fine agency.

Turns out I was right.

No fucking way will I go that route again. Over the years I've registered with numerous such agencies and only once, nearly 20 years ago, did I land a job that way. And that was ONLY because the job placement counselor's father was good friends with my uncle (found out after-the-fact and so suddenly, she made me her priority and helped me land a job). I would gather that maybe 5-10% of all who walk through their doors ever receive employment much less actually receive attention after they've filled out the myriad of paperwork and taken all of their ridiculous tests.

Overall, a big waste of my time.

Once again, we have lies and manipulation running the show while the struggling innocent victim of a fucked up, whacked out economy shows the ever understandable light of hope and trust, only to have it dashed. Dashed by the principles of greed and dishonesty, those ugly values that permeate the System.

So let this serve as a warning to job seekers. When you see an job announcement advertised through one of those employment agencies, assume the position has already been filled. And also know that employment agencies would never refer you to any position in this manner. First you must go through their screening process before they ever share with you any actual available position. That has been my experience and unfortunately, I forgot this is how they work. For a moment there, my wishful thinking combined with an ever-increasing desperation for finding decent employment clouded my judgment.

Never again though.

I only wish I had sent them a bogus name and contact information so that I could respond to their bullshit and let 'em have it with one of my classic verbal rants.


To My Readers/Visitors: Thank You

Yesterday, I checked out my site meter stats and noticed the number of hits went through the roof. I usually average 35-40/day. Yesterday, that number went up to 400.

Yeah, unreal, huh? At first I thought it had to be a mistake. However, upon reading the links that brought these folks to my site, I saw where the majority were searching for information on Boey Byers, the Corvallis girl who lost her fight to cancer back in December. I posted a very brief message about this.

She and her family had been featured on Extreme Makeover last fall. Last night that show was re-aired. At the end, it was announced she had died.

So that's what had prompted the surge in hits. And it's given me a sense of hope. That so many people are searching to find out information about this little girl is a testament to the hearts, to the compassion that is still alive. I'm humbled and thankful for that today. With all of the chaos and absolutely unnecessary suffering going on throughout the world and here in the states, we need that kind of interest and compassion in a very big way.

So dear readers and visitors, thank you for giving me a sense of hope and humbleness.

Employment Ads Mumbo Jumbo

I notice this quite often on the state employment job site. Under the years of experience section for a particular job, it will say "none". Cool, most think. An employer open to training. Right?


Each and every time I've noticed this, I open up the announcement only to find the employer really wants at least 1-2 years experience in the particular field or with the skills they are seeking.

Apparently it's another in a myriad of Orwellian-type speak so prevalent in the political, media and employment world. "None" really means "Some or more".

Why not just tell the truth? Woops, I forgot. Employees must do that. The employers are free to say whatever the hell they want, truthful or not.

If I were to design today's job website, I'd be honest. I'd have an introduction page that would read something like this: The economy and job market are in the toilet. There isn't much out there for today's white or blue collar job seeker. If you do find one of those rare living wage/benefits/non-slave environment jobs, you should know there will be hundreds if not thousands of others in line with you. Good luck.


Some Days It's Just Better To Stay In Bed

We've all had those days. Those days when, after halfway through the day, you realize it was likely your day to simply just stay in bed. Today has been such a day. For starters, I woke up feeling as though someone had been beating and pulling on my right side all night. Major muscle cramp going on of the unexplainable kind. If that weren't enough, my bones felt as though they belonged to an 85 year old invalid.

Given all of this, I wasn't able to get comfortable anywhere. Bed. Couch. Recliner. Floor. Concrete patio out in the 30 degree rain. You name it. It was apparent that my body was letting me know comfort would not be a top priority today.

So I did what any other person would do. No, I didn't throw back a few shots or inhale whatever substance I could get my hands on. I went grocery shopping.

Bad choice. Bad bad choice.

To begin with, I pulled into the local Saturday-insanity grocery store. After driving around for awhile, I finally find a spot. And it's close to the door. Yes! Jackpot! However, pulling into the spot meant I had to back up a bit, so I look in my rearview mirror and see a car coming up behind me, enough of a distance for me to start backing up. So, I put the car into reverse and very slowly began to back up, letting the other car behind me know he needed to stop and do the same. However, this asshole chose not to comply with my wishes. Instead, he kept inching forward. So, persistant person that I am, I kept backing up. When it was obvious this guy wasn't gonna budge, I sat in my car for a few moments, car still in reverse, thinking what in the fuck is up with this man? So I tried it again--inching back a teeny tiny bit.

Asshole still ain't budging.

I had also checked to see if there was anyone in back of him preventing him from backing up.


So I give him the universal "fuck you" finger and pulled away, into the next available spot. As I get out, I notice he had taken the spot. The spot that I saw first.

Usually I'd let something like this go. But not today. I took this as a personal assault. It was simply another sign of a System of bullies who don't know a damn thing about human decency. I headed into the store, on a mission to find this fucker and subject him to one of my long, rambling but very meaningful diatribes.

Rather than trying to calm me, Mr. Nina opted to just let me be.

Good choice.

Upon entering the store I realized how futile my decision was. I had forgotten it's Super Bowl Weekend, which meant half the town and 99% of the college students were fighting for space so they could load up on cheap beer and hydrogenated products.

You know there's a mass dysfunction when people are able to zone out enough they forget that by watching such (stupid pathetic pitiful moronic) sporting events, they are only serving to further the elitist agenda, the sports owners, their corporate cronies and the media. I have nothing against sports. Just the fanatics and their fanaticism along with the elitist backing.

But I digress...

So quick as a flash, we grabbed our items and got the fuck out.

Upon arriving home, I decided to do a little vacuuming. Turns out that was a bad choice, too. For starters, I forgot to attach two of the filters I had removed earlier in the week in order to give them a good cleaning. The sound coming from the vacuum made it very clear of my mistake. So I install the filters and start vacuuming away. However, after a few moments, I notice there's no sucking action going on. At least nothing's being picked up. So I look down and realize the nozel had come unattached from the base.

With that I pushed the whole thing away from me and said I was finished with any and all domestic chores for the day.

Except for the laundry, apparently.

For as Mr. Nina came over to me to remind me I still had on my coat and give me a hug, he gently pulled off my coat while saying:

"Honey, it looks like a bird shit on your jacket."

Sure enough, he was right. There it was, right there on the shoulder. Bird crap.

A shot of elijah craig and some other goodies now await me as I finish up my story for today. May your weekend be super bowl fanatic and bird shit free. And may your vacuuming and parking days be hassle free.


Ann Coulter And Her Adams Apple Endorse Hillary

Over McCain that is.

Not that I really care. But if you want a little blah blah bottom feeding entertainment, check it out here.

Top Blog Searches

According to this site, the following are the most popular blog searches. Along with, of course, my commentary.

1. galilea montijo
2. ron paul
3. romney
4. authority
5. zuda
6. apple
7. yahoo
8. movies
9. rss
10. angelina jolie
11. mischa barton
12. david roy pescatore
13. jerome kerviel
14. mark driscoll
15. science blogging conference

At first I thought number one was a new hot wine. Turns out, it's some hot babe. I don't know what depresses me more, the fact that half naked women are still dominating the internet or that I'm that out of touch with "pop" culture. Ignorance, sometimes, is indeed bliss.

Number two and three, two republican political candidates. Equally as depressing. Notice none of the dems made the top searches? Although at least the search for Paul shows people are really wanting some sort of a real change. At least some do. Romney at number three shows too damn many want the same 'ole same 'ole.

Number four, a simple word, is interesting. Authority. People may be wanting to know more about this right to govern, right to control. In so long as they are coming to the conclusion there is way ass too much authority upon us, I'm cool with the term being so popular.

Zuda. No clue. I'll have to look that one up.

Apple and Yahoo. Apple likely for their new laptop and their stock. Yahoo likely because Microsoft is supposedly set to buy them out.

Movies. Ah yes, we ALL need to escape into a good flick now and then.

RSS. Some computer, website or technical term, I think. Don't know. The term "RSS feed" comes to mind. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Angelina and Mischa. Sigh. See number one.

David, Jerome and Mark. They better be half naked, hot men to even out the search score.

Science blogging conference. Thank god there's signs of some real intelligent life out there in the blogosphere. I wasn't aware there are blogging conferences. I'll have to check more into that.

Love Is The Answer

Love's been on my mind this week. The songs I've been listening to, which include Sheryl Crow's "Love Is A Good Thing" (excellent psychadelic/funk sound, btw for those who haven't heard it) have been inspiring me to remember that love is the answer. It can be that simple, I keep thinking. I keep thinking this because I know it.

So I was further inspired to read the following, written by David Icke, found on his site this morning. While the rational, logical brain indeed has its place, we must begin from that place of love if we are to ever truly change those things we believe need changing. And I was indeed further inspired to read "the problems are just too big, there's nothing we can do", how false that is, considering I've been told that since I came into this world with my idealistic beliefs/visions. (Now I'm seeing they aren't just idealistic but realistic.) Love is a good thing. So is validation now and then...
One of the classic traits of system-think is to see problems, and therefore solutions, in terms of complexity. The system loves complexity because it entraps the mind in bewilderment and therefore inaction. ‘The problems are just too big, there’s nothing we can do.’

Mind, or what I call ‘body consciousness’, is imprisoned by complexity, but expanded consciousness takes a point of observation that can see the obvious: the apparently complex is actually real simple. For me, true genius is seeing the simple in the complicated, and body consciousness, or ‘mind’, can be a right dummy when it comes to this. It has a ‘simplicity filter’ and so can’t see the forest for the twigs.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

How do we solve the problems of all these wars and conflicts, and all the suffering, poverty and political infighting?

Body consciousness answer: we must have conferences and UN votes and send more troops and have G8 summits and marches through the streets.

Higher consciousness answer: We must love each other.

And no, that’s not just a trite one-liner from a New Age workshop. It is a fundamental truth from which all else comes.

Love: the universal language.