Top Blog Searches

According to this site, the following are the most popular blog searches. Along with, of course, my commentary.

1. galilea montijo
2. ron paul
3. romney
4. authority
5. zuda
6. apple
7. yahoo
8. movies
9. rss
10. angelina jolie
11. mischa barton
12. david roy pescatore
13. jerome kerviel
14. mark driscoll
15. science blogging conference

At first I thought number one was a new hot wine. Turns out, it's some hot babe. I don't know what depresses me more, the fact that half naked women are still dominating the internet or that I'm that out of touch with "pop" culture. Ignorance, sometimes, is indeed bliss.

Number two and three, two republican political candidates. Equally as depressing. Notice none of the dems made the top searches? Although at least the search for Paul shows people are really wanting some sort of a real change. At least some do. Romney at number three shows too damn many want the same 'ole same 'ole.

Number four, a simple word, is interesting. Authority. People may be wanting to know more about this right to govern, right to control. In so long as they are coming to the conclusion there is way ass too much authority upon us, I'm cool with the term being so popular.

Zuda. No clue. I'll have to look that one up.

Apple and Yahoo. Apple likely for their new laptop and their stock. Yahoo likely because Microsoft is supposedly set to buy them out.

Movies. Ah yes, we ALL need to escape into a good flick now and then.

RSS. Some computer, website or technical term, I think. Don't know. The term "RSS feed" comes to mind. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Angelina and Mischa. Sigh. See number one.

David, Jerome and Mark. They better be half naked, hot men to even out the search score.

Science blogging conference. Thank god there's signs of some real intelligent life out there in the blogosphere. I wasn't aware there are blogging conferences. I'll have to check more into that.

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