Employment Ads Mumbo Jumbo

I notice this quite often on the state employment job site. Under the years of experience section for a particular job, it will say "none". Cool, most think. An employer open to training. Right?


Each and every time I've noticed this, I open up the announcement only to find the employer really wants at least 1-2 years experience in the particular field or with the skills they are seeking.

Apparently it's another in a myriad of Orwellian-type speak so prevalent in the political, media and employment world. "None" really means "Some or more".

Why not just tell the truth? Woops, I forgot. Employees must do that. The employers are free to say whatever the hell they want, truthful or not.

If I were to design today's job website, I'd be honest. I'd have an introduction page that would read something like this: The economy and job market are in the toilet. There isn't much out there for today's white or blue collar job seeker. If you do find one of those rare living wage/benefits/non-slave environment jobs, you should know there will be hundreds if not thousands of others in line with you. Good luck.

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