Now That I Got That Out Of The Way...

...here's a recent example of hypocrisy a dear friend encountered, an example which I just had to share. I realize we all have moments of hypocrisy, but this one takes the cake. It's so distressing because it impacts (negatively) hard working folks.

My friend works for a particular employer who, like so many, pays her a terribly low wage and offers no benefits. But meanwhile, he's getting quite wealthy off of his workers, who perform 90% of the work while he's off on vacation, getting his weekly massages, flitting around in his massive McMansion. He's on the fast track to becoming a multi-millionaire, due to his employees and his thirst for greed. Share this wealthy with those actually doing most of the work? Unthinkable.

Last week, my friend and her boss were having a conversation about this and that. Reading material came up. And much to my friend's surprise, her employer highly recommended Carlos Castanada's material.

Now for those unfamiliar with his work, you won't see the extreme hypocrisy in this statement. Carlos is what you could call a "New Age Spirituality" author. He speaks of the enlightened mind and heart. Of love for self and all.

Getting the connection here? Or shall I say, the disconnect?

Here we have an employer who is reading material about enlightment and all that this entails while he continues to treat his employees like cattle, like slaves, and doesn't pay them a living, fair wage all the while leaving them on their own to try and conjure up some sort of health insurance.

Some day, some person will call him on his shit. I would like to be there. I would insist he wear a sign that reads: "I Am A Hypocrite. Ask Me Why." I'd probably also insist he pay me half a million for my creation so that I could divide it up amongst his employees who ensured his vast wealth.

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