Abusive People On The Blogosphere

Blogging gives us a false sense of security. We tend to think we're safe behind our keyboard and computer screen. It's easy to abuse and be abused by others with words left on our posts and comment sections. I know at times I've had to use the delete and backspace key to change words that are otherwise nasty or less than what I would normally use when face-to-face with another.

That being said, I've had my first experience of someone posting anonymously on this blog and another of mine, accusing me of things and when I ask for more information, none is forthcoming. What follows is more little game playing, accusations and insults. Without going into detail, other than to say I am confident this person was once pulling the same little game on a fellow blogger whom I know personally (as in know in "real" life), it's caused me to think about some things. For one, I won't be feeding into this person's need for attention. All further comments will be deleted. And yet, I also want to say "fuck it" to taking the higher ground of practicing respect, treating others the way I'd want to be treated. I've taken a lot of verbal abuse throughout my life, most of the time silently. Either that or I try and come across as feeling ok about the experience, trying to deal with the situation from a place of respect.

Today's a new day though and for once, I'm gonna unleash without censoring myself. To this particular individual and to all others who think the internet gives them some sense of security in terms of abusing others, you're a sick fucker. Who in the fuck do you think you are? Does it make you feel superior, does it give you a rush to attack and abuse another person? Does it give you a sense of sick delight to manipulate another person, to draw them in to your obsessive need for attention, whether it's negative or positive?

I don't care what your mommy or your daddy did or didn't do for or to you as a child. I don't care if you were brutalized or ignored as a child. I don't care if someone came along and stole your puppy or your sweetheart or your favorite toy. I don't care of the kids taunted you at every chance possible. Nothing ever will give you the justified reason to abuse or harm another person without cause.

If I had the power, I'd put you all on a boat to nowhere so you could abuse each other and live in your own little delusional prison. Until then, do what the rest of us do. Acknowledge the crap that you were handed that caused your pain and work your ass off to heal from it and better yourself so that you don't repeat the cycle. Own up to your shit. You owe it to yourself.


Dickey45 said...

Lately I've been becoming more of a grumpy old woman - and I'm only 39. I've left some comments that are not exactly positive but dang, sometimes people are kind of stupid. They vote against their best interests (not demanding universal/single payer/expanded medicare), they think NCLB should be completely removed (so that we have absolutely no accountability or record of where our students are), and they go along with the teacher's union (which I simply do not even though I believe in the union).

For me, these items are my "hot buttons". I wonder if your poster is reacting to a hot button of his or her own.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

yeah, i hear you. getting a bit grumpier these days as well. some things i have a harder time tolerating. and yet i know it's a lot to do with perception and why people engage in intense conversations about a variety of social and political beliefs. that's not what was referring to though. this is more about someone not interested in dialogue but rather trying to pull you in to some wierd game of manipulation. normally i would just let something like that go, but it's obviously one of my own buttons. and i was oh so much grumpier yesterday than normal.

you must be a teacher, eh? :)

Spiritbear said...

I have had a couple of anonymous dickheads post on my blog too. Thats what delete comments is for.

Actually I dont delete comments of people for disagreeing with me but a while back (about a year ago) some anonymous twit personally attacked me and I deleted their comments.

People in the blogosphere can and should disagree and have heated debates but personal attacks are uncalled for and ruin the experience of blogging.

Ignore and delete works for me.

If they are brave enough to put their name on it, i will leave it for the world to judge

nolocontendere said...

I look at it two ways - when I visit someone's blog I treat it as if I'm visiting their house and I play by their rules. I also try to treat people like I'd like to be treated. That being said, if someone doesn't respect those things I'll take my keyboard and qwerty their cyber forehead, leaving the charred remains of their boorishness posted for all eternity. Usually they're republicans.

Anonymous said...

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