Political Blatherings

All in one day thus far...and it isn't even noon yet.

For starters, while eating breakfast, I watched Rachael Ray on The View. She was talking about her charity for kids, which encourages healthy eating habits and gives scholarships to kids wanting a career in the culinary arts. A good program for certain. And then the talk turned to politics and how, or so she claims, so many people, or "everyone" as she said, was so excited over this election year.

All I could think of what do we have to really get excited about? Well, other than this will put an end to having to see Bush and Co. on our television's, but really, is there going to be real change? Or will there simply be, if a Democrat is appointed, er elected, maybe a bit more funding for education (and since when has additional money for our schools ever been shown to improve things?), social programs and continued "talk" about renewable energy sources with nothing really big in the way of investment and creation? Will there simply be continued discussion about our health care crisis and the end result will be pitiful attempts to make it more "affordable", leaving the health insurance companies unregulated while still leaving out millions? Will there simply be more blatherings about ending poverty while higher education costs are allowed to continue to skyrocket and living wage jobs continue to be merely a dream of the past, while housing, energy and food costs continue to climb astronomically? And then there's war, terrorism. Will we simply have more of the same, nation invading and pre-emptive attacks, all based on propaganda?

I understand the desperation for something new. I feel that desperation every single flipping moment of every day. But I'm also not so blind as to see what the people really want IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as long as we continue to have a government run by big business and special interests. As long as we continue to have a two-party system. As long as we have a media that is heavily controlled, where the news of the day is not what we necessarily want to see but instead what Uncle Sam and their bedfellows want us to see. As long as NAFTA and the WTO are left as is. As long as we continue to hold firm to rugged individualism and the belief that we're the greatest nation on the planet (which only serves to divide us from other nations). So many things I could list...

Now there's this thing called "Obama Mania". He is appealing. It would be nice to look at a president and not want to smirk, roll your eyes or puke. And yet, is he authentic? I don't believe so. No one makes that quick of a rise in today's political scene unless they have very powerful (and therefore, usually corrupt) people behind the scenes making it, allowing it, to be so. Do some research and find out who is in his camp. You may be surprised and like me, given cause for some "hhmmm" thinking. Not that Hillary is any better. Quite the opposite. For starters, the number of people who died/committed "suicide" during the years of her husband's reign speaks volumes. Again, research it.

Perhaps I'm just jaded. And yet how does one become jaded? By having faith in someone, something only to find out you were being lied to, manipulated, mislead. For how many times have we as a people put our faith into a political leader only to be lead astray? Seems to happen every 4 years, doesn't it?


nolocontendere said...

I'll see your jaded and raise five cynicisms:

The names of the top 5 US corporations backing Obama speak volumes...
Goldman Sachs - $421,763
UBS - $296,670
Lehman Brothers - $250,630
National Amusements - $245,843
JPMorgan Chase - $240,788

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Yeppers. You know when you have banks backing a candidate, you have "STATUS QUO" written all over the candidate. I've also read where he's backed by some insurance companies. Of course he is. Look at his health care ideas.

Hence why I've been commenting elsewhere to others who either modestly or rapidly support this guy, only to be told "hey, he's the lesser of two evils." ENOUGH ALREADY!

I'm with you. DON'T VOTE..for the status quo dudes/dudettes. It only encourages the sob's.