Monday (Political) Musings

I saw on the news last night that Nader's made the official announcement to run for President. At least I now have someone who will be officially on the ballot here in Oregon (I can only hope) who I can vote for in good conscience. Nader, that unreasonable, always-pushing-the-status-quo-envelope candidate is, if anything, a likable guy. Who can dislike a man in a $25 tweed blazer? What will most likely happen though is the following. The Republicans will essentially ignore him and the Democrats will try and encourage Nader supporters to change teams to keep the Republicans from taking office in 2008. A logical argument. And yet, aren't we tired of playing that game? And are we not yet aware that a vote for Hillary or Obama is a vote for the status quo and essentially, more of the same? Take a looksie and see who is backing Hillary and Obama.

I was reminded yesterday, after reading the paper, why, in part, I have become disgruntled with the election process, or at the very least, with the mindset of some if not many Americans. The Gazette Times had an editorial whereby the author stated that out of all of the candidates, she favored the ideas of Kucinich. Not surprising since polls conducted online have garnered the same results, especially amongst registered Democrats. However, she then fell asleep, as do so many others, when she said she would not vote for him because she didn't find him electable. She even went so far as to compare him to Charlie Brown. (This woman has a job writing for a newspaper???)

Sigh. I digress... She has obviously been glued to the MSM outlets and has not taken the time to actually research Kucinich and his political record. If she had, she would see he is very much a powerful man and has a history of taking on Big Business, his status-quo colleagues and issues most candidates shy away from, like impeachment, universal health care, the disasters of NAFTO and the WTO. A wimp like Charlie Brown? Hardly. My question for her and all others who think along the lines as she does is: "If you like the ideas, why not support the candidate behind the ideas?" No more "well he/she isn't electable" or "the polls show this". Enough. Vote for who you want, end of story. If we all did that, we could really have a new movement afoot. Until then, expect the same 'ole same 'ole.

MoveOn sent me an e-mail this morning griping about the attacks coming from the Republican party. As though that's headline, shocking news. Wow. A Republican is attacking a Democrat. Wow. A Democrat is attacking a Republican. It's all smoke and mirrors, designed to keep us glued to petty cat fights while ignoring the real issues.

Consider me the new MSM. Vote for who you want. Vote for who you want. Vote for who YOU want. Vote for WHO YOU WANT. Until I learn subliminal conditioning, you will have to settle for all caps and bold.


tkn said...

I love $25 tweed!

Well said.

Vote for who you want! Follow your heart.

Spiritbear said...

After reading who supports the two dems, I am disturbed by them.

I am also intrigued by the fact that they have several of the same contributors.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Lots more of that to be found with research. It's hard to look at when you want to believe so much in a new day.

Tweed blazers rock! :)