Will People Ever Really Wake Up To Love?

I deleted a comment today because of some disrespectful language. Even though I disagreed with this poster, I would have been ok with the commentary had he/she not resorted to such statements as "liberals are so full of hate" and how people on welfare "don't deserve it".

I believe deeply in the power of love and how it is the key to what ails us as a person, as a citizenry. I've been criticized for such an opinion, down to the point of being mistreated with hateful language. I made the decision awhile back that no longer will abusive, violent or hateful comments be thrown at me and expect to receive commentary. If posted here, they will be deleted. I'm interested in engaging in respectful conversation.

Love is the answer. It's a hard one to grasp and live out, but it is what drives us to seek peace. One day, either while living here on earth or in the after life, people will see that. And such folks will wish they had listened more to us "liberals" (and I am not referring to liberal politicians, for most aren't truly liberal). For to be "liberal" is to be open in the mind and heart, to be tolerant and generous, to have the compassion for the suffering, to see the worth in all. Actually, I would remove the "liberal" label and simply insert "loving".

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tkn said...

Its your blog, but I would've left the comment for the rest of us to dismantle. Let me guess, was it Ranando?

Its a fine line though.

I recently read a book called The Gospel According to the Son, by Norman Mailer. Its a great book that illustrates how liberal/loving Jesus was. And tangentially, how hypocritical modern "christians" really are.