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I went through some of my blog visitors information. One such entry, out of Europe, intrigued me. The visitor had googled "does employment end poverty".

According to John Edwards it does. And I'm sure many other such political figures, who think giving someone a job, any job, lifts the spirits and pulls the person out of poverty.

Ask the single mother who, due to the government's brilliant welfare to work program, if that job flipping burgers at one of Dick Clark's hamburger joints, which uncle sam helped her obtain, pulled her out of her situation.

Ask the educated job seeker and former IT professional who has to paint houses for a living.

Ask the former white collar account executive who has had to settle working for Wal Mart.

Ask Mr. Nina and I, who went from a completely unemployed household to a household where both were employed, but still eligible for some services because our income was still considered to be that of a low income.

Ask the growing thousands, the growing millions, both here in the states and throughout the world, if landing a job, any job, ends poverty. You will receive a lot more "no's" than that of a "yes".

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crallspace said...

Yeah, it really depends on WHAT KIND OF employment.

It's scary to think of losing one's job.

btw---I will be seeing you TUE night.