Example of the 151 "Wasteful" Programs To Be Cut From The Fed Budget

Billions cut from programs that serve, largely, the vulnerable (people and planet alike) so that 170 billion can be allocated for killing. Makes sense to me.

Having worked for a state employer, I became quite familiar with bureaucratic red tape. For example, the unbelievable journey my time sheet took just to result in a pay check. As such, I am quite confident that there are some programs that could use cleaning up and restructured. However, services to help the poor have continued to receive cutbacks since 2000, most notably funding for our own state health plan and FHIAP. FHIAP is not taking new applications for a good year. Our state health plan is so under-funded and in such high demand, they are holding a lottery to see who will simply get to apply.

So while there is way too much red tape in many government programs, something tells me it is the poor who will, as usual, suffer from these proposed budget cuts. The War Machine, however, will continue on as usual.

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