The Real Agenda Behind The Government's Need To "Obliterate" Iran

Obliterate, as used by Hillary. Or McCain's forever tarnishing of Barbara Ann with "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran." It's all about fulfilling biblical prophecy, for both the Jewish and Christian religious extremists, both of whom claim Israel is the chosen land as given to the people of Israel by God. The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah while the Christians are awaiting for the second coming. And you can't really have that in all of it's biblical authenticity with all of those pesky Arab's around now, can you? (Forgive me for my sarcasm when referring to the possible death of millions of innocent, beautiful human beings. I certainly do not mean any disrespect. This on-going agenda is just all so ridiculously mind-boggling to me.)

I used to live next door to someone who was very well-versed in Middle East History. He told me there was on-going political and religious posturing and policy-making that would lead to one thing: a war between the Christian and Arab worlds. This was over 10 years ago. Even though at the time I didn't quite believe what he said (I was still in my religious/political slumber), his words stayed with me, or that part of me that knows better than to believe the words of the status quo. Today, I believe he is spot on. It's already well underway.

Let me say this one more time with feeling for the fence sitters. The Bible, the Koran, insert-religious-text are nothing more than words on paper as written by people. Look at them as ancient blogs. Who is to say what is "god" inspired or not? Who is to say what I write is not "god" inspired? You can't. Not with any definitive truth. It's silly to even argue such a thing that is not, never has been and never will be "winnable". It's all belief. And beliefs change with life experience. Some of us find that our beliefs become more simplified and lessen in terms of numbers as we search to reconnect with ourselves. Today about all I believe is that we can have paradise; that this is what love calls us to do. Create. Not destroy. Share, not steal and hoard. Accept, not judge or preach.

If enough believe in something and give it energy and action, there will be a consequence that supports that belief. Knowing that, don't you think it's beneficial to focus on peace and love (you know, those pesky little traits the religious texts speak most of, but are blatantly ignored at the most convenient of times) instead? Accept. Respect. Want for everyone else what you want for yourself--happiness and peace. The freedom to just be you. However that looks--in so long as the result doesn't take away the freedoms of another. (Gotta add the compromise caveat. Or maybe it's just a "remember to love" caveat.)


MUST READ: Movement To Boycott Tillamook Products

I first saw this referenced on the local craigslist and decided to read the report. It's appalling, but not all that surprising. This sort of "good ole' boys" (or as I call it today "the dick and tits club") bully mentality has permeated and tarnished the business world for decades.

That being said, there's something you and I can do. Notify Tillamook Creamery (use the 'contact us' icon at the top right) and let them know: unless they clean up their act and until they allow this farmer to return and fire and/or discipline the inspector who was making sexual advances on another (female) farmer, we won't be buying their products. Or say whatever you wish.

We can make a difference with our shopping choices.

One Thing That Must Change...

Here's the scene. You've been lucky enough to make it into the world of entertainment (either through having a family member in the business and/or pure luck). You decide to write a book or create a CD. Maybe start a line of clothing. You put the idea out to the world. And what happens? You have book publishers/record labels/and whoever is behind the scenes in the fashion world knocking on your door with contracts and cash.

Nothing really inherently bothersome about that. But the reality is, such situations, where it is only really the name that will sell rather than any real talent, is that this leaves out too many others who are equally if not more talented but who don't have the recognition/fame or contacts.

For those of us who have inherent gifts in the creative arts, most will never make a living at it. And it's largely due to the business folks behind the scenes whose sole and I mean sole focus is on money. It's a deeply, deeply frustrating painful experience with so much unnecessary struggling.

For those celebrity types who are breaking into these fields, it would be refreshing to see them bring along gifted unknowns with them. Sort of like the herd of celebrities who adopt and make a big deal out of it, claiming anyone can do it, when the reality is, adoption is a hellish process that will nail you in the pocket book for thousands of dollars. Many many families simply don't have those funds. It would be the kind thing to do, ok... even the moral thing to do, to put aside some of the interest they generate on their millions and donate it to families who do want to adopt, or even have one of their own, but due to finances, are unable to. To me, there is really no greater tragedy than the folks who want a child oh so deeply but simply cannot afford one.

I guess this comes down to generosity. Sharing. Peaceful societies, peaceful communities do that. Peaceful people want to see everyone succeed. Peaceful people see the value and worth in every person. And peaceful people know that unless all have the equal chance at living the life of their dreams, then there will not be peace. There will be division and despair.

We have enough of that already. Let's not allow one more ounce of that energy to permeate our world.


Wednesday Ramblings

It's over. Surprised Merkley took the spot over Novick. I voted for neither. However, of the two, I had hoped and just assumed Novick would take the crown, especially after Merkley's absolutely ridiculous ad with he and his young daughter, a child too young to understand the complexities of the issues Merkley is addressing. And besides that, using your child to garner votes? Please.

Of course this leaves Merkley to challenge Smith. Makes me want to draw up bumper stickers reminiscent of the "Anybody But Bush" dumper sticker days, only insert "Smith".

Obama of course took Oregon. I've been a bit surprised at his turn around. All along, since day one, I've felt Hillary would go all the way. Well, nonetheless, it appears as though we'll need to make some "Anybody But McCain" bumper stickers.

Not to sound too encouraging, meaning not to sound as though I still believe in the system, I still know the candidates who make it to the top are puppets for the corporate agenda and are appointed.

Health Care:
Yikes. Have you heard some doctors are now charging their clients a retainer fee? That's right. Regardless of whether or not you actually see the doctor for a visit (which as we know, can take 6 weeks plus just for a basic appointment), some doctors are now charging fees just to make sure you stay on as a patient. The fees go as high as several hundred dollars. On top of the outrageous premiums, deductibles and those oh-so-fun moments when the HELLth Care Company decides, for no good reason, to deny you coverage so you have to pay that bill on your own, to put a retainer fee on patients is an outrage. Perhaps understandable in those situations where this is due to doctors who take primarily medicare patients, where doctor reimbursements are typically only 80%, it's still an outrage. HELLth care in this country is broken. Done. Finished. Time to boot the corporate fuckers to the curb. Let them go without. Stand in line at the food banks. Let them sweat how to afford food, shelter and medications on the pittance of today's wages.

Growing Our Own Food:
We visited the local farmer's market today. Aside from being a bit surprised to find out produce was really no less expensive than going to the local co-op, we did pick up some wonderful veggie starts. I've decided I no longer care about the homeowner's opinion. I'm going to dig up some grass, make a raised bed (somehow) and plant some squash and potatoes. I spent part of the afternoon tenderly planting these little ones. There's something oh so wonderful about planting your own food. It gives you a sense of, well, self-sufficiency. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to do this. Even if you don't have a yard, many veggies grow just fine in containers. In fact, so far, each of our veggies is in containers and will remain so during the growing season. I placed them on a table though to keep the slugs away, or at least give the slugs one hell of a challenge. One of the vendors at the market told us the usual: put out stale beer. So we'll give that a try as I am insistent on keeping inorganic chemicals out of our food and yard. We checked out some indoor units that allow you to grow year-round inside. We may just invest in one of those at some point.

$133.00. Per barrel. $200 by years end.

For all of the talk, at times enthusiastic about the cost going up, enthusiastic because it would cause people to get out of their cars and walk, bike, use public transportation, this is not something we should be cheering. At all. We're a petroleum-based economy, like it or not. And while we need, neeeeeeed, to be creating alternative sources of fuel (HINT HINT HINT: HEMP HEMP HEMP) like mad NOW NOW NOW, we need not be finding this encouraging news for the SUV drivers, etc. This effects us all. It's one of those situations where "trickle down" really does work. However, like "trickle down", the only ones who reap the rewards are those at the top.

Wishing for the suffering of others isn't peaceful. And it isn't sustainable. As tempting as it is to wish for those at the top to suffer (and trust me, I get in these mindsets just like you and most everyone else), we're either truly all in the same boat or we're not.

Irresponsible Pet Owners:
While I was doing my gardening today, I headed out front to get some sticks to use as stakes. Once I opened the fence, I was greeted (and startled) by a young black lab mix, who barked at me timidly and aggressively from several feet away. I had seen this little one before, about 8 months ago, when she was just a puppy. At the time, she wasn't as aggressive, but was instead quite timid. And very hyper. At the time I was able to coax her over to me, put her inside my fenced yard and somehow managed, in between all of the insanity of jumping up and down all over me, to get a phone number off the dog tag. One of the owners showed up--a young college student, male. He was very appreciative and seemed quite worried. I told him they needed to be very careful given we live near a fairly busy road. Keep her confined at all times and due some leash work. I also mentioned she could use some training (which is a funny term considering it is the owners who really receive the trainin) and more food. She was so skinny, you could see her ribs. That's not always unusual with young pups, but I thought to mention it anyway.

So today, this young lab was back. She was just as skinny. And as mentioned, much much timid and certainly had that air of aggressiveness. She seemed to be much more frightened of Mr. Nina (who had come out to join me at this point) than she did me. Someone, likely male, has obviously abused this poor thing. Or shall I say abuses. And it absolutely breaks my heart and puts me in this internal rage where I want to beat the shit out of anyone who could mistreat such a beautiful creature. Once she saw me, once she realized I was not going to be intimidated, she ran off, stopping to look back at me. So, I sat down in the driveway and watched her. She ran to a nearby neighbors yard and began sniffing around, looking over at me now and then. I slowly followed her, walking casually, watching my inner energy so that I gave off the feeling of calm and assertiveness. I wanted to let this dog know she did not scare me and that I, as the human, was in charge. That and I was not going to hurt her.

I sat down on the sidewalk and watched her. She would look up now and then and bark, although in time her bark was more quiet, less aggressive. Her tail was no longer between her legs. She would get closer to me and then back off. Unfortunately, she never did get close enough so that I could get a reading on her tag and I certainly didn't want to make any sudden movements.

In time, she took off through a fence and did not return. Maybe she will. Maybe she will come back and decide to trust--even for a few seconds--so that I can find out where these owners live and make it clear: Train your dog, feed it and love it or else I'm going to report you. Or perhaps I will just do that anyway. Although the idea of this poor thing being hauled off by animal control and some idiot at one of the kill shelters deciding she isn't "adoptable" (which is an absurd concept since EVERY SINGLE DOG AND CAT is rehabilitatible, unless it is of course so sickly it is dying--I'm talking behavior) is a concern of mine.

It's easy to think "oooh, puppy! How cuuuute!" But that cuteness quickly turns to annoyance for some pet owners. In time, it can turn to neglect and abuse. Just like having a child, not everyone is fit to be a pet owner, at least at the offset. For you see, we all have the capacity to love, protect and nurture, and as such, we can all be guided, trained/educated and, most important of all, supported to be a parent, regardless of what it is we parent, chosen or not.


Government Economic Indicators Do Not Reflect Reality

Especially for those of us in the middle and lower incomes. Ridiculous it is to the point of being criminal that some of these government indicators "conveniently" leave out fuel and food costs. Reading this, however, produces one of those "uh, duh" moments. Nothing too surprising.

People can only take so much. There will be some sort of a revolution, hopefully peaceful. People will say "enough" and begin to pull back from the system of enslavement and instead create a way of living that is fair and equitable and supports freedom. I see it happening already. I only hope it will be an all inclusive movement. What tends to happen is the poor tend to be left out. Hopefully my voice will help ensure this doesn't happen.


Are We Beyond Hope? Pulling Off The Mask.

I was reading through the comments on a local gazette-times page. Adults were engaging in dialogue of utter self-entitlement, casting insults at one another, some trying to convince the world our modern day version of capitalism is fair for all, some resorting to proclaiming because they use their real name online their opinions are more valid. Then there was the usual right vs. left/left vs. right bantering.

Honest to all there is, is there really any hope left for us as a species? Life could be so much more beautiful and wonderful for us all if we could just take moments to reflect before we speak; if we could remember that we are all a part of this planet, every one of us, young and old, rich and poor, black, white, red, brown and yellow, gay and straight. We all have value and worth that is inherent. It's simply there and cannot be cast out, removed, forced or opined away. And to live freely, to live in harmony and in respect with those and that around us means we can do whatever we want in so long as we aren't imposing our will on others and interfering in the freedom of another/others/that which is around us.

That last sentence kind of takes the zing out of the self-entitlement part.

The System has us by the throats, filling our minds with all sorts of opinions disguised as truths about you and I and who we are and how we should be and how our worth and value are defined. And we swallow this from birth and believe it to varying degrees. And in doing so, we disconnect ourselves from our own worth and value and thus, from others too. The end result is an us vs. them mentality. I engage in it when I point at the System creators, or at least those who willingly and knowingly go along with the agenda. And yet I also know in my heart, in those moments when I release my anger and just feel the empty sadness of all of the unnecessary behaviors and actions that we humans engage in, that the System creators and die-hard supporters engage in...I know in my heart I am witnessing a beautiful soul that is lost inside a mind-controlled machine.

Some say money is the corruptive source. Others say greed. Self-entitlement.

I believe, I know it's memory lapse, a (temporary) forgetting of our inherent nature, which is the result of the systemic mind-control permeating our culture. We "forget" the most important things about who we are, or we only share these important things about who we are with those we have been told we can trust--family, close friends. And as such, we wear masks out in the world. Masks of power. Greed. Self-entitlement. Pull off the mask and you'll see a frightened person who is, at their core, feeling lost. Keep it off and in time, you'll see the memory of the true self, the forgotten self, take hold again.

Removing the masks. This is the way to inner peace. And inner peace is the way to world peace. For once you are at peace with yourself (and we've all had moments), you suddenly care about everyone and everything. You feel the connection again. And in feeling the connection, the urge to harm is nowhere in your realm of reality.


Global Cooling?

Ok, before I'm accused of being a climate change denier, Republican or being a big oil insider (if I were, I wouldn't be sitting here at this out-of-date computer on dial-up--I'd be living it up in my vacation home in Hawaii), let me again reiterate we're dumping too much toxic crap into the air we breath and big business needs to remember the lesson taught by mommy and kindergarten teachers: clean up after yourself. We need cleaner running vehicles (water, solar or electric powered) as well as different means of powering our lives that aren't solely dependent on oil and coal. We need big business and their elite supporters to be more responsible with resources. Etc. etc. etc. Yadda yadda yadda. Blah blah blah.

That being said, I continue to find some strong evidence to show the planet is in a cooling period and that the sun/solar activity is, in large part, responsible. Read this fmi. Information as gathered by non-oil industry folks and other unbiased scientists. You gotta admit. This global warming campaign/debate has been great for business and gives the government another excuse to tax and regulate us even more. Plus, it's a great guilt inducer for the little people (while for big business, it's "business as usual").

As a side note: Anyone see Hillary's ad about her support for going green and how this means getting big oil to invest in cleaner, newer technology? NO NO NO NO, I thought. RED FLAG ALERT RED FLAG ALERT!! Encourage small, private businesses and individuals to create and implement the technology. Insane policy. Hillary's idea is like assigning a professional criminal a new job without rehabilitating the criminal.

Profiting Off Of Hunger

Multi-national Food Thugs Reign In Record Profits While Their Customers Go Hungry

This absolutely proves these people are without a soul, without a conscience. Of course, we already know that by now, don't we?

Privatizing Our Water Supply

Reclassifying water as a commodity? Read on fmi.

In Search Of Intelligent Life This Political Season

Ok, so I admit it. I actually opened my voter's ballot (surprised was I that I was indeed still registered and updated). I skimmed through, knowing full well I have no intention on casting a vote for the presidency this primary season, but still interested in the candidates looking to kick Gordon Smith to the curb. Steve Novick caught my eye several months ago. I decided to check out his website. See what he has to say on some of the issues.

Needless to say, I exited the site feeling let down. Disappointed. Once again we have a progressive candidate who sounds oh so good and damn, he almost gets that home run up at bat, but just doesn't go far enough. (Before I begin though, I want to say that I like what he has been accused of saying about Clinton and Obama. Clinton, he said, is a traitor. And Obama, a special interest sell-out. When I heard these things I could only think "Ok, and??" Whether these are accurate statements or, as is most likely, were taken out of context, they still hold truth in my book.)

Take this bogus war on terror. Novick is still under the illusion religious extremist muslim terrorists attacked us on 9/11 (from Saudi Arabia, but still muslim extremists none-the-less). He still thinks buildings fall in that manner when on fire. He still believes a bunch of young men, never having flown huge commercial jet liners can suddenly go from flying little prop planes (and not very well according to their instructors) to commercial jets.

He talks about raising the national minimum wage but falls short of eliminating this ridiculous minimum wage nonsense and instead, demanding a living wage for all workers (back in the 1960's, the minimum wage WAS a living wage). He talks about encouraging communities to build more "affordable" housing and yet as seen here locally in Corvallis, these affordable housing units were not affordable for low income families. Affordable housing means anyone working a minimum wage job can afford to own his/her own home. Period.

He talks of how incomes haven't kept up with the cost of living "these past few years". Try the last few decades, Steve. The war on the middle class began in the 1970's. By the time I came of age in the 1980's, a typical office job wage was not enough to buy a home, let alone rent a nice apartment. In the 1960's, the opposite was true.

He also supports Wyden and Edwards "you will be required to buy health insurance" plans for health care reform. His reason for being against the single payer system? It would put too many people out of work. My response to that is, quite honestly, big fucking deal. These people he is talking about are criminals, for they deny coverage, they deny treatment, and therefore allow people, unnecessarily, to die every single flipping day. I have no sympathy for anyone who willingly and knowingly works for the HELLth care system and suddenly finds themselves without work. And honestly, this is a valid reason? They can't come up with some program to help these dislocated workers?

Again, a good start to some issues in desperate need of transformation, but in the end, doesn't go far enough. And we need that "far enough" yesterday.


Pandering to Hewlett Packard Employees

Well, as I reported several months ago, HP seems intent on closing up shop. They have announced the lay off of 300-400 employees. Speaking with someone at the employment department today, I was told she had spent all day yesterday filing unemployment claims from HP personnel alone.

That is unfortunate in and of itself. However, this isn't what's got me chomping at the bit today. What is disturbing to me is this blatant display of pandering our local chamber of commerce is engaging in. As seen on some local news program earlier in the evening, the chamber is working to help these laid-off HP employees, ensuring they stay in the community, assisting them in any way they can. As the politically-correct speaking chamber employee said (paraphrased): "These aren't minimum wage paying positions. Therefore, we are providing them with as much assistance as we can." What she was really saying was HP employees have more value to the community because their incomes are higher. Therefore, they are more deserving of local agency assistance.

I've never heard of the chamber coming to the aid of folks who get laid off in other industries or other employers. I was officially laid off from the University a couple of months ago as were others in my department. Where was the news story then? Where was the local support?

I'm not saying HP employees aren't deserving of such assistance. They most certainly are. However, this is simply another blaring blemish on the face of our society that proclaims the more income you make and the more prestigious a company in which you work, you are more worthy and valuable to the community at large.

Sorry folks, but until every citizen, whether it's 1 or 100, receives such attention and respect, the dysfunction and division will only continue.

Challenging The Status Quo: An Open Letter

This is an open letter to one Christopher Cruise, loan officer with amerisave.com. It is in response to a quote I read by him in Reader's Digest, which goes as follows: "Owning a home is not a birthright. ...for some people, the American dream of homeownership is just that-a dream." This open letter to Mr. Cruise is also an open letter to all those who not only believe as he does but also are behind the scenes working to ensure the slavery of the average american citizen continues. Continues so that their profit margin might continue to increase while the bank accounts and thus lives of millions of americans continue to fall apart.

"Dear Mr. Cruise~

You don't know me, at least not personally. But I may seem familiar. I am one of those folks you refer to in the Reader's Digest article. One of those folks who, as you claim, don't have the right to home ownership. For me, it is just to remain a dream. Too damn bad for me and others like me, huh?

To begin with, what universal god died and left you in charge of what one has a right to or not? What makes you think you are speaking some universal truth? Perhaps you're simply spinning an opinion, an opinion as designed by those who wish to see the class system kept in place, who wish to see only select and small numbers of people achieving the dream of america. An opinion forced down the throats and into the ears and minds of persons residing in this "free market" country in order to ensure a working class who does most of the sweating and actual hard work that in turn guarantees the CEO's wealth. An opinion created and crafted, handed down through all facets of the system: government, media, business, school, the church.

I for one don't buy your opinion-disguised-as-truth.

Here in America we love to blow the trumpet of freedom, of liberty, of justice, of equality for all. And yet they're merely words left to scatter to the winds while the exact opposite is what remains solid.

You cannot have a free market economy, at least in the way we have now where it's a free for all/do or die/every man woman and child for him/herself and have freedom, justice and equality. You cannot have freedom, justice and equality when we have a system that defines worth based on ones monetary resources. You cannot have freedom, justice and equality when we have such huge disparities of wealth between company top brass and their workers. And certainly a society set on equality, freedom and justice for all certainly doesn't have issues such as hunger and poverty.

You see Mr. Cruise (and all those who believe as he does), in a free society that embraces equality for all, justice and liberty, we all realize we're all equal. We all have inherent worth that cannot be bought or sold, manipulated or defined. It is something we all have--at our birth. That means we each have the same damn right to own that piece of land, regardless of our financial means. That means that yes indeed, owning a chunk of land, having that american dream, is indeed a birth right. If you are an american who truly embraces the values as previously mentioned, you will hold that belief, too.

You see, freedom is rather misunderstood. In its truest, purest definition, it is the right to live and be and do as one wishes in so long as this said choice does not interfere with the rights of others to enjoy the same freedom. Look around our society and ask yourself if this freedom is being enjoyed by all. You will find that answer to be a resounding 'no'. Then you may rethink your above mentioned quote and come to the conclusion that perhaps, you aren't speaking a truth but rather a very misguided opinion that has been, like the rest of us, pushed on you for a very long time. Too long."


One Woman who speaks for millions


Ron Wyden's Health Care Plan: Mandated Insurance

There's been a lot of talk about the need for universal health insurance. Hillary Clinton has a plan that, if she is elected to the top seat and is able to garner enough congressional support, would require you and I to participate. Another plan that seems to be attracting some attention is Ron Wyden's plan, (D) Oregon. It would, like Hillary's plan, require you and I to participate.

Here's a brief synopsis of it, with the ability to read it in more detail if you so choose.

Frankly, I don't care what the details are. I am utterly opposed to government requiring the American People buy health insurance. I am not interested in any health insurance plan that requires me to be a part of it, regardless of if I have to pay $200 a month or $2. We're losing our rights left and right, year after year. The government was able to slip into our busy lives mandated car insurance, helmet and seatbelt laws.

Are we really ok with losing yet another right? The right not to have health insurance?

There is a lot of Big Brother talk in this article about preventative medicine, rewarding individuals and insurers who focus on wellness, prevention and disease management.

I can just see it now. We will be required to buy insurance. We will be required to pick from a private insurance company plan (which should make us all shudder, the fact that these folks will remain a part of the picture). Then we will be required to make regular preventative doctor visits. These visits will most likely contain required procedures and bonuses for doctors whose patients are following the "government approved" means of living.

Do you and I have that kind of control over what our representatives do with their health? Uh, not when I last checked. So then, why in the world should they have that kind of control over ours?

They shouldn't.

Proponents of the plan state we "will have the power to choose--will be required to choose" a health plan. I don't know about you, but I don't find it empowering to be told I must choose something.

Upon reading this article, it states that you and I would have a very comparable plan to the one enjoyed by our elected officials (which of course is paid for by you and I). This just begs some questions. If this plan for you and I is so wonderful, why no mention of our elected officials also being a part of the same plan? Why no mention of our elected officials being required to be a part of the same plan?

Instead of requiring us to buy into this health insurance plan, perhaps Uncle Sam needs to require these multi-national food companies to remove all of the harmful substances they allow into our food supply. Hormones. Antibiotics. Pesticides. Aspartame. MSG. High Fructose Corn Syrup. How about requiring a real truth in labeling policy, which includes GMO ingredients. How about requiring farmers cease the practice of allowing downed cows into the food supply and the practice of cows eating their own kind. How about Uncle Sam require big business cease altogether the pouring of toxic chemicals into our air, water and ground. (Honestly, is any amount ever ok over time?) Or hey, how about Uncle Sam and the rest of the System stop brainwashing us from birth into thinking working long hours for "the man" while making "the man" rich is something to be proud of. The norm. If that isn't enough, why not return to the days when a long list of side effects, including death, was enough to deny the entry of a pharmaceutical drug into the marketplace.

It's insane policy to require us to buy health insurance, espousing things such as "we want our people to be healthy" while turning a blind eye to those very things that make us, as a populace, unhealthy.

Whatever the plan is, do not require the people to participate. It is not the government's business to do so. And it saddens me to see so many people behind his plan. It saddens me because we have become numb to the concept of government intrusion. We simply accept it as the norm.

That alone is enough to create a health issue in those who believe that government is there to assist, not require.

Gardening Day

We spruced up the place with a variety of annuals and perennials. Got my favorite flowering plant: the gerbera daisy. I also planted some pansies. I cannot do this anymore without thinking of my friend's mother, who passed away many years ago. The mother never was fond of pansies and had some phrase about batting away at their heads. Now when I plant them, I think of things like "pansy swatting" or "pansyhead bopping".

We also planted some sunflower seeds and a few herbs. Feels very good to grow our own food. We have some space leftover for tomatoes and beans. For now, the pocketbook and back need a break. I wish we had more space, or a landlord who wouldn't balk at the idea of tearing up some of the grass (I pulled up that ridiculous cloth he put down to stop the weeds from sprouting--anyone ever heard of just pulling them??--I used the space to plant the seeds). I would love to put in squash, pumpkins, corn and potatoes.

Equally as important was taking precautions to ensure the slugs would have a real time at reaching some of the edibles as well as making sure the fur animal who resides with us doesn't go tearing through the area with the planted seeds en route to chasing the squirrel who visits. Or shall I say taunts. I've been thinking of buying a video camera for awhile for a variety of reasons (of the legal kind), one being for videotaping the game played out almost daily this time of year with our dog and that adorable yet pesky squirrel. Seeing our sprinter dog tear after the squirrel as it (the squirrel) does an amazingly perfect balancing act on the fence as it races for safety would provide some real entertainment. It certainly does for Mr. N and I.


How Truthful Is The Oil Shortage Story?

The following came in my e-mail box this morning. Not having cable, we can't watch this. For those of you who do and who would want to watch this, please do so and let me know what you think about it. We used to watch these folks a few years ago, back when we had cable. Their news stories helped shape our views. At least they helped open up our eyes to topics not covered on even some of the more progressive news media outlets. I certainly have come to the conclusion that the economic situation we are in is indeed manipulated, as have all other economic cycles, good and bad.


In an earth-shattering interview with oil industry insider Lindsey Williams this week, Kate and Richard Mucci reveal on Out There TV what Enron, Chevron, BP and Shell don't want you to know.

There IS NO OIL SHORTAGE. Peak Oil is a Scam!

Lindsey Williams was there thirty years ago when a pool of oil was discovered in the United States that would have made this country energy independent for TWO HUNDRED YEARS. But it was capped and classified, kept secret by the government and the elite in order to manipulate the price of oil and the economy of the world for their own agenda.

According to Williams, the American dollar is also being manipulated and set to crash, not by chance, but by design plan.

Don't miss this explosive episode.

Out There TV
Definitely NOT Your Evening News

Episode #298

On Las Vegas One Thursday, May 1, 2008 10:00 p.m. (Cox Cable 19)
Available Online Friday, May 2, 2008 at
On the America One and AMGTV Networks Saturday, May 3, 2008

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