Government Economic Indicators Do Not Reflect Reality

Especially for those of us in the middle and lower incomes. Ridiculous it is to the point of being criminal that some of these government indicators "conveniently" leave out fuel and food costs. Reading this, however, produces one of those "uh, duh" moments. Nothing too surprising.

People can only take so much. There will be some sort of a revolution, hopefully peaceful. People will say "enough" and begin to pull back from the system of enslavement and instead create a way of living that is fair and equitable and supports freedom. I see it happening already. I only hope it will be an all inclusive movement. What tends to happen is the poor tend to be left out. Hopefully my voice will help ensure this doesn't happen.


crallspace said...

I am hoping for a revolution that is not all inclusive, instead, one that leaves out that upper tier of jackasses who do not represent most people- those who've had their day in the sun these last 10 years and have acted like an elite club where people are standing in line, dying to get in. Occasionally a few hot chicks make their way through.

I don't wanna hang around them. It's like when my wife worked at the Albany Chamber and they'd have those rich folk after hours parties. What a load of uninteresting, self-centered and boring people! I'd intentionally blow off the ones who I could tell were the upper crusty of the elite. Screw connections! They'd be all, "So you work WHERE?" and I'd see that they were a bank owner or realty giant... "I am unemployed and collecting welfare." I'd say.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Yeah, I can understand that. At times that's what I want too. I want to ship their asses elsewhere as during these moments, I think they have lost their right to live on this planet.

However, I know this isn't the way to go. They at least should be given the chance to rehabilitate themselves--to learn to share and respect and remember we're all equal (I keep saying remember what mom and kindergarten teachers told us over and over). If not, they can go in time out, be held away someplace until they can break through the fears that keep them locked in their "I am better than" mentality and return to their heart.

Sounds foofy fluffy, but it's certainly possible and is the way to live peacefully.