One Thing That Must Change...

Here's the scene. You've been lucky enough to make it into the world of entertainment (either through having a family member in the business and/or pure luck). You decide to write a book or create a CD. Maybe start a line of clothing. You put the idea out to the world. And what happens? You have book publishers/record labels/and whoever is behind the scenes in the fashion world knocking on your door with contracts and cash.

Nothing really inherently bothersome about that. But the reality is, such situations, where it is only really the name that will sell rather than any real talent, is that this leaves out too many others who are equally if not more talented but who don't have the recognition/fame or contacts.

For those of us who have inherent gifts in the creative arts, most will never make a living at it. And it's largely due to the business folks behind the scenes whose sole and I mean sole focus is on money. It's a deeply, deeply frustrating painful experience with so much unnecessary struggling.

For those celebrity types who are breaking into these fields, it would be refreshing to see them bring along gifted unknowns with them. Sort of like the herd of celebrities who adopt and make a big deal out of it, claiming anyone can do it, when the reality is, adoption is a hellish process that will nail you in the pocket book for thousands of dollars. Many many families simply don't have those funds. It would be the kind thing to do, ok... even the moral thing to do, to put aside some of the interest they generate on their millions and donate it to families who do want to adopt, or even have one of their own, but due to finances, are unable to. To me, there is really no greater tragedy than the folks who want a child oh so deeply but simply cannot afford one.

I guess this comes down to generosity. Sharing. Peaceful societies, peaceful communities do that. Peaceful people want to see everyone succeed. Peaceful people see the value and worth in every person. And peaceful people know that unless all have the equal chance at living the life of their dreams, then there will not be peace. There will be division and despair.

We have enough of that already. Let's not allow one more ounce of that energy to permeate our world.

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