Global Cooling?

Ok, before I'm accused of being a climate change denier, Republican or being a big oil insider (if I were, I wouldn't be sitting here at this out-of-date computer on dial-up--I'd be living it up in my vacation home in Hawaii), let me again reiterate we're dumping too much toxic crap into the air we breath and big business needs to remember the lesson taught by mommy and kindergarten teachers: clean up after yourself. We need cleaner running vehicles (water, solar or electric powered) as well as different means of powering our lives that aren't solely dependent on oil and coal. We need big business and their elite supporters to be more responsible with resources. Etc. etc. etc. Yadda yadda yadda. Blah blah blah.

That being said, I continue to find some strong evidence to show the planet is in a cooling period and that the sun/solar activity is, in large part, responsible. Read this fmi. Information as gathered by non-oil industry folks and other unbiased scientists. You gotta admit. This global warming campaign/debate has been great for business and gives the government another excuse to tax and regulate us even more. Plus, it's a great guilt inducer for the little people (while for big business, it's "business as usual").

As a side note: Anyone see Hillary's ad about her support for going green and how this means getting big oil to invest in cleaner, newer technology? NO NO NO NO, I thought. RED FLAG ALERT RED FLAG ALERT!! Encourage small, private businesses and individuals to create and implement the technology. Insane policy. Hillary's idea is like assigning a professional criminal a new job without rehabilitating the criminal.

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