The Real Agenda Behind The Government's Need To "Obliterate" Iran

Obliterate, as used by Hillary. Or McCain's forever tarnishing of Barbara Ann with "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran." It's all about fulfilling biblical prophecy, for both the Jewish and Christian religious extremists, both of whom claim Israel is the chosen land as given to the people of Israel by God. The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah while the Christians are awaiting for the second coming. And you can't really have that in all of it's biblical authenticity with all of those pesky Arab's around now, can you? (Forgive me for my sarcasm when referring to the possible death of millions of innocent, beautiful human beings. I certainly do not mean any disrespect. This on-going agenda is just all so ridiculously mind-boggling to me.)

I used to live next door to someone who was very well-versed in Middle East History. He told me there was on-going political and religious posturing and policy-making that would lead to one thing: a war between the Christian and Arab worlds. This was over 10 years ago. Even though at the time I didn't quite believe what he said (I was still in my religious/political slumber), his words stayed with me, or that part of me that knows better than to believe the words of the status quo. Today, I believe he is spot on. It's already well underway.

Let me say this one more time with feeling for the fence sitters. The Bible, the Koran, insert-religious-text are nothing more than words on paper as written by people. Look at them as ancient blogs. Who is to say what is "god" inspired or not? Who is to say what I write is not "god" inspired? You can't. Not with any definitive truth. It's silly to even argue such a thing that is not, never has been and never will be "winnable". It's all belief. And beliefs change with life experience. Some of us find that our beliefs become more simplified and lessen in terms of numbers as we search to reconnect with ourselves. Today about all I believe is that we can have paradise; that this is what love calls us to do. Create. Not destroy. Share, not steal and hoard. Accept, not judge or preach.

If enough believe in something and give it energy and action, there will be a consequence that supports that belief. Knowing that, don't you think it's beneficial to focus on peace and love (you know, those pesky little traits the religious texts speak most of, but are blatantly ignored at the most convenient of times) instead? Accept. Respect. Want for everyone else what you want for yourself--happiness and peace. The freedom to just be you. However that looks--in so long as the result doesn't take away the freedoms of another. (Gotta add the compromise caveat. Or maybe it's just a "remember to love" caveat.)


nolocontendere said...

The three most dangerous words for our time - "God's Chosen People".

I would disagree with you slightly about Iran being a target. The agenda is to obliterate all stumbling blocks to Israeli hegemony, and the Persians are the chief rival now, with other countries in the region bought off or in cahoots. But virtually all the religious hatred is manufactured by ziofascist spook agencies, because inflamed religious animosities are the vehicles to kick off the violence necesssary to accomplish that end.

It's a dirty secret that the filthy MSM would have us believe otherwise. The fascists don't give a rat's ass about holy this and sacred that; it's all political maneuvering behind the religion facade. Big media wants us to believe all sects share equal responsibility for hatred where in reality the driving force is ziofascist spook agencies with their dirty tricks and death squads, backed up with militaries funded by american mouthbreathers. Therefore we get endless torrents of hateful propaganda about muslims, all designed to get us ready and willing for that final war you mentioned, which by the way is just a stand in for the defunct anti communist hysteria of decades past.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Yes, I have heard that and believe it--50 years ago it was the commies to fear. Today, the muslims. I read a headline today about some big wig in Iran calling for an end to Israel. It appears all continues to go as planned. Sigh...