Gardening Day

We spruced up the place with a variety of annuals and perennials. Got my favorite flowering plant: the gerbera daisy. I also planted some pansies. I cannot do this anymore without thinking of my friend's mother, who passed away many years ago. The mother never was fond of pansies and had some phrase about batting away at their heads. Now when I plant them, I think of things like "pansy swatting" or "pansyhead bopping".

We also planted some sunflower seeds and a few herbs. Feels very good to grow our own food. We have some space leftover for tomatoes and beans. For now, the pocketbook and back need a break. I wish we had more space, or a landlord who wouldn't balk at the idea of tearing up some of the grass (I pulled up that ridiculous cloth he put down to stop the weeds from sprouting--anyone ever heard of just pulling them??--I used the space to plant the seeds). I would love to put in squash, pumpkins, corn and potatoes.

Equally as important was taking precautions to ensure the slugs would have a real time at reaching some of the edibles as well as making sure the fur animal who resides with us doesn't go tearing through the area with the planted seeds en route to chasing the squirrel who visits. Or shall I say taunts. I've been thinking of buying a video camera for awhile for a variety of reasons (of the legal kind), one being for videotaping the game played out almost daily this time of year with our dog and that adorable yet pesky squirrel. Seeing our sprinter dog tear after the squirrel as it (the squirrel) does an amazingly perfect balancing act on the fence as it races for safety would provide some real entertainment. It certainly does for Mr. N and I.

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