Challenging The Status Quo: An Open Letter

This is an open letter to one Christopher Cruise, loan officer with amerisave.com. It is in response to a quote I read by him in Reader's Digest, which goes as follows: "Owning a home is not a birthright. ...for some people, the American dream of homeownership is just that-a dream." This open letter to Mr. Cruise is also an open letter to all those who not only believe as he does but also are behind the scenes working to ensure the slavery of the average american citizen continues. Continues so that their profit margin might continue to increase while the bank accounts and thus lives of millions of americans continue to fall apart.

"Dear Mr. Cruise~

You don't know me, at least not personally. But I may seem familiar. I am one of those folks you refer to in the Reader's Digest article. One of those folks who, as you claim, don't have the right to home ownership. For me, it is just to remain a dream. Too damn bad for me and others like me, huh?

To begin with, what universal god died and left you in charge of what one has a right to or not? What makes you think you are speaking some universal truth? Perhaps you're simply spinning an opinion, an opinion as designed by those who wish to see the class system kept in place, who wish to see only select and small numbers of people achieving the dream of america. An opinion forced down the throats and into the ears and minds of persons residing in this "free market" country in order to ensure a working class who does most of the sweating and actual hard work that in turn guarantees the CEO's wealth. An opinion created and crafted, handed down through all facets of the system: government, media, business, school, the church.

I for one don't buy your opinion-disguised-as-truth.

Here in America we love to blow the trumpet of freedom, of liberty, of justice, of equality for all. And yet they're merely words left to scatter to the winds while the exact opposite is what remains solid.

You cannot have a free market economy, at least in the way we have now where it's a free for all/do or die/every man woman and child for him/herself and have freedom, justice and equality. You cannot have freedom, justice and equality when we have a system that defines worth based on ones monetary resources. You cannot have freedom, justice and equality when we have such huge disparities of wealth between company top brass and their workers. And certainly a society set on equality, freedom and justice for all certainly doesn't have issues such as hunger and poverty.

You see Mr. Cruise (and all those who believe as he does), in a free society that embraces equality for all, justice and liberty, we all realize we're all equal. We all have inherent worth that cannot be bought or sold, manipulated or defined. It is something we all have--at our birth. That means we each have the same damn right to own that piece of land, regardless of our financial means. That means that yes indeed, owning a chunk of land, having that american dream, is indeed a birth right. If you are an american who truly embraces the values as previously mentioned, you will hold that belief, too.

You see, freedom is rather misunderstood. In its truest, purest definition, it is the right to live and be and do as one wishes in so long as this said choice does not interfere with the rights of others to enjoy the same freedom. Look around our society and ask yourself if this freedom is being enjoyed by all. You will find that answer to be a resounding 'no'. Then you may rethink your above mentioned quote and come to the conclusion that perhaps, you aren't speaking a truth but rather a very misguided opinion that has been, like the rest of us, pushed on you for a very long time. Too long."


One Woman who speaks for millions


crallspace said...

One can only hope that Cruise and all the others like him sink into the cold reality that many face, as you said, in this "free market" economy.

When the collapse comes, those with the most money will feel it the hardest. Not so bad, as it turns out.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

Those whom I wish to see impacted the most (those in positions of power who knowingly use people for their own financial gain) are likely not to be harmed whatsoever. They've likely been stocking their wealth-as-gained-through-the-slave-labor-of-others into tax-free, off-shore investments; into precious metals; and trading those greens for other currencies.

We need a modern day Robin Hood. You had the perfect hat for it the other day. Wanna take on the role?? :)

ChristopherCruise said...

I am Christopher Cruise, the mortgage professional quoted in Reader's Digest. I am, frankly, puzzled by the vehemence of the letter-writer here. Is she suggesting that people have a RIGHT to own a home???

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

If you are going to comment Mr. Cruise, at least read the post word to word. If you had, you would have an answer to your own question.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I happened to come across your site after reading the same article.

Unfortunately, what is taking place now that the common people are re-investing in the "business" of these criminals - what will come next will be even worse for the average person. They've proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they are crooks and insolent scroundrels. So, their powerful buddies in political office reward them to try to make a place for themselves with the rich when the downfall comes.

Everyone will place blame here and there. The devastation around the corner will be unlike anything seen before. In one hour Babylon will fall. (being a whorish america)

But, the good news is that these people testifying before congress this week, denying cuplability in this most enormous move of wealth from the needy to the super-rich, and those thieves at AIG just returned from california spending america's money for golf, spa-statutes, and luxury meals and rooms WILL set in eternal punishment and torment. And the poor child that starved to death in the street due to their - there is no adjective strong enough - will not be permitted to let a drop of water fall from that child's place in rest from this life. This fact is more certain that any fact you know.

Forgiveness. Unbelievable, but it is the only tool you have at your disposal to move on and continue to create a good life anew, even while these heathens rage.