On a lighter note...

Did you know that when babies first begin to walk, they walk faster than their parents?

Did you know when you put your baby down to play, she will automatically go for the one thing in which you do NOT want her to play?

Did you know that the concept of babies sleeping soundly and deeply on a regular basis is a lie?  (Ok, it's a myth.  When you're a sleep-deprived parent who has relied on "experts" and find out said "experts" don't always know what they're talking of, you tend to call them LIARS.)

Did you know that some days your baby may actually feel heavier to you - like noticably heavier? 
Did you know that in her infinate, awesome wisdom, nature gives parents, the mama especially, super human strength, incredible vision (also known as "eyes in the back of the head"), insight and the capacity to operate on very little sleep day in and day out?  Uh huh. 

Did you know that, if you're a breastfeeding mama, and your baby consumes more milk, you will also consume more food?  Talk about eating for 2!  At NO time, not even during pregnancy, does this have more meaning. 

Did you know that the phrase "when the child is your own, it's totally different to your heart, mind, soul and patience than any other child you've ever known" is COMPLETELY TRUE? 

Uh huh.