The Fall Of America (dot net): Profiting Off The Collapsing Economy

I've been receiving this series of e-mails, which I am assuming came to me via David Icke's e-mail list. In it is a link to a website, thefallofamerica.net, where I can purchase, for only $79, a DVD compilation of what's really going on behind the curtain, along with a huge list of things I can do right now to ensure my safety and survival during the upcoming chaos that's going to be visiting us soon. (As if it isn't already chaotic and insane enough.)

I must make it clear that I'm on the same page as these dudes. I agree we're being lied to in such a perverse manner, which is to say the government and their corporate media whores are LYING to us daily by saying the economy is improving, which is of course what THE PEOPLE (i.e. the victims) WANT to hear. Hell, we ALL want it to improve. No one (but the mentally deranged) wants to suffer or struggle and certainly no one (again but the mentally deranged) wants to see others suffer or struggle (well a little suffering and struggle for the PTB ain't such a bad idea). But nonetheless, these hopes of ours are being falsely placated in a gross, ugly, vile, evil manner. And that's what the authors of this DVD are doing as well IN THEIR OWN WAY is playing on our fears by essentially saying "BUY OUR DVD AND PROTECT YOURSELF!"



Know what? If I were privy to such knowledge AND ways to HELP the people--I WOULD GET THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE AT NO FUCKING CHARGE! Or at the VERY least I would give it away for NOTHING TO THOSE IN FINANCIAL NEED! Ask for donations. God--I'd get CREATIVE so that EVERYONE WHO WANTED MY INFORMATION COULD GET IT!

I mean jesus fucking christ already! They essentially say: "We know times are tough. We know millions are homeless. Millions are losing their homes, their savings, their jobs. Millions are without insurance and in need of medical care. The system has CREATED this. But WE CAN HELP!....just give us $79 first."

They even have the GALL to say $79 is AFFORDABLE. Affordable for WHOM?

Fucking bastards. Every last one of them. You don't throw FEAR and URGENCY in someone's face, say "I can help you but FIRST you gotta pay me". I'm so fucking sick of that. I'm sick of idiots (WHO PROFITED OFF THE SYSTEM AND ARE SECURE THEMSELVES) who give advice that is completely NOT DOABLE FOR MANY OF US. I'm sick of these same idiots who are only out for their OWN survival, who are in the POSITION of TRULY offering CONCRETE HELP (money, shelter, food and the like) to those who are in need but instead they're totally unaware of their own brainwashed rugged individualistic conditioning, they sit on their fat asses preaching nothing but obvious dribble (to those of us who are awake) without offering up ANYTHING OF VALUE. Many will though--IF ONLY YOU PAY THEM.

Fuck that. That isn't love. That isn't kindness. It isn't compassion. It's EVIL. It's every bit as evil as those who created this capitalistic system. And I'm fed the farm-fuck up with 'em all.

Such folks need to realize that the growing populace of victims may just begin to hit up THEIR estates first and foremost when they become desperate enough. And of course it doesn't have to be this way if only THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE would UNITE WITH THOSE WHO DO NOT. But that would require REAL authentic connection. REAL compassion. REAL effort. And my experience has been such folks don't want such things. They want their money. Their security. And they want to be left alone. In a way an understandable feeling. But certainly not a very evolved one. Some day...sooner than later most likely...they will see the error of their ways.


Sunday Musings. Or, I Blog Therefore I Am.

20 weeks is upon me. 21 is around the corner. Mr. N's clothing is now something I take interest in as is anything with a drawstring waistline. I no longer roll out of bed without some sort of help from my arms and/or legs (I tried 5 times tonight just to show Mr. N I could still roll outta bed like everyone else. I did not succeed.) People I know see me from the front and now they smile, sometimes patting my belly. (That being said, most have said I am still quite small. None of course are actually pregnant.) Some days I feel beautiful. Other days, frumpy. I now get why women used to wear those mumu's. Ugly as anything but comfort takes on a totally new meaning when your belly is expanding every week. Some days I feel like I'm carrying a small basketball. Other days, a bowling ball. Doing yoga-often daily-is something that is becoming not just a pleasure but a necessity. Things like constipation and indigestion are to be avoided in the same manner in which I avoid religious fanatics. Gentle belly rubs by daddy-to-be are about the best thing I can imagine right now in terms of calming comfort. I can now look at my body in the mirror, sideways, without gasping. Usually I smile but sometimes I still think "oh my god..." I am very protective of my personal space, in particular my belly. A very primitive, instinctive feeling. Reading stories and singing songs to the little-one-to-be are new activities Mr. N and I are really enjoying. Amazing that just 2.5 months ago we were so resistant to this whole experience. Now it has--this little baby has--become the center of our world. And that makes us smile. When we're not still a bit overwhelmed by both the reality and surrealism that is...

Listened to a piece on C-Span earlier in the week. Host was interviewing Steve (puke) Forbes and folks were calling in discussing the economy. One guy was nailing truth after truth, showing the obvious flaws and controls of our "free" market capitalistic system. He was cut off after a few moments which left Mr. N and I saying "Hey, let the guy speak!" Mr. Forbes brilliant response was packaged in a nice little system spin game of verbal puppet speak, praising the results of capitalism, worshipping it for how it has allowed for such great achievements and advancements. Of course he left out it has allowed for such things FOR THE FEW AT THE EXPENSE OF THE REST. And of course, his spewing verbage was presented with that evil smile he is known for along with those tiny little lying, lifeless little slits of flesh known to you and I as "eyes". (A surefire way of really reading someone on television is by covering up the lower portion of their faces and looking only at their eyes. The eyes never lie. And for fun, try it the next time you're at church or listening to some globalist give a speech. Just make sure to ask permission to touch their face.)

Listened to another interesting piece on The Research Channel today. A female Climatologist was telling the audience the main driving indicator behind today's current changing climate is the Sun. She explained how the ocean and the tundra are the two largest reserves of CO2 and given the fact that temps have indeed been rising due to natural earth cycles, it is the ocean and the tundra that are releasing the most CO2. Not you and I and our automobile and incondescent lightbulb usage. However, that being said, she also added that humankind is indeed speeding up this process. Her belief is that we will continue to see the warming (although the earth is trying to balance herself out by showing signs of cooling but it isn't enough to balance out the scale) before plunging into an Ice Age. Such a setup is simply following a pattern Earth has gone through before.

Some common sense insight. On television. Finally.

As I've said before - follow the money and positions of power behind those who say global climate change is caused by humans. Watch who they blame. Watch how they sit back and enjoy the unnecessary divisiveness both sides of this issue engage in, letting their emotions get the better of them whilst refusing to find any sort of balance OR common sense OR logic from the opposing side--all the while missing the real agenda behind the curtains. Watch as they tell YOU to change whilst they head off to their next million dollar lecture in their limo's and private jets only to return home to their over-sized mansions and rarely used tennis courts and pools. Follow these folks and the stringent policies and controls they are forcing upon you and I while allowing the MAIN polluters (i.e. big biz) to continue on with their destructive ways. Watch as these same folks dismiss REAL change such as allowing for the worldwide growing of Hemp, which could eliminate the need for such environmentally destructive items such as cotton, coal and oil. Power With Hemp, baby.


CNN to Lou Dobbs: Resign Or You're Fired.

Well, this is what happens when you don't have cable and don't spend much time watching mainstream media. You miss out on some things. I just received an e-mail stating Lou Dobbs got canned. (In reality, he resigned, albeit it under pressure. According to this story, CNN had been trying to find a way to remove Dobbs because he had become a liability about some of his "controversial" views on Obama and immigration.)

Oh, boo fucking hoo, CNN. Isn't being controversial what authentic journalism is all about? A search for truth? CNN is no better than Fox and the rest of that ilk. Whether you like Dobbs or not, he had the balls to speak of those things unspeakable. I put Dobbs in the same category as I do Beck. While I think some of his views are whacked and while I think his sudden attack on this current administration while essentially dismissing the hell from the previous 8 years, I admire the guy for talking about the collapsing economy and the Big Brother agenda.


Oh Say Can You See...The End Of My Country

Some stats I've collected to put to rest the pointless arguments of those who still have and the elite (who are still going after the "still haves") who claim if only you just apply yourself you can have the new car, the new house, that fantastic good paying job with benefits. blah blah blah

*Between the years 1997-2007, real wages increased only 75 cents an hour. This, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

*During this 10 year period, cost of living increased 26%. Of this 26%:
Housing increased 29%
Day care/child care increased 52%
Gas increased 134%
Medical insurance increased 43%

(And need I mention that food costs have jumped approximately 25% in the past two years alone.)

*Real value of the minimum wage peaked in 1968, when it was worth $7.73 in today's dollar.

*In 1972 you could buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bath split level home in a nice subarb in Lake Oswego Oregon for $17,000. That same home today sells for well over $300,000.

*Along the lines of the previous, in 1966 the median home price for the country was $21,000. As of 2008 it was $232,000.

*Along the lines of the above housing costs, in 1966 the average income was $7600, more than adaquate to afford a $21,000 home. As of 2008, the average income was $58,000, grossly falling short of affording that $232,000 home.

*There has been a downward trend in real wages since 1974, with only a temporary increase in the late 90's, during Clinton's second administration.

Where's all that wealth going? Well of course most readers of my blog, being the intelligent folks you are, know. But for those who haven't quite figured that one out, here's a little stat to help point you in the right direction:

*In 1978, the average CEO's pay was 78 times that of the typical minimum wage worker. By 2005, that same CEO's pay was 851 times that of the same worker.


I read something spoken by a homeless Vietnam Vet. He said he still believes in "hard work and earning wages" as a means of supporting oneself. And yet, he applied that ethic to his own life and he's now homeless.

And yet he still believes in this ethic? This western capitalistic individualistic ethic that failed him along with millions of others (numbers only growing). And here he still sits clinging to a dying way of life. Awake, yet still somehow asleep.


The Left and The Ostrich Effect

If this is your first time reading, I don't want the title to cause you to assume I'm a rightie, ok? I'm not. I'm beyond both the right and the left, off in my own little field where seeing behind smoke and mirrors, political double-speak and other bullshit is the norm. Labels only divide and that's exactly what the PTB want amongst the people: Division.

That being said....... I've been watching the left frantically hang on to the last little threads of rope, desperately trying to avoid the inevitable - that their "Mr. Change We Can Believe In" sold them a bag of lies. Gitmo is simply being relocated. Nation invading remains part of U.S. foreign policy. Sucking the wealth from the people and passing it along to the elite continues. The crimes of the previous administration are simply being swept underneath the rug. Jobs continue to leave this country with absolutely no real solid, long-term, permanent jobs policies having been created. Despite his pledge to back off on medical marijuana raids, his DEA buddies have only increased their war (on the people) in Cali.

Need I go on?

To quote Michael Moore (regarding Obama and his Afghanistan policy): "Our president cannot be drinking the same kool-aid as Bush. I refuse to believe it."

And that's the problem. Mr. Moore and his well-meaning ilk are exhibiting the Ostrich Effect, which is the refusal to see the truth when it's as clear as the sun in the sky in the middle of a hot summer day.

Hey, realizing we were fooled is difficult to admit in this individualistic society of ours. And owning our own mistakes, all the more difficult.

While I have sympathy for these folks, there is no time to waste. These folks simply must pull their heads out of the sand and own up to the fact that they were called to vote for this man for the following reasons:

1) He's black. (Own it folks. You know that's a part of it.)
2) He orates beautifully. Well ok, he orates better than Bush and after 8 years of such brutal assaults on the english language, any improvement was going to provide a sense of attraction and relief.
3) He tossed around the "I was against the Iraq war from the start" mantra.
4) He used the word "change" 10,356 times (my stat).

In short, he played on the people's desperation, their sense of hope and faith.

And that should have all of you Obama supporters even more upset than realizing the theft of the 2000 Election by Bush and Co. One is subtle, another more blatantly obvious. I mean come on, Bush himself even stated he would be taking Florida. You could "mark" his word on that.

So what's it gonna be? You ready to remove that head from the sand and join in with the folks who see the light? If so, you will be eagerly welcomed.

Insurance Companies: Constitution Molesters

As I looked through our latest insurance bill and noticed my car policy has jumped up, I recalled a couple of bills passed by our brilliant legislatures in Salem which increases the property damage liability limits, minimum uninsured motorist property damage limits and the minimum personal injury protection. All of this bullshit is simply another means for the insurance companies to steal more of our money as they hand out dollars to the very legislative twitheads who passed this bogus legislation to begin with. Oh sure, they did it under the guise of "protecting the consumer" (by claiming a family whose one family member was riding in a vehicle involved in an accident did not receive the full benefits of the policy due to family exclusion limits) but we all know such lines are smoke and mirrors, meant to keep us even more regulated and controlled. And besides, since when on earth did the injury of a citizen ever truly effect our legislature? Like they care about the people's well-being?

Give me a break.

Mandated insurance (of any kind) is unconstitutional and these folks know it. (Note to Obama supporters who voted for him while knowing he planned to mandate that all of us carry health insurance: You getting the picture yet?) Knowingly causing such damage to our rights is simply another form of molestation, hence the term "Constitution Molesters".