The Fall Of America (dot net): Profiting Off The Collapsing Economy

I've been receiving this series of e-mails, which I am assuming came to me via David Icke's e-mail list. In it is a link to a website, thefallofamerica.net, where I can purchase, for only $79, a DVD compilation of what's really going on behind the curtain, along with a huge list of things I can do right now to ensure my safety and survival during the upcoming chaos that's going to be visiting us soon. (As if it isn't already chaotic and insane enough.)

I must make it clear that I'm on the same page as these dudes. I agree we're being lied to in such a perverse manner, which is to say the government and their corporate media whores are LYING to us daily by saying the economy is improving, which is of course what THE PEOPLE (i.e. the victims) WANT to hear. Hell, we ALL want it to improve. No one (but the mentally deranged) wants to suffer or struggle and certainly no one (again but the mentally deranged) wants to see others suffer or struggle (well a little suffering and struggle for the PTB ain't such a bad idea). But nonetheless, these hopes of ours are being falsely placated in a gross, ugly, vile, evil manner. And that's what the authors of this DVD are doing as well IN THEIR OWN WAY is playing on our fears by essentially saying "BUY OUR DVD AND PROTECT YOURSELF!"



Know what? If I were privy to such knowledge AND ways to HELP the people--I WOULD GET THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE AT NO FUCKING CHARGE! Or at the VERY least I would give it away for NOTHING TO THOSE IN FINANCIAL NEED! Ask for donations. God--I'd get CREATIVE so that EVERYONE WHO WANTED MY INFORMATION COULD GET IT!

I mean jesus fucking christ already! They essentially say: "We know times are tough. We know millions are homeless. Millions are losing their homes, their savings, their jobs. Millions are without insurance and in need of medical care. The system has CREATED this. But WE CAN HELP!....just give us $79 first."

They even have the GALL to say $79 is AFFORDABLE. Affordable for WHOM?

Fucking bastards. Every last one of them. You don't throw FEAR and URGENCY in someone's face, say "I can help you but FIRST you gotta pay me". I'm so fucking sick of that. I'm sick of idiots (WHO PROFITED OFF THE SYSTEM AND ARE SECURE THEMSELVES) who give advice that is completely NOT DOABLE FOR MANY OF US. I'm sick of these same idiots who are only out for their OWN survival, who are in the POSITION of TRULY offering CONCRETE HELP (money, shelter, food and the like) to those who are in need but instead they're totally unaware of their own brainwashed rugged individualistic conditioning, they sit on their fat asses preaching nothing but obvious dribble (to those of us who are awake) without offering up ANYTHING OF VALUE. Many will though--IF ONLY YOU PAY THEM.

Fuck that. That isn't love. That isn't kindness. It isn't compassion. It's EVIL. It's every bit as evil as those who created this capitalistic system. And I'm fed the farm-fuck up with 'em all.

Such folks need to realize that the growing populace of victims may just begin to hit up THEIR estates first and foremost when they become desperate enough. And of course it doesn't have to be this way if only THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE would UNITE WITH THOSE WHO DO NOT. But that would require REAL authentic connection. REAL compassion. REAL effort. And my experience has been such folks don't want such things. They want their money. Their security. And they want to be left alone. In a way an understandable feeling. But certainly not a very evolved one. Some day...sooner than later most likely...they will see the error of their ways.


Devin said...

This was a very brilliant article Nina -and I couldn't agree more about the "affordability" issue and the evil of folks saying shit like this -"just give us 79 bucks or however much first!" what a crock!!
I once saw a you tube video of Alex Jones on the eve of Y2K -still pimping his wares -even though this was AFTER it was very apparent things were going to be fine!
His voice was tinged with the most disgusting hysteria-it would have been funny if it weren't him trying to make a profit off Y2k -until he had got all the "suckers" he could possibly get!!
All the best in the world to you -and thanks for this wonderful article -and I hope 2010 brings you and your family nothing but joy-it is going to be up to us-we the people -to say "fuck" this constant infusion of fear and stupidty into American society-as the media is so obviously bought and paid for!!

Nina said...

hi devin-happy new year to you as well! you know what would be a kind thing to do? if these fear-mongering types would say "if we are WRONG and all of these AWFUL things we say are DEFINITELY going to happen DO NOT transpire, we'll refund your money." i mean honest to god...

now we have all these folks profiting off of the 2012 scenario (which is simply marks the end of a natural earth cycle and in no way is about the earth coming to some cataclysmic end--lest the PTB work w/the changing weather and stir up some nasty weather-control programs). PREPARE YOUR FAMILY! BUILD UNDERGROUND! HAVE 3 YEARS OF FOOD ON HAND (to which i say if the world's gonna end, THREE YEARS WILL SUFFICE???) WE WILL TELL YOU HOW. JUST SEND US $150! on and on and on... while i think these people have some good intentions (or started out that way), i do believe their MAIN goal is ego-based. i believe it's primarily a selfish gesture to make some bucks off of a broken system filled with frightened people. and that as i said is every bit as "evil" as the ones controlling the system. and of course when i write such folks/organizations and have suggested they offer a sliding scale fee or donations only because HELLOOOOOO not all can afford to TOTALLY prepare their families in ways they claim are necessary and could use some HELP from those who HAVE (AND profited off the system) - i don't ever hear back.

Anonymous said...

musingsofnina.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.