Insurance Companies: Constitution Molesters

As I looked through our latest insurance bill and noticed my car policy has jumped up, I recalled a couple of bills passed by our brilliant legislatures in Salem which increases the property damage liability limits, minimum uninsured motorist property damage limits and the minimum personal injury protection. All of this bullshit is simply another means for the insurance companies to steal more of our money as they hand out dollars to the very legislative twitheads who passed this bogus legislation to begin with. Oh sure, they did it under the guise of "protecting the consumer" (by claiming a family whose one family member was riding in a vehicle involved in an accident did not receive the full benefits of the policy due to family exclusion limits) but we all know such lines are smoke and mirrors, meant to keep us even more regulated and controlled. And besides, since when on earth did the injury of a citizen ever truly effect our legislature? Like they care about the people's well-being?

Give me a break.

Mandated insurance (of any kind) is unconstitutional and these folks know it. (Note to Obama supporters who voted for him while knowing he planned to mandate that all of us carry health insurance: You getting the picture yet?) Knowingly causing such damage to our rights is simply another form of molestation, hence the term "Constitution Molesters".

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