Orb in Photo?

Mr. N took this photo of me and baby-to-be last month. We're taking monthly photos to watch our growing baby and my expanding belly (doggie Shilo wants to be in the photos too). After uploading this one onto the computer, I noticed the bright circular object in the upper left-hand corner and immediately felt a chill. The next picture he took showed another circular object of the same size, not nearly as bright (quite faint actually) same height only it had moved a bit more to the right. Was this the spirit of our baby wanting to be in the picture, wanting to appear as something more than just a bump on mama's belly? I'm not totally convinced, but that is my hunch. I e-mailed the photo to a place that investigates orbs and haven't heard back yet.

What do you think?


Devin said...

Nina-I had an odd thought when I read this-and this is "way out there" as they say. What if the orb is the spirit of your child that is checking out to see if you will be its mother and belong to your family?
Many think that the spirit of the baby is already in by as little as 49 days after conception-but in some cases I have heard others talk about "baby spirits" who entered the mother's womb as little as a few days before conception.
This is a great and fascinating photo whatever the case may be!!
You look absolutely fantastic for a mother to be -I will be sending positive thoughts and energy your and your family's way into the coming months. It seems I cant do anything to help myself-but if I pray for others and hope for good outcomes for them-it works-maybe that is the way it is supposed to be?
all the best in the world to you my friend!!! and Shilo and your family too-plus the baby!!!

Nina said...

hi devin~
what kind, sweet words you shared. i deeply thank you for that. yes--my intuition said (says) it is the spirit of our baby. and you know me by now--that is not an "out there" thought by ANY means. lol i know there are many theories on when the spirit actually enters the physical body. many years ago i took a past-life hypnosis class. during one of the inductions, i followed the instructor's suggestion of "look down and see what shoes are on your feet" (to help determine the period of history, gender and the like). well, not only did i have no shoes, i had no feet. freaked me out. but i definitely felt some corporeal body and i was definitely aware. i looked around at my surroundings and saw my mother giving birth. to ME, i immediately realized. i remember thinking "she looks so YOUNG" and "where's dad?" (before remembering dad's weren't allowed in the delivery room back then). anyway i suddenly felt this magnetic draw--felt it in my mid-section (if there is a mid-section once we leave our bodies)--it was SO powerful--i had no control over it. next thing i know i'm flying like lightening speed towards my mother, whereby i entered into her womb--i heard squishy type noises and saw blackness, then the vision faded and i was snapped back awake.

very powerful. it has given me the thought that, perhaps, we merely circle our mother's as spirits and only the body we will inhabit upon birth. i wonder, like all of life, if there aren't MANY possibilities and it depends, largely, on the will of the soul.

i'll have to try out your theory. i've become really self-focused right now (have so much on our plates that doesn't even include this precious baby) and some days it feels like we're just stuck, having more life crap thrown on us than we feel we can handle alone. perhaps focusing on others--at least more--will be beneficial--for all. i think you may be correct on that. i hope your back is better--enabling you to do more. have you ever tried yoga? (p.s.-i have to laugh as i view that photo--i thought i was REALLY showing at the time--that's nothing compared to how i look today. very noticable belly bump--combined w/the belly fat i had prior to this experience making me feel like a beached whale at times--then beautiful and earth-goddess mama bliss at other times. all i can say is thank GOODNESS this is a gradual process because your entire body really goes through this experience and some days i think how will i walk w/o falling over when i'm at the end of this pregnancy???)