Olbermann and Matthews: One's A Hero. One's A Putz.

I happened to catch a couple of pieces on MSNBC the past week. I say "happened to" catch because I rarely watch mainstream media of any sort. Sometimes I channel surf just to see what's going on. Last week, during a brief evening surf, I stumbled upon a long, passionate rant by Keith Olbermann where, in a nutshell, he nailed not only what is fucked up about health care/health insurance but what is fucked up about this system: Simply because one makes more money than another does NOT entitle them to the rights of health care, housing, food, clothing, education and the like. As Olbermann so eloquently and truthfully stated (paraphrased): "What kind of a country do we want? This is America. We're supposed to help out and share with those in need. I want my tax dollars going to help out those in need. Just because I happen to have the privilege of making a very good income does not mean I am more deserving of having access to the best health care in the country." He shared a couple of personal stories related to health care. Each point he made was sincere and spot on. I hope he continues on with his mission.

Then there's the flip side. That idiot Chris Matthews. He had on a constitutional lawyer who has organized a group of 2nd Amendment supporters whose purpose is to ensure the government does not impose martial law, enforce concentration camps and to ensure that our freedom's and liberties are not stripped away from us. Matthews accused the guy of creating hysteria while conveniently bypassing the guy's legitimate questions then interrupting and engaging in his typical egotistical bully-speak. Clue to Matthews: This isn't hysteria. This is a group of individuals who know their rights and who care enough about this country and its inhabitants to ensure federalism doesn't further spread it's slimy fingers into our lives. The lawyer had weak arguments. I was even hollering out points of truth for this guy to help him out. It was a classic case of bully vs. wimp. The funniest of all though was when the lawyer pointed out the Patriot Act and how that has ripped apart parts of our Constitution. Matthews response was to stumble for a bit before saying (paraphased): "Well yeah but that is currently being discussed in Congress to see if changes need to be made." Such a brilliant man. Sure. Trust the same idiots who passed this bogus piece of legislation to "discuss" it and make necessary changes. Right. Uh huh. Too many stage lights shinin' on Matthews fryin' his puppet brain.

Not that Olbermann isn't clueless himself in his own way. He doesn't see the real agenda behind the scenes. He thinks pro-gun groups are right wing nuts. He thinks any discussion of concentration or FEMA camps is hysteria. He would read through this blog and similar others and quickly assign the label "right wing" whilst totally bypassing all of my very otherwise "socialistic" ideas. It's really impossible to put a label on me you see, and those still asleep behind the wheel simply cannot stand not being able to label someone. It makes it that much easier for a person to keep stuck in their own mind thought and opinions.


New Blog Link

Here's the link to my new blog. The title alone tells you what's been going on and why I haven't posted much. It likely won't suit the interests of current blog readers, but if you know of anyone who may be interested, could you please pass it along? I'm looking to expand it and, hopefully, make some sort of an income out of it! I don't know how much I will be posting here at this point given how my focused has changed. So for the interim, political and social musings will likely be on hold. That is lest I find some (social/political) situation that relates to my current "condition" that I decide to muse about... : )


Free From Facebook!!

After weeks of contemplating, I finally canceled my F/B page. Overall, I found the experience to be a waste of time where I felt I was at some pretentious cocktail party. I'm not into cocktail type talk, certainly not with people who aren't in my real world experiences. I want to know what people THINK and FEEL. I want REAL exchanges, not p/c crap. I was hoping to reconnect with certain people but I found out that was just not going to happen. Sometimes you just can't go home. But that's ok. Home just takes on a new meaning.

In addition, I realized how crazy it was to give out my full name to the world whilst sharing personal beliefs that are contrary to the way things are. May as well walk around with a bullseye on my head saying "Here I am!" F/B is also full of bugs and cookies and other nasty things geared to slowing down your computer. You really want to be monitored? Sign up with F/B. Since signing up, my computer suddenly became quite slow. It also took me 20 minutes to deactivate my account. That's how controlling F/B is. I kept getting a page error warning. Likely they do this to everyone who wishes to cancel, figuring most will simply give up and give in, keeping their account open.

Of course, it is impossible to fully cancel your account. All you do is deactivate it. All I have to do is sign back in and it will all come back up for the world to see. That is so utterly invasive. If I had known this, I never would have signed up to begin with.

I'm on to other things. A new blog is being created, which I will link here shortly. In the meantime, cheers and peace!