No Roses For The Beavs

I watched the Civil War game on television yesterday. The first one all season. I'm not much of a sports fan. While I enjoy watching people with real talent display that talent, I usually get bored after 30 minutes or so and want something new. And I have a prejudice/issue with someone getting paid millions of dollars a year while my reality of job selection is more of the hourly kind of rate, implying clearly and loudly by society that what I contribute has much less value.

It's really quite crazy, if not downright disrespectfully ridiculous. What happened for us to allow "value" to become so extremely variable and categorized?

So back to it. I watched the game simply because I thought it would be kinda cool to see a local sports team go to the Rose Bowl. At first, my enthusiasm was quite high and yet I noticed something about my behavior that troubled me. I would boo the Duck's if they would score a touchdown. And I got caught up a few times in that frantic crowd behavior of jeers and hollers when the Beaver's would score.

I stopped myself and wondered "where is this coming from?" Is this authentic me or is this something more?

I thought back to Black Friday and the deplorable display by certain customer's at that Walmart Store back east, trampling that poor store clerk just to get inside and get a good deal.

Both my behavior and the behavior of the Walmart customer's seem to fall under the category of barbarian/solidly ego behavior where we just act and respond without thoughtful contemplation, focused on such things such as winner's and losers, who is right and who is wrong and me first me first.

It was then that I began to lose interest in the game. I watched it now and then for awhile, but my wild enthusiasm or whatever you want to call it was quieted. I began to look at the players as people. I began to appreciate the skill of the Duck's defense and how they simply played much better ball. When looking at it this way, through eyes of appreciation, while I still would have preferred at the time the Beaver's to win and felt a little sadness when they lost (I always feel empathy for the losing team no matter who it is), I enjoyed the experience more and most importantly, I felt in control of my reactions.

And ok, I gotta admit: I was grateful for the loss if only because we did not have to be subject to the loud obnoxious disrespectful cat calls and screams of drunk college students at all hours of the night and morning. Mayor Tomlinson says college student's don't cause any real problem in this community. He may come live in my neighborhood for a month and/or speak with some of the local officers who have told me calls to 911 increase sharply once the students return to get a clearer perspective. But that's a subject for another post, another day.

Bottom line: Sports is not the issue. It's human behavior that is. While we share some things with our animal friends, we're different in our own way. We were given a frontal cortex for a reason. Let us use it more.


Turkey: To Eat Or Not To Eat

I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead, I celebrate eating with others for whose company I enjoy. This year a dear friend whom I haven't seen in years is here to celebrate the eating fest with us.

And yet I ponder, do we eat the proverbial turkey or not?

I'm a meat eater. I've tried tofu as a meat substitute and it just isn't the same thing. I've tried going vegetarian. I've tried even just cutting out red meat. I began to feel weak and under-nourished. No amount of legumes, nuts, beans, etc. was giving me the protein my body kept telling me it needed. My body simply craves the protein meat offers. The last time I tried eating a tofu hot dog, my colon reacted rather violently, first by asking HEY WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT then by answering itself by saying I AM REMOVING THIS STUFF IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT PUT THAT CRAP THROUGH ME EVER AGAIN YOU HEAR? It was painful, both for my colon and for yours truly.

However, I've gotta admit, ever since I accidentally saw a brief portion of that Sarah Palin clip (will she NEVER go away???) speaking to the news cameras while some farm hand behind her stuffed turkeys head first into this "off with the head" vat, the idea of eating one kinda lost its appeal.

After I regained my composure and stopped crying, I asked Mr. Nina, "Isn't there a more humane way of preparing a turkey to eat?"

And yet, in truth, can we ever really attach the word "humane" to "intentional death"?

Our government loves to use the phrase "collateral damage" to describe the intentional death of civilians when such deaths result from their defined version of justified military intervention. So maybe we could say turkey's are collateral damage resulting from the human need to eat meat.

While that could be defined as an attempt at sick and twisted humor, it isn't too far from the truth. Some of us don't eat meat. Some of us do. As a result, animals must die. And until I can find some protein that satisfies my body in the way meat does, I will remain a meat eater. I will struggle with some guilt now and then as well as wish for different bodily needs. And this year, hopefully find a way to remove those graphic images I saw from my conscience.

Obama: Hope. Change.

i was inspired to write this piece last week after reading an excellent analysis on Rense about obama. at the time, i wasn't sure whether i should post it, my suspicion factor in particular high mode that day. his overuse of the word "change" was something that was already bothering me. every political figure running for prez thinks he/she has the golden wand for change. obama used it so much during his campaign, often surrounded by elusive promises and flowery words (the man CAN orate, afterall), that i quickly became sceptical. his use of the word "hope" was also bothering me for i had this inner suspicion he was playing on the fears and deep frustrations of the people to garner votes. then when i read in the Rense piece about the term "hope" and how it's a term used that makes reference to the future instead of the here and now, i thought YES. brilliant. wish i had thought of it first. for more reading, check out this piece on pugs in space's blog, a letter written by the man who received my vote, Ralph Nader.

Hope. Change.

These two words have been tossed around a lot the past many months. They are the two words that Obama used to get himself voted in as our next President-elect.

It was a brilliant move, really, for it is quite easy to prey upon the desperation of the masses. Feed them the right words, spoken by someone who truly knows how to orate, and the desperate will believe anything.

Sad, disheartening and frustrating it was and is to me that many Obama supporters somehow are convinced they are of the fully awake and aware crowd, pointing out to the McCain supporters how blind and naive they are. And yet they are every bit as unaware as those they are accusing.

Hope. It's something we think about in the future. It has nothing to do with the here and now.

Hope for a better world...tomorrow or the next day or the next month or next year.

Hope for an end to war...tomorrow or the next day or the next month or next year.

Hope for an end to poverty...tomorrow or the next day or the next month or next year. Etc. etc. etc.

While hope is important, the real word we are looking for is N O W. Equality, respect, and justice. N O W. Not tomorrow. Not the next day. Not next month. Not next year. N O W. NOW is doable. NOW is possible.

But Obama never said such words. Instead he infused our minds with "hope" that maybe things will be better in the future. Sort of like attaching a piece of cheese to a string and giving it to a very hungry mouse and telling him "this is yours" and each time he moves to take a bite, the string is moved just a bit more.

Haven't we had enough of these Political Frauds filling our minds with the lies of "hope"? Haven't we had enough of being told hope lies in the distant future just as soon as we bomb this country or bail out this corrupt industry or cover up yet another lie?

Then there's the word change. Oh yes, Obama was a master at convincing the masses he was the candidate to enact change. He was the one to steer our country in a different direction. And yet taking just an hour or two in learning who is behind him, who is advising him and anyone with a modicum of intelligence will soon realize he's only a new front. Only this time he's a brilliant front. Obama mania has swept not only this nation but the globe. And I do not exagerrate when I use the term "mania". The more of these videos I have watched of people's reaction to this man, the more concerned I become. People crying and screaming all over one man as though he's the Messiah.

Most think the past 8 years have come to an end. Truthfully though, they really havn't. We just now have a more educated, brilliant speaker at the forefront instead of a simpleton even the most die-hard conservative of Republicans could no longer stomach. You may install another Oz with different coloring, different intelligence quotient's, different political affiliation. But the real power of Oz was never Oz himself. The real power of Oz was the blind faith put on him by the people. People awoke quickly to the reality of the Oz of the past 8 years. But this time around, a new generation of slumbering folks has been spawned. For we have been presented with some new factors: intelligence, the ability to orate and skin color. All of this means we have a mass of people who will be much easier to fool this time around.

And that's something that should give us all pause.


Brenden Foster

For those who are not aware of this young boy's story, 11 year old Brenden Foster, whose wish was to feed the homeless, died on Friday after a three year battle with leukemia. Mr. Nina made me aware of this young boy after seeing his story on CNN earlier this week. Today a portion of the interview was rebroadcast. What I heard was one of the most "get my attention" moments I believe I've ever had.

The interviewer was asking Brenden what made him the saddest.

Now most of us would think he would say something like "leaving behind my family" or "not being able to play baseball anymore". Nope.

What made Brenden the saddest?

When people give up.

Those four little words he spoke put me to my knees.

I mean my god, you know?

Later on, Mr. Nina and I spoke about this beautiful child. Mr. N said he felt insignificant compared to this boy.

I thought about that. I thought about how common it is to find ourselves feeling small when we're in the face of Love in all its power and possibility. And yet really, why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we let ourselves go to that place of smallness? Love is grand, isn't it? It is awesome and amazing. It's what will save us. It's truly all we have.

So please don't let yourself fall into the trap that a sense of humbleness is meant to keep you small and meek. You are Love. You are meant to SHINE and SHINE BRIGHTLY. Be Grand. Be Awesome. Be the Amazing being you are. And maybe, just maybe, we can create a world where children like Brenden Foster will no longer need to hold the wish to see the homeless fed.


Uniquely American: Elitist Auto Execs Arrive In Private Jets With A Tin Cup

Ah yes, only in America will you see rich elitist big wigs begging Uncle Sam for money whilst out amongst the people, the poor and neglected and homeless are all too often spit upon for asking for the help from the same folks.

And hey, Obama wants to help bail out these faggots (let it be hereby known that my defintion of a faggot is one who owns a business and becomes obscenely wealthy running it, refusing to share the wealth with the workers, and then finds themselves in a bit of a pickle financially and rather than taking any accountability for their own actions runs crying to the government to be saved). If people had voted for Nader instead, no way in hell would this pussy ass whining and crying be tolerated. Hit the road jack. Nader knows the real role of the Government. Obama only knows business as usual.

Here's some little advice for these whiney faggots: How 'bout making cars that match your asian counterparts in terms of reliability and durability. I'm a Honda girl. You couldn't pay me to buy a car made by GM, Chrysler, et. al. And for the folks of GM: Perhaps ya'll should have cashed in on that electric car of the 90's afterall.

What is truly the most pitiful of this display of elitist begging is how they presented themselves. Arriving in their Armani suits having transported themselves on private jets does not present the picture of someone who knows the first thing about financial OR environmental responsibility. Why not carpool? They all have the same agenda, afterall. It is one thing for an out-of-work/disabled/fallen-on-hard-times individual to request financial help. It's altogether something different, of the obscenely ridiculous variety, for some corporate big wig elitist to request the same.

But again, only in America will you find this elitist sense of pretentious entitlement. And whilst we continue to install the same 'ole same 'ole talking heads, this behavior will only continue.


Doggy Fashion Day

Every home must have a princess.


Proposition 8: The Fearful Have Spoken. Freedom Still Remains A Distant Dream.

Some days I have these moments....who am I kidding....every day I have these moments where I'll hear something that astounds me internally, where upon I will have some thought that goes something like this: "I cannot believe it is 2008 and we're still talking about this issue."

One of those issues for me is homosexuality and the right to marry. And I present myself as a heterosexual, married female who loves men. Well, most of them.

For all of the finger-pointing that goes on from those who oppose gay marriage and homosexuality, what we have is a very frightened person who is not in touch with his/her own sexuality. A person who is more interested in quoting a couple of bible passages (as interpreted through his/her own point of view) than in remembering the real messages of Jesus: Love. Acceptance. Tolerance. Compassion. Freedom. Even some of the New World Order proponents engage in temporary insanity when they say homosexuality is part OF the New World Order to destroy the family.

It's an old argument, but I present it again: Since when did the heterosexual family claim success in the marriage AND family department? Isn't that still a giant work in progress?

And uh, since when does two same-gender individuals who are in love cause harm?

Afterall, isn't Love what we're all striving for? Who says it has to look a certain way? As long as it's Love, it abides by respect. Tolerance. Empathy. Compassion. The "do no harm" mantra surrounds Love.

Two people in love is damaging and harmful again in what way?

Remember when this same fearful mentality said the races should not mix and marry? Some said this would destroy marriage. This would cause all sorts of scary diseases. Well, we finally relaxed as a society and embraced this tradition. Hasn't this allowed for Love to continue along it's fluorishing, albeit it challenging path?

The citizens of California made the fearful choice to ban gay marriage. What a sad day this is for us all.

What a sad day this is for those who believe in Love.

What a sad day this if for those who understand freedom. Who truly deeply understand it. Who know freedom means the right to live and do as one pleases in so long as that choice is not unnecessarily harming another/others and/or imposing his/her will on others.

To live freely does not mean being free from being offended. And we all know that two same-gender people who wish to live in love as spouses are not causing unnecessary harm other than simply offending those who disagree with their lifestyle. To deny these people the right to be recognized as a married couple, that is causing unnecessary harm by announcing that they do not have the right to marry whomever legal aged adult they wish. To tell two adults "you may not marry" falls under the guise of parental authority. This is a classic example of imposing one's will on another.

And that, my friends, is contrary to the principles of freedom.

So what's it going to be? Are we going to be a nation that walks the talk of the principles of love and freedom? Or are we going to continue along shouting the words while carrying with us a suitcase of fearful behaviors that destroy these principles.

Settled On Obama. Wishing For Nadar, McKinney, Kucinich, etc...

I haven't really known what to say after last week's election. I temporarily fell into a hopeful state, lasting about 15 minutes. Likely this state was due to the little swoop of energy that spread through the country when it was announced Obama was to be Number 44. Perhaps the momentary lapse of reason was also due to knowing those damn annoying political ads were over and that I wouldn't have to see anymore Palin jokes or references.

For those who have been paying attention for enough time, we all know an Obama presidency, while tweaking things a bit here and there, is not going to offer up the change this country needs.

Not as long as the Banks continue to hold us hostage with credit debt and mortgages.
Not as long as Big Business continues to be on the government corporate welfare payroll.
Not as long as our government continues along it's road to Imperialism.
Not as long as Nafta remains a part of U.S. policy.
Not as long as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen.

etc. etc. etc.

What I don't comprehend is why people voted for either of the two major candidates. What I especially don't understand is why people voted for Obama when many of these same people were shouting at the top of their lungs speaking out against the wall street government bailout. Obama voted for it. Now he's saying he supports bailing out the automotive industry.

What I don't comprehend is why people voted for either of the two major candidates. What I especially don't understand is why people voted for Obama when many of these same people were shouting at the top of their lungs, speaking out against the Iraq war from the beginning, when our new VP Elect has been a staunch supporter of the war since the beginning.

If we want change, then we withdraw from Nafta.

If we want change, then we get the banks out of the housing business.

If we want change, then we get the insurance companies out of the health care business.

If we want change, then we tear to shreads the document titled The Patriot Act.

If we want change, then we stop invading other nations who pose no threat to us and who have made no strike against us first. Although seriously folks, isn't it the classic schoolyard, childhood tale to say "well he hit me FIRST" as reason to harm back. After thousands of years, you would think we (well, we really meaning the unbalanced male energy of arrogance, dominance, control and absolute power) would have "gotten" this by now. We need a strong infusion of the feminine energy to bring back to whole this inbalance. (I am not speaking of gender here--but of energy and behavior patterns).

If we want change, then we recognize our issues, our defensive patterns that keep us blocked and locked into states of judgment.

If we want change, then we not only believe in but we embrace and live out the values of respect.

If we want change, then we look within to determine where, how and why we have chosen to accept certain values that go contrary to respect. Empathy. Love. Kindness.

Perhaps as a good place to begin, if we want change, we break down this archaic, heavily controlled, deeply corrupt Two Party System. For come 2012, I hold a high expectation for those folks who voted for Obama will come to these above realizations and if anything, at the very least, will be diligently, vocally and assertively supporting 3rd and beyond party candidates.

For those who are apathetic (a most understandable state of mind), you help continue business as usual as well. I hold a high expectation for you as well that you will begin to find hope and belief in this country and most importantly, the people, and will begin your support for the dismantling of the two party system and support 3rd and beyond party candidates. I read on David Icke that to vote was to give them permission to continue on business as usual. Therefore, don't vote. Yes, if you vote for one of the major candidates this is true. But if the majority of voters would vote for other candidates, that would send a message that states "we no longer support this business as usual".

My wish is that this wave of hope and enthusiasm continues in a way that is grounded in reality and solid in it's desire for real change. My hope is that it inspires all of us, especially those who voted for Obama, to be that public watchdog, to be vigilant in ensuring he sticks to his plan and puts his listening ear to the attention of the people instead of just his advisors and financial contributors.

While I believe he has some sense of idealism, I'm also aware of the puppet factor. Therefore, my eyes will be less on him and more on his supporters and their actions and what they will do if....or when....he gives indication he's a business as usual political figure.