Settled On Obama. Wishing For Nadar, McKinney, Kucinich, etc...

I haven't really known what to say after last week's election. I temporarily fell into a hopeful state, lasting about 15 minutes. Likely this state was due to the little swoop of energy that spread through the country when it was announced Obama was to be Number 44. Perhaps the momentary lapse of reason was also due to knowing those damn annoying political ads were over and that I wouldn't have to see anymore Palin jokes or references.

For those who have been paying attention for enough time, we all know an Obama presidency, while tweaking things a bit here and there, is not going to offer up the change this country needs.

Not as long as the Banks continue to hold us hostage with credit debt and mortgages.
Not as long as Big Business continues to be on the government corporate welfare payroll.
Not as long as our government continues along it's road to Imperialism.
Not as long as Nafta remains a part of U.S. policy.
Not as long as the gap between rich and poor continues to widen.

etc. etc. etc.

What I don't comprehend is why people voted for either of the two major candidates. What I especially don't understand is why people voted for Obama when many of these same people were shouting at the top of their lungs speaking out against the wall street government bailout. Obama voted for it. Now he's saying he supports bailing out the automotive industry.

What I don't comprehend is why people voted for either of the two major candidates. What I especially don't understand is why people voted for Obama when many of these same people were shouting at the top of their lungs, speaking out against the Iraq war from the beginning, when our new VP Elect has been a staunch supporter of the war since the beginning.

If we want change, then we withdraw from Nafta.

If we want change, then we get the banks out of the housing business.

If we want change, then we get the insurance companies out of the health care business.

If we want change, then we tear to shreads the document titled The Patriot Act.

If we want change, then we stop invading other nations who pose no threat to us and who have made no strike against us first. Although seriously folks, isn't it the classic schoolyard, childhood tale to say "well he hit me FIRST" as reason to harm back. After thousands of years, you would think we (well, we really meaning the unbalanced male energy of arrogance, dominance, control and absolute power) would have "gotten" this by now. We need a strong infusion of the feminine energy to bring back to whole this inbalance. (I am not speaking of gender here--but of energy and behavior patterns).

If we want change, then we recognize our issues, our defensive patterns that keep us blocked and locked into states of judgment.

If we want change, then we not only believe in but we embrace and live out the values of respect.

If we want change, then we look within to determine where, how and why we have chosen to accept certain values that go contrary to respect. Empathy. Love. Kindness.

Perhaps as a good place to begin, if we want change, we break down this archaic, heavily controlled, deeply corrupt Two Party System. For come 2012, I hold a high expectation for those folks who voted for Obama will come to these above realizations and if anything, at the very least, will be diligently, vocally and assertively supporting 3rd and beyond party candidates.

For those who are apathetic (a most understandable state of mind), you help continue business as usual as well. I hold a high expectation for you as well that you will begin to find hope and belief in this country and most importantly, the people, and will begin your support for the dismantling of the two party system and support 3rd and beyond party candidates. I read on David Icke that to vote was to give them permission to continue on business as usual. Therefore, don't vote. Yes, if you vote for one of the major candidates this is true. But if the majority of voters would vote for other candidates, that would send a message that states "we no longer support this business as usual".

My wish is that this wave of hope and enthusiasm continues in a way that is grounded in reality and solid in it's desire for real change. My hope is that it inspires all of us, especially those who voted for Obama, to be that public watchdog, to be vigilant in ensuring he sticks to his plan and puts his listening ear to the attention of the people instead of just his advisors and financial contributors.

While I believe he has some sense of idealism, I'm also aware of the puppet factor. Therefore, my eyes will be less on him and more on his supporters and their actions and what they will do if....or when....he gives indication he's a business as usual political figure.


Pugs in Space said...

Right on! Great blog Nina!

tkn said...

As a Nader voter I agree for the most part. I think the part of Obama's message that gets drowned out is the part that echoes Kennedy's call to service. This is the part that gives me hope and I feel inspired to step up and do my part. The fact is that Obama could not have won the election if he openly stood for those positions that we hold dear, like curbing imperialism, or being against coal and nuclear energy. I'm really hoping that he said some things to get elected and once in, will shift to the left, but then again, considering his centrist, middling track record, I kind of doubt it. The bottom line is, we shouldn't sit back and wait for Obama to do certain things, we need to be proactive and create pressure, especially since he seems to be more likely to listen. We'll see.