Proposition 8: The Fearful Have Spoken. Freedom Still Remains A Distant Dream.

Some days I have these moments....who am I kidding....every day I have these moments where I'll hear something that astounds me internally, where upon I will have some thought that goes something like this: "I cannot believe it is 2008 and we're still talking about this issue."

One of those issues for me is homosexuality and the right to marry. And I present myself as a heterosexual, married female who loves men. Well, most of them.

For all of the finger-pointing that goes on from those who oppose gay marriage and homosexuality, what we have is a very frightened person who is not in touch with his/her own sexuality. A person who is more interested in quoting a couple of bible passages (as interpreted through his/her own point of view) than in remembering the real messages of Jesus: Love. Acceptance. Tolerance. Compassion. Freedom. Even some of the New World Order proponents engage in temporary insanity when they say homosexuality is part OF the New World Order to destroy the family.

It's an old argument, but I present it again: Since when did the heterosexual family claim success in the marriage AND family department? Isn't that still a giant work in progress?

And uh, since when does two same-gender individuals who are in love cause harm?

Afterall, isn't Love what we're all striving for? Who says it has to look a certain way? As long as it's Love, it abides by respect. Tolerance. Empathy. Compassion. The "do no harm" mantra surrounds Love.

Two people in love is damaging and harmful again in what way?

Remember when this same fearful mentality said the races should not mix and marry? Some said this would destroy marriage. This would cause all sorts of scary diseases. Well, we finally relaxed as a society and embraced this tradition. Hasn't this allowed for Love to continue along it's fluorishing, albeit it challenging path?

The citizens of California made the fearful choice to ban gay marriage. What a sad day this is for us all.

What a sad day this is for those who believe in Love.

What a sad day this if for those who understand freedom. Who truly deeply understand it. Who know freedom means the right to live and do as one pleases in so long as that choice is not unnecessarily harming another/others and/or imposing his/her will on others.

To live freely does not mean being free from being offended. And we all know that two same-gender people who wish to live in love as spouses are not causing unnecessary harm other than simply offending those who disagree with their lifestyle. To deny these people the right to be recognized as a married couple, that is causing unnecessary harm by announcing that they do not have the right to marry whomever legal aged adult they wish. To tell two adults "you may not marry" falls under the guise of parental authority. This is a classic example of imposing one's will on another.

And that, my friends, is contrary to the principles of freedom.

So what's it going to be? Are we going to be a nation that walks the talk of the principles of love and freedom? Or are we going to continue along shouting the words while carrying with us a suitcase of fearful behaviors that destroy these principles.

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