Uniquely American: Elitist Auto Execs Arrive In Private Jets With A Tin Cup

Ah yes, only in America will you see rich elitist big wigs begging Uncle Sam for money whilst out amongst the people, the poor and neglected and homeless are all too often spit upon for asking for the help from the same folks.

And hey, Obama wants to help bail out these faggots (let it be hereby known that my defintion of a faggot is one who owns a business and becomes obscenely wealthy running it, refusing to share the wealth with the workers, and then finds themselves in a bit of a pickle financially and rather than taking any accountability for their own actions runs crying to the government to be saved). If people had voted for Nader instead, no way in hell would this pussy ass whining and crying be tolerated. Hit the road jack. Nader knows the real role of the Government. Obama only knows business as usual.

Here's some little advice for these whiney faggots: How 'bout making cars that match your asian counterparts in terms of reliability and durability. I'm a Honda girl. You couldn't pay me to buy a car made by GM, Chrysler, et. al. And for the folks of GM: Perhaps ya'll should have cashed in on that electric car of the 90's afterall.

What is truly the most pitiful of this display of elitist begging is how they presented themselves. Arriving in their Armani suits having transported themselves on private jets does not present the picture of someone who knows the first thing about financial OR environmental responsibility. Why not carpool? They all have the same agenda, afterall. It is one thing for an out-of-work/disabled/fallen-on-hard-times individual to request financial help. It's altogether something different, of the obscenely ridiculous variety, for some corporate big wig elitist to request the same.

But again, only in America will you find this elitist sense of pretentious entitlement. And whilst we continue to install the same 'ole same 'ole talking heads, this behavior will only continue.

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