Late Night Ramblings

Ok, google.  You just asked me for my phone number in order to continue to my blog.  So I entered "5555555555" and you took it.


So Osama suddenly turns up dead.  Killed by our Navy Seals.  How convenient of a time for such an event.  And how beneficial for Obama who is pining for the 2012 election.  Now he can claim "I killed Osama" and all of his googly-eyed peeps can continue to bow in front of his feet whilst doing their on-going dismissal of his failures. 

Ever moved with a baby?  Try and avoid that unless you have free childcare lined up for weekS.  And no, THAT is not a typo.

The older the calendar tells me I am, the harder it is for me to relate to the general populace.  I despise small cocktail type chatter and prefer deep relating, especially on the realities of our planet, the system, the crap behind Oz's curtain, etc.  I feel this sense of urgency to wake up people now.  And yet if they ain't there yet, I just can't stomach interacting with them.  Am I a snob?  Perhaps in a way I am.  Mostly I just feel too old/evolved/different whatever the term is to spend my time trying to connect with someone who is on a whole different level and engaged in an entirely different mindset.  I think what this means is me familia and I are headed to the hills of Canada or some such place where we can finally enjoy and live the life we have long desired.  Oh so long desired.  Be extra nice to find like-minded souls.  Simpletons who engage in surface level conversations and who are unforgiving/emotionally void BORE THE CRAP OUTTA ME.  Plus yeah, they piss me off, too.  Wish there was a pill I could put in their food to change all that.  Turn on the AWAKENED HEART/MIND gene. 

Being a mama is tough work.  The most rewarding.  The most challenging.  The most unthankful.  No recognition.  Lots of demands and expectations.  Thank god for that unconditional love thing (that and the adorability factor) cause otherwise mama's all around the globe would be putting their little darlings alongside roadway curbs some days.  : )

Speaking of, 8am comes all too soon and it's all too late so I'm off for now.  Ciao.