Ted Turner Tells All: "We're Consuming Too Much"

This out of the mouth of someone who owns more than 200 million acres and owns massive, lavish homes. However, this article is a bit ridiculous as it questions whether there is any sort of global warming. I still question the exact causes (thinking it's a myriad), however, science has definitely shown the temperature of our earth is rising. On the other hand, it makes some good points though about government and elite controlling population. These hypocrites who condemn you and I for our modern-day consumption habits while they stuff away their millions, rush home in their chauffeured limosines to their huge estates.

What I wish such writers/reporters would do is to address the very obvious: the resources on our planet are finite--when the population isn't conscientious of its choices. Do these folks really think it's doable (for the planet) for all of us to live like the Ted Turner's of the world? Sure, no one wants the government telling us how to live. And I absolutely resent elitists like Ted Turner doing so in such a hypocritical fashion. So then, what are these writer's suggestions to ensure we live in such a way so that resources can indeed be infinite.

I'm starting to think the problem isn't so much about you and I, but much more about Big Business and Government Policy.

Whenever anyone starts saying "there are too many people and we need to do something about it", I get chills up and down my spine. What do we do? Cull off a few million? I read something about the population issue here in the states. There are fewer children being born than in decades past. And more people die each day than are born. In time, that will lead to a population decline. Japan, I read earlier this year, is also experiencing the same thing.

Perhaps the population problem is simply some elite agenda, aimed at controlling us even more. It is something to think about.


Top 10 List Of Things To Do With That Economic Stimulus Cash

I cannot say that without feeling a bit weird. Stimulating the economy, as though I'm tickling something, intangible at that, for pleasure. A little higher and to the left, please.

With all of this talk about these checks from Uncle Sam soon-to-be-arriving in a mailbox or bank account near you, I've been thinking about what to do with the cash. Worn down from trying to be practical about this "honest to god you won't have to pay this back ever in any way shape or form" cash from our good 'ole government bean counters, I've decided to have a little fun and offer up my suggestions for what to do with the greens.

10) Buy a bunch of spare ribs and beer, invite your friends and neighbors, and eat, drink, sing and be merry for 24 hours. Or however long the beer and food last.

9) Rent some time with the Blue Angels and ask to fly slowly over your neighborhood. That way you will get a good view of your neighbors and get a feel for our our government has access to any time they feel like it.

8) Buy some non-toxic paint (or toxic if you like getting buzzed off of such fumes) and paint a large mural on your rooftop. Suggested themes: the middle finger salute; the constitution with WE THE PEOPLE in large, black bold letters; a picture of certain leaders in a jail cell; or angels and flowers.

7) Buy several cans of tennis balls and drop them off at our home. Our dog will be oh so very enthused with your gesture. Same goes for dog cookies.

6) Get together with your neighbors and lay out all of your cash on a table or two. Laminate each bill and then get creative. Make something out of those laminated pieces square paper, take pictures of your creation and post it on U-Tube, your blog, etc. etc..

5) Along the lines of number 7, send me your cash. I promise to put it to good use. : )

4) Buy ingredients for a pizza and set out to make the world's largest. Submit to Guiness. Obtain world wide fame and recognition.

3) Spend it all on chocolate (fair trade only, please). Then share, offering up each recipient a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

2) Make a tree fort for the kids in your neighborhood to play in. And for those adults who still have that tree fort enthusiasm.

And number one:

1) Set out to disprove the theory: Money Doesn't Grow On Trees. Plant it and watch it fluorish. I figure it's about as profitable as putting it in the stock market.

Ok, my practical side is kicking in wanting a say, so I will be offering up some suggestions on those practical things to do with the greens tomorrow.

Meteorologist Misses, Mishaps and Mistakes

Anyone but me notice the growing number of mistakes meterologists are making lately? In today's global climate change, I'm thinking that perhaps weather patterns are changing, which is putting today's computer models out-of-date. And we all know Meteorologists rely heavily (too heavily in my opinion) on the computer models in forecasting weather. Yesterday all of the local stations and one up in Portland forecasted a high of 58-61 degrees and increasing clouds for our area.

Try 72, sunny and very windy.

We've had snowfall on numerous occasions (elevation of approximately 300') when we were told it would be limited to 1,000' and above. We've had lows stay around much longer than forecasted. Our temperatures have been averaging a good 10 degrees below normal. And yet not one Meterologist has mentioned a thing about this being the new norm or about this resulting from global climate change. It's just a "very unusually cold spring".

Try an unusally early and cool fall and cold winter as well.

Me's be thinkin' it's time for the weather dudes and dudettes to put forth the request to the gods of the American Meterological Association (with whom they must receive that stamp of approval before giving out forecasts) to update the computer models. The times they are a' changin'. Technology, in this case weather forecasting, needs to keep up.

Monday Musings

Haven't had much to say lately. Mood's been a mix of sarcasm, apathy and dismissiveness. Been spending some time watching the Dead Like Me series on DVD. Good entertainment. I like the writing and the biting wit and sarcasm is just what I need at the moment. Oh so much better than engaging my mind in the political process. I'm done with that and it feels good not to numb my mind with rambling sugar-coated dribble. (As a side note to that, received our voter's pamphlet. I noticed DeFazio's up for re-election again. Given his complete dismissal of his constituents on a myriad of issues, I would hope people would not re-elect him again.) Also been watching, in segments, some material by Eustace Mullins. He used to work for the library of congress and was a student of Ezra Pound. He's a wealth of knowledge. Talks about Israel, war, the federal reserve and other dark secrets government and business says we're best not knowing about.

Been thinking more about ditching city life and living out in the country. While I love being around people and having neighbors to talk to, equally so, I love quiet, need quiet, especially when I sleep. Seems we're often being woken up by neighbors coming home after midnight then woken up again by other neighbors leaving at 6am. You would think when people are on the move during these hours they would be quiet. But nope. They are addicted to their cell phones and car stereos. They gotta rev their cars up and let 'em idle. Consideration is unknown to some, most especially college students. They should not be allowed to live on their own until they are in their 20's, or else house them all away from the rest of the population. Before they reach their 20's, that frontal lobe is still developing, which means their choices are often acted out without any thought. I was taught, more likely brainwashed, into thinking of others first and foremost at all costs, no exceptions. In truth though, it's a balance. Thinking of oneself while taking others into consideration, in so long as you aren't sacrificing your own happiness. The other night, we could hear the neighbor's video game system clearly through the walls. It was shaking our floor and wall making it simply impossible to focus on our movie. We refuse to talk with these morons anymore as we have done so repeatedly to no avail. So instead, I took out a can of tennis balls and threw them at the wall, over and over again, until finally the damn volume was turned down.

Honest to god. If it's that loud over there it must be outrageously loud over there. And as such, don't they stop to think about their neighbors? Especially when it's 10:30pm in the evening? That answer would be "no".

I've decided that next time, I'll pull my ass out of bed at 6am and play my piano. Or blast some Led Zepplin, speakers right up against their bedroom wall. Sometimes responding peacefully doesn't work. Sometimes you gotta give a little bit of fire.


Another Attack On The First Amendment

While I understand (as much as I can that is) the indescribable distress this family feels over the death of their son in Iraq, this lawsuit is nothing more than misguided anger and grief. Their son has died and somewhere inside they want someone to pay. Again, a very understandable emotional/mental state. However, there is no law that says we have the right not to be hurt or offended and all of this political-correctedness we've become so obsessed over is, at it's core, censorship. Or perhaps it started with the intention to be considerate of others. However, it's gone beyond that.

I wonder how the family would feel if the slogan were "America's Hero's" or something along those lines. Would there be a lawsuit then?


Is There A Place For Folks Like Me?

I'm really wondering this right now. I used to be a staunch Democrat. Now I have seen the corruption of the entire party, the entire process. I have concluded that left or right, we will continue to have war. War is, afterall, good for business, good for the banks who rely on debt to stay operational. We will continue to have poverty. Big Business will continue to take precedent over the people.

If people really want change, they will talk about a new party and/or a new system. Fixing what's already in place isn't possible. Well, ok it's possible, but it would take nothing short of the most bizarre miracle ever to occur in our history as a species. And a lot of lives would be lost in the process. We've had enough of that.

So where do I belong? When I've talked about the democratic party, I've been accused of being a right-wing neo-con. When I've talked about global climate change and questioned the cause (not the reality of it), I've been accused of the same thing. When I have talked about poverty and hunger, I'm labeled a socialist or a communist or a liberal. When I've talked about things like 9/11 and the lies surrounding it, about this bogus war on terror, about this criminal war on drugs, I've been attacked from both sides as being either unpatriotic or a conspiracy nut.

I was going to write up a synopsis on the Federal Reserve and what I have been learning about this rather mysterious "agency". But I figured what I would present would be largely ignored by the left or ridiculed by the right.

Doesn't anyone keep a mind open enough anymore to embrace ANY new information? Any information that deviates away from their current little mold box they are standing in?

I'm always in search of the truth, always exploring, always looking at various sides to certain issues. Sure, that means at times I'm a fence-sitter. It means I may believe one thing one day and then a week later, I have altered my thoughts somewhat (my views on poverty are even changing!). I believe that's a healthy way to live. Unfortunately, my experience has been those who celebrate being either "left" or "right", "liberal" or "conservative" or whatever label they apply to themselves, fail in some way to live this way.

I'm discovering that the less I cling to something, the less I want to fight. I'm so much more than what I think, so much more than my opinions. If we were all to go to that "place" more often, if the majority of us would, private and public citizen alike, we wouldn't need the labels. We wouldn't need to fight. We'd simply remember those things we learned in kindergarten: Share your toys and cookies. Pick up after yourself. Apologize when you've hurt someone. And hold the hand of the person nearest you when you cross the street.

Confusion in Pennsylvania

Hillary "took" the state. But in the days leading up to the "vote", there was some confusion as to who was ahead. On April 2nd, one poll said Obama was leading, the other, Hillary. Must have been some post-April fools day energy remaining in the air.

Hillary's ahead!!

TPM Election Central Talking Points Memo
"Poll: Hillary Ahead By Five Points In Pennsylvania Primary. By Eric Kleefeld - April 9, 2008, 8:57AM. A new poll of Pennsylvania from Strategic Vision (R) ..."tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2008/04/poll_hillary_ahead_by_five_poi.php3.

TPM Election Central Talking Points Memo
"2 Apr 2008 ... This morning's Quinnipiac polls show Hillary Clinton running nine points ahead of Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary, ..."tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2008/04/quinnipiac_hillary_ahead_by_ni.php4.

New PA Poll: Hillary Ahead by 11 Points - TalkLeft: The Politics ...
"4 Apr 2008 ... Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news."www.talkleft.com/story/2008/4/4/124216/58105.

Indiana Poll: Hillary Ahead By 3, Leads in All But One Age Group ...
"3 Apr 2008 ... Indiana Poll: Hillary Ahead By 3, Leads in All But One Age Group .... And as for that "outlier" PPP poll in PA (none / 0) (#39) ..."www.talkleft.com/story/2008/4/3/232444/96116.

Now Obama's ahead!!

Hillary Clinton loses traction over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania ...
"15 Apr 2008 ... Hillary Clinton loses traction over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, Indiana .... The Times/Bloomberg poll put Obama ahead, 40% to 35%. ..."www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-na-poll16apr16,0,794499.story

Obama overtakes Clinton in PA
"2 Apr 2008 ... QUESTIONS ABOUT THE POLL: TOM JENSEN 919-744-6312. Obama overtakes Clinton in PA. Raleigh, N.C. – Barack Obama has taken the lead over ..."www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Penn_Release_040208.pdf2.

TPM Election Central Talking Points Memo
"Poll: Obama Ahead In Pennsylvania. By Eric Kleefeld - April 21, 2008, 9:59AM. A new survey of Pennsylvania form Public Policy Polling (D) gives Barack Obama ..."tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2008/04/poll_obama_ahead_in_pennsylvan.php4.

Trailhead : Keystone Bounce
"2 Apr 2008 ... Something we didn't mention in today's Deathwatch is a new Pennsylvania survey by Public Policy Polling that puts Obama barely ahead of ..."www.slate.com/blogs/blogs/trailhead/archive/2008/04/02/keystone-bounce.aspx5.

New polls show Obama surge in Pa. - David Paul Kuhn - Politico.com
"2 Apr 2008 ... Navigate: Home Politics '08 New polls show Obama surge in Pa. ... was still ahead by 12 points, though Obama had narrowed her lead by 7 ..."www.politico.com/news/stories/0408/9335.html


Blog Hits

Here's some of the search words bloggers have used to find my blog over the past two days.

"job seekers bullshit"
A rather funny search. And a sign of the times. Also a sign of the times was the following:

"food rationing"
This one appeared three separate times in two days, from different parts of the country.

"kip schoning"
This is a very popular search word and often comes out of Oregon State University. Not surprising considering the number of students who rent his properties and end up getting screwed out of deposits and repairs. His wife is advertising for an office position in her real estate firm. Applicant must know how to handle customer complaints. That's the understatement of the year.

"rob boss craigslist"
This person must have put their resume on craigslist, as did myself (anonymously) recently. Someone calling themselves "rob boss" e-mailed me, stating I had 24 hours to reply. I blogged about it and of course, didn't respond. This poster was out of Georgia, so it seems as though this "rob boss" is making his rounds across the country with his unbelievable offers of employment. I wonder if this person stole this name from the painter on PBS, Bob Ross, and decided to have some fun with it. Idiot.

And, saving my favorite for last:

"can too much pot kill you"
Not surprisingly, this came from someone from a University here in the states. I hope after reading my entry, he/she realized that no, too much pot can not kill you. Too much, however, can make you temporarily stupid and paranoid. But then again, so can watching the Evening News.

A Variety of Ramblings on This Earth Day

I need to start a movement. A movement where we stop all of this political bickering and ask ourselves what it is we want and need. I can guarantee most people (outside of the political and big business circle that is) want peace. Most want clean air and water and food. Most want to have the right to speak, say, do, be, and live however they want. Big business and political circles love this bickering we engage in. It keeps us divided. It keeps us detached and addicted to the System and all that the System tells us is right and wrong, good and bad.

We can do better. We must do better.

In a moment of frustrating verbal rantings last week, the following came out of my mouth:

"If you don't knock it off, I'm going to stick my hand up your ass. You must have brain matter somewhere and it's obviously not in your head."

I do, afterall, have a rather mischevious dark side. Or as my southern friend says, "You're a born smart-ass, honey child."

It's earth day. I don't know how to celebrate it. I think holiday's are a bit silly actually. Each day alive should be enough for us to consider one another and the environment around us. Stores are having sales today, prompting people to drive and spend, feeding the System. That's good for the earth in what way?

I'm about ready to post naked pictures or talk about celebrities to get some friggin' interest in this blog again. No one interested in what I have to say anymore??

Our world needs some of that feminine energy in a big way. We're completely out of balance. I'm not talking about men and women. I'm talking about energy and the behaviors that follow. Masculine energy is about power. Feminine energy is about nurturing. We all have both energies as part of our make-up. They've been suppressed and as such, over-utilized and under-utilized as a result.

It was spoken to me over the weekend that "This planet can be a paradise." This is from someone who is politically awake and disgusted. It was nice to hear. And unless we hold out for that, we may as well give up and bury our heads. Without hope to guide us, we're nothing but physical matter on auto-pilot. A good place to start is by participating in my 10:10 International Hour of Prayer. I already blogged about it so I won't detail it again.

We're buying a Def Leppard compilation CD. Both the Mr. and I are huge DL fans. I hear their music, I want it turned up loud. And I admit, it makes me want to crank it up around kids who play that rap music and thumping bass and say "Hear this? THIS is music, sweetheart!" Maybe add in a little Bart Simpson "eat my shorts" obnoxiousness. Of course, I could also say the same about The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton, Elvis, Glenn Miller, Bonnie Raitt...

A little trivia for ya. Folks up in Alaska put on their flip flops when the temp rises above 50 degrees.

Some more trivia. Voting Is Bad For Your Health.


So Michael Moore Wants Me To Vote For Obama


Well, in a nutshell because of Hillary's recent attacks using the "F" word. That would be "Farrakhan". Apparently she said Obama had ties to Farrakhan, indirectly through Obama's minister.

He thinks this is an insult? He's reacting so strongly why?

When I see such political attacks, I think "Business as usual." It no longer upsets me.

What DOES upset me is this on-going pandering to, well, Business As Usual with more support for yet another corporate puppet. Afterall, a vote for a Democrat is better than a vote for a Republican. And having another administration like the Bushes is simply not tolerable.

And understandable POV.

And yet another administration under a Democrat won't be much better. Perhaps some. BUT NOT ENOUGH. And we need a lot of "ENOUGH" yesterday!

Obama thinks Iran's a threat and isn't against bombing them to hell and back. He kisses Isreal's ass while trying to convince (brainwash) us once again that Israel is only trying to protect its "Homeland", even though the truth is that Israel is forcing the Palestinians out of their homeland, just as they have been doing for the past 30 years. You would fight too if another nation invaded your territory and said "Get out. This land is now ours." According to Uncle Sam, if you're a United States supported aggressor, your actions are justified. You're a victim. If you're not supported by the states and you're engaged in military combat, you're a terrorist.

When oh when are we the people going to demand more? No, not more. THE BEST. When? My vote will be for Nadar. He's the only candidate on the ballot (well aside from Ron Paul who I could stand behind if he didn't have such extreme views on certain issues) with the balls to stand up to Corporate America, demand they return the keys to this country, and return said keys to the people. With the courage to call this bullshit war for what it is. With the gumption to reign in this out-of-control federal spending. To demand corporate accountability. To create living wage jobs again.

So it is your choice. You want more Corporate domination? You want more war? You want more nightmares under Nafta (which was a joint venture under both the Dems and Repubs)? You want to see the continuation of the crumbling of the middle class? No corporate accountability? You want to see no real policies that truly work to eliminate poverty and hunger? You want to see Montsanto continue to monopolize the seed market, with it's GMO crap? Fine. Vote for Obama or Clinton.

But if you really want to see some of the above change in the favor of peace and the people, you will for for Nadar. Or Kucinich. Or heck, even Paul.

But I know one thing. Once either of those two puppets are put into office, it will be a frustrating experience for me and those who think as I when supporters begin to cry foul after it is made apparent there isn't really going to be much in the way of real change. But I know, from my own experience, that sometimes you need to be hit on the head more than once with the bat until you realize you're getting hurt.


Walking Away From The Status Quo

A website I visit once in awhile had a viewer write in, sharing another experience of yet another American Corporation screw over their employees while the head honchos receive millions. This particular viewer was mad as hell. Understandable.

The owners of the site asked viewers to write in suggestions as to what could be done. The following is what I sent.

Hi Kate~

After watching this sort of criminal behavior go on, year after year, I've been thinking the same thing. What can be done?

I've come to the conclusion that this is simply a part of a larger problem: A System built on fear and control. Similar behavior is seen in government, schools, the church. People in charge, dictating policies that are short-sighted, utterly selfish, completely lacking in decency, respect and concern for others. People in charge who are out for their own gain. In short, a System that has completely forgotten the connection we all share, or if they are aware, they simply don't care. A System that also wants us, joe and jane smith, to depend on it, on them, for our survival.

That's where we the people come in. It's time to create a new System. It's time for us to expand our ways of thinking, our ways of living. When it comes to this particular problem, it's time to create new businesses on our own with those who value equality and human worth and dignity. It's time to join together with like-minded folks who are tired of working hard to ensure the wealth of someone else. It's time to look for what is missing in our corners of society, time to determine what is needed for both the survival of our species and our planet, and build businesses around those ideas. I was given some information on Worker Co-Operatives. They're based on some very interesting principles, really based in democracy. I would encourage others to look into this business model.

I once wrote you a couple of years ago about determining, as individuals and as a collective whole, just what it is we want. What kind of a world, a society, a community do we wish to have? What does that look like? These questions are every bit as pertinent today as they were back when I wrote you. We must, we absolutely must address these questions if we truly want something different. We must begin to work on breaking free from our dependence on the System, in this instance the System being corrupt corporations, instead of trying to fix something that is already crumbling...instead of trying to change the mindsets of those dictating how today's corporate culture is run. We don't need to do that. Let them have their millions. If we break free from them and create something anew, on our own, create a way of working and living that is sustainable and independent from them, who will they have left to work for them, to depend on them?

Sometimes, perhaps, the best force for change comes about not by fighting evil, but by assertively resisting the evil, saying "no more", remembering our own power, connecting with others to build something new. Create anew, based on our values, our truth, our way. This change would be messy and scary. It would take a lot of time and energy. But I believe to the depths of who I am that we must build a new System that works for those of us who embrace human worth, dignity, equality and respect. And we can do that, together.

I know my response offers no quick fix solutions. I know it doesn't encourage an attitude of "fight the man". I used to embrace this attitude, but something has been happening to me where I am realizing such fighting is, often, futile. And it also, in a way, violates my own idea of freedom. If people want to run organizations, businesses, etc. on principles of fear and control, have at it. I simply choose not to be a part of that. I choose to focus on what it is I want and need instead and seek out others who want the same or similar things and as such, work to create those very things. And to be honest, I don't hold much faith in the idea that government is going to do what it needs to be doing, what it should have been doing all along and that is protect the workers for corporations such as the one as described by Mr. Morgan, to hold the people running these criminal enterprises accountable. Afterall, the government not only operates under similar principles, it also benefits from such a System.

I know this brings up practical issues such as how do you pay the bills and feed yourself and your family once Corporate America has screwed you over. I don't know. As someone who was let go from the University, my position being replaced by a damn computer, I'm wondering this myself. My spouse has employment, but we're still barely making it. All I can think of is the answer lies in relying on one another. And working to build something anew as I outlined. And hey, if I ran the show, I'd have an unlimited trust fund to hand out to people during such occasions. But I don't so that just remains a pipe dream.

We're all creative individuals. Some are followers, some are leaders. But all are visionaries who have something to contribute to creating new ideas.

I would also add if we are to create such a society, we need to drop the labels. We need to stop the attacks, left and right. This only divides us, people! We're all in this same boat together. The question I would pose is this: Do you want change? Or do you simply want to engage in labeling and name calling? You can't have both. Not in an authentic way.


Isolation: John Lennon's Still With Us

Mr. N has been telling me about this Ann Wilson (formerly of the band Heart) John Lennon cover song he's been hearing a lot lately on a local radio station. This morning, while I lay in bed journaling, my intuition told me he would be calling me around 10 minutes after the hour to tell me the song was on and to turn on the radio.

He did. At precisely 12 minutes after the hour, he phoned and said it was on.

So I turned it on.

And listened.

And wept. Deeply.

His message still carries on. It carries on in Ann Wilson's interpretation. It carries on in the millions of like-minded folks who want peace. Who speak about it. Write about it. Sing about it. And after the other evening, as I was listening to some of the Beatles music and asking John to speak to me, send me a message, I know his words carry on through my own as well.

We are one world and yet we remain divided. Speaking of folks here in the states, the left is just as guilty as the right in keeping this division perpetuated. Each and every time we point a finger at somebody and put a label on them, judge them or make assumptions, we divide ourselves. We insulate ourselves. We ISOLATE ourselves. We certainly ensure peace remains a distant dream. A System of insanity has been created by insane individuals, and here we are, you and I, trying to be "normal" in such insanity. How is that even possible? If we were to really be ourselves, remove those masks we wear and just live from our hearts, live from love, the System would not have the support it needs and it would crumble. It's a choice. Difficult to do considering how the System has trained us, but it is still a choice.

Is it any wonder why "illnesses" such as depression, anxiety, physical pain are skyrocketing? Suppress our natural desire to love and that's what results. Illness. A body out of alignment. Sure, what we eat and breathe has importance. But even more important is what we think about ourselves and one another. How we treat ourselves and one another. How we interact.

With so much focus on global warming/climate change, the economy, the dollar, the job market, the war, we wrap ourselves up in fear even more. We insulate and isolate ourselves even more. Maybe, just maybe, we need to start thinking about that song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Incorporate that more into our daily lives. Start thinking of John Lennon's message of peace. Hell, start listening to the message of peace from anyone speaking of it.

This isn't to say we need to walk away from the current issues facing us. It's just an idea I wish to present to say, perhaps we're forgetting something important in all of this protesting, chanting and challenging. Maybe we're forgetting we're all connected. What a gift that is. The energy of love creates. The energy of fear destroys. And we'd better start remembering that if we really want the kind of world so many are fighting for to create.

Here are Lennon's words to "Isolation".

People say we got it made.
Don't they know we're so afraid?
We're afraid to be alone.
Everybody got to have a home.

Just a boy and a little girl,
trying to change the whole wide world.
The world is just a little town.
Everybody trying to put us down.

I don't expect you to understand
after you've caused so much pain.
But then again, you're not to blame.
You're just a human, a victim of the insane.

We're afraid of everyone.
Afraid of the sun.
The sun will never disappear.
But the world may not have many years.


Strange Object In Corvallis Night Sky

Did anybody else see a strange object in the NE skies last night around 11:20pm? It looked like a large white glowing door with particles around it as it entered the atmosphere then, oddly, instead of burning completely it exploded before disappearing into a black cloud. The moon was out and this was still clearly visible. I have yet to see anything about it online. Surely, others had to have seen this. If you did, let me know.

This isn't a belated April Fools joke. It's the real deal.

Interestingly enough, we saw a strange white glow a few weeks ago in the same area. It was traveling very fast and was too bright and large to be a satellite. We followed it as it headed due east before suddenly vanishing. This is just one of many "unidentified/bizarre" objects we've seen in the skies of our galaxy.

Look up in the skies now and then, day and night. You never know what you will see.

In Honor Of Tax Day

Let me tell you how it will be.
There's one for you, nineteen for me.
'Cause I'm the taxman,
Yeah, I'm the taxman.

Should five per cent appear too small,
Be thankful I don't take it all.
'Cause I'm the taxman,
Yeah, I'm the taxman.

(if you drive a car) - I'll tax the street;
(if you try to sit) - I'll tax your seat;
(if you get too cold) - I'll tax the heat;
(if you take a walk) - I'll tax your feet.

'Cause I'm the taxman,
Yeah, I'm the taxman.

Don't ask me what I want it for, (ah-ah, mister Wilson)
If you don't want to pay some more. (ah-ah, mister heath)
'Cause I'm the taxman,
Yeah, I'm the taxman.

Now my advice for those who die.
Declare the pennies on your eyes.
'Cause I'm the taxman,
Yeah, I'm the taxman.

And you're working for no one but me.


Lyrics and melody by The Beatles.

Although The Beatles created a zippy little tune, Stevie Ray Vaughn did an amazing remake of it that really adds that sense of twisted evil we've all grown to know as the Department of Treasury and the IRS (I Represent Satan).


12 Tips For Surviving The Next Depression

The "D" word's being tossed around in a way I have never seen. Plus, this recession isn't just limited to the States. It's global.

Since we didn't have a full economic recovery from our last recession in the early 2000's (full recovery meaning each income bracket sees an increase in real wages), this one's hitting especially hard. Nearly 10% of homeowners dealing with the subprime chaos. We are now seeing an increase in food riots. The dollar's weakening. Credit debt is at an all-time high and consumer confidence is in the toilet. And something I as a job seeker notice: a massive growing trend towards commission-based sales positions and those work-at-home jobs. What I see much fewer of: secure positions that pay a living wage.

Check out this article to get some tips on surviving a (potential) upcoming Depression. At the very least, some of these are applicable under any economic conditions.

I still have faith in human kindness and generosity. I believe we can work together and use this time to create something new. Aren't we all just a wee bit tired of being so dependent on the System?

Team Clinton's Income Sees A Net Increase of 5,600% Since 2000

Yes, you read that correctly. Since Billy Bob left office, the Clinton's income has grown by 5,600%.

Just one more reason why I find it deplorable when these gluttonously wealthy politicians ask for handouts during their bid for election/re-election. All Hillary need do is reach into her hubby's pockets for that cash. I'm sure he'd like the proposition anyway. It's likely the most sexual contact he would have received from his wife in a long time.

Myth Busting: Sylvia Brown

I thought that would be a good title to busting wide open some of the misleading and limited thoughts supposed "leaders" and "teachers" tell us are Truth when in reality, they are nothing more than man-made myths, created to keep us feeling small and powerless. Done intentionally or not, they're not of any help. I'm takin' my sledgehammer of truth and busting them wide open. Today's topic, Sylvia Brown.

I'm not here to challenge her psychic ability. When it comes to feeling entities not of this dimension, I believe she has a gift. Perhaps not as amazing as she and others like to think, but I do believe she has credibility. However, having read some of her books, and knowing she has a huge following, I wish to bust wide open some of her myths she espouses as Truth.

The first being:

We Are Here To Serve God.

Like a little child I want to know "Says who?" Think about that one. How do you feel when you believe you are here to serve someone or something? Every fabric of my being knows this is False. We're here to experience. To create. If we want to serve others, fine. If not, fine. If we only want to serve ourselves or nothing or no one at all, fine. The Universe doesn't judge us, therefore there is no need to feel obliged to serve it or some god, man-made or not. Doing out of a sense of obligation isn't an authentic experience. It's one of those "should's" and "ought to's". To truly serve comes from pure desire. It's a natural feeling. But to feel we are here to serve God and do God's work is a myth. A man-made sentiment as forced upon us throughout the religious ages to keep us in a place of smallness and of servitude. To keep us in a mold, locked in a limited box. That isn't humbling. That's humiliating.

The idea also sets up a belief that we are somehow separate from the life force when in reality, we ARE the life force. So perhaps a better way to say the phrase is "We choose to come here to experience our eternal life force in physical form". I have more to say about this topic, mainly from the points of view that reincarnation is a necessity and that we are here to evolve spiritually, both of which I think are also myths. I'll address them at a later time.

The second being:

There can never be heaven on earth.

I believe she meant that as a metaphor, meaning the concept of heaven is one of peace, love, joy. It's unfortunate Sylvia espoused that belief in a recent book. She's obviously (and understandably, given her line of "work") become jaded. I've seen it in her eyes, I've seen it in how she speaks. The woman's burned out. Rather than aknowledge that, she now tells her followers "Forget about it. Heaven on earth is an impossibility".

Whatever happened to the idea that anything is possible? Isn't peace a choice? Just as violence is a choice? We're oh so much more than bodies and brains set on autopilot, although yes, you would not know that if you were a visitor from another dimension visiting us on any given day. But it still comes down to choice. And we have a choice. Every single one of us. Regardless of our backgrounds, our gender, our beliefs. If we can create hell on earth we can certainly create heaven on earth. I'm not saying it would be easy, given how we have learned to think, live, be. But it is possible and each new day gives us that opportunity to do so.


Where Do I Even Begin...

...to address the annoyances I am feeling.

My online resume is only generating crap for responses...so far that is. The latest was from some guy named "Rob Boss" claiming I had 24 hours to get back to him. And if I was indeed serious about making a change in my life, he would e-mail me the pertinent information. Considering he sent it on a Sunday morning at 4am, does he really not stop and think some people may not read their e-mails on Sundays? Nor look for work? Can anyone say S C A M? Ironic it was that at the top of his e-mail was an advisory about not responding to scams and work-at-home spoofs. Please oh please do not waste my time. Give me the details up front or it's a no-go for me.

I wake up many days wanting to be somewhere else. Wanting a different life. Wondering why in the world I would come to this planet now given the ways of the system aren't in line with my value system. Wondering why so many god damn individuals remain asleep at the wheel, living like zombies every day. Wondering why in the world anyone is excited over the upcoming presidential race. Wondering why anyone in their right mind could support any of the top 3 individuals. Waking up from the system of controls is a lonely, painful experience at times. Think the average person wants to talk about chemtrails, mind control, GMO seeds and foods and Montsanto, the microchip agenda, the bogus war on drugs, alien races who have intermixed with our species and are behind the puppets masquerading as our "leaders", creating lives and communities that are off the grid and independent AND know the meaning of the word "freedom". How the System (church, schools, government, media, business) has numbed us with thought control...

I read a story about a woman whose brother was a meth addict. She supported taking pseudoephedrine off the drug store counter. Oh dear, I thought. Another person who is trying to wake up but is still under the controls of the System if she really thinks that was 1) OK to do in a society that is supposed to be about freedom of choice and 2) a plausible solution. Would she support taking away bleach and ammonia, too? Those are, afterall, also used to make meth. You want to treat the problem? Look at the reasons why people use in the first place. Look into the corruption of the government and their bedfellows (the mob, big biz, military, drug lords, etc.) and see how these very folks who blab about drug policy are often the very ones profiting off the problem by ensuring this shit continues to be manufactured and distributed. And lastly, end prohibition. Criminalize unlawful behavior (such as theft and physical violence). Not the substance.

Cell phone issue: one example of why human beings are not meant to multi-task. At least efficiently. Today at the store we see a wallet in an empty shopping cart. We pick it up and head back inside to give it to one of the store employees. We're waved down by an individual on their cell phone, who couldn't even stop the conversation to thank us properly. We just got one of those "oh, that's mine, thanks" and then off they went, continuing their phone call while they drove away. I sent off a quick thought of protection as I often do when I see folks attempt to drive and talk at the same time. Makes me wonder where independent thought is headed. The System makes it harder with the mind-numbing chemicals in our air and food, not to mention if you're a member of organized religion, the public school system or university and the thought control going on in those institutions. As one person said to me, "I had a really hard time embracing the ideas the church presented me." Perhaps, or shall I say very likely this is due to the fact that a part of them knew what they were being told didn't represent their truth.

Makes me wonder. What is truth? On the topic of religion and death, isn't it possible that what happens to us at physical death is largely, mostly, if not purely based on what we believe? I like to think so. And as such, I'd much rather experience that reality, in a way that is peaceful and fun, where there are no controls or thought police or judge and jury. Free to be me.

Isn't that what we are all really after anyway? And wouldn't we all really like to experience that in this reality too?


The Insanity of Petraeus

Read here FMI. It's full of way too much blathering bullshit for me to even go into further detail. Although I do want to know what happened to the protestor after he/she was escorted out.

Want to know what makes me weary? The inability or refusal of people to accept that violence creates violence. Like attracts like. Anyone with the ability to think sees this is exactly what has happened in Iraq. Both sides want freedom and peace. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a blind fool. It's a fundamental human desire to live as one desires and be left the hell alone in order to do so. Of course some abuse that by imposing their will onto others. Anyone doing that doesn't understand nor support freedom.

Our politicians like to say buttery-padded phrases like "Troop withdrawal? Well now, that's a complicated issue." It is not. You pull them out. Today. And if I had my say, every single political puppet and figurehead from every nation around the globe who has voted for or supported this war in any way shape or form will find themselves employed over in Iraq rebuilding the communities that have been destroyed.

It's beyond words what has been done in Iraq. I don't blog much about it, mostly because it's one of those things that are so big for my mind to grasp. And my heart. Hundreds of thousands of children are orphans. The environment, damaged and polluted. Decades are needed to heal that. Most of the citizens remaining will never see their country be the same again, never see it fully recover and heal. Birth defects from DU are about the worst crime I can imagine.

What can be done about it? Honest to god, what can really be done to put it all to an end?

1)Refuse to vote for ANY CANDIDATE at ANY LEVEL who has ever shown support for the war or who continues to support it.

2) And any candidate who is currently holding office at ANY LEVEL who supports the war MUST BE REMOVED.

At this point, war with any nation should be something we simply stop supporting as voters. Picking up a gun and shooting someone, dropping a nuclear bomb, tossing a grenade, dropping missles are not the way to deal with problems. Period. The end result is never positive. We want peace? We must start desiring it at every level of our beings. We must INTEND IT TO BE. We must stop focusing on what we don't want and instead put all of that energy into what we do want. Be the change we want to be, at the individual level and at the collective level.

You want to know what insanity truly is? It isn't the woman down the street who talks to herself or the guy who thinks he hears Jesus in his head. Insanity is the course of action as put forth by the governments of this world. It is the military policies. The need for control. The thirst for power. The complete and utter lack of regard for human life.

We are pawns to them. A vote for a different party this primary season isn't going to do a damn thing to remove the insanity. We must remove the system as it is now to do that. The question is and always has been and remains to be: are we up for the challenge?


Employment Listing

I see these now and then. Positions requiring applicants be low income seniors. Positions which offer, well, a low income. Another brilliant idea by our brilliant government officials. Oh well, at least it gets people out of the house every day. Although with this position, I would think it would be better suited for someone in their 20's.

Employer needs a senior 55 years of age or older (PL-98-313) to work under the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program, for the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Corvallis, OR.

REQUIREMENTS: 55 years of age or older. High school graduate. At least three years experience in laboratory, greenhouse, or biological work. Proficient in PC Windows, MS Word and/or WordPerfect, and MS Excel. Some lifting required, work in greenhouses under lights and in warm temperature, and work outside in variable weather conditions, with minimal supervision.

DUTIES: General greenhouse technical support and field support as assigned, for the pesticides project. Appropriately pot, water, fertilize, harvest, and dispose of plants and media. Manage pest control. Accurately measure plant growth and development with scientific and other instruments, enter data into notebooks and spreadsheets. Professionally clean, maintain, and organize greenhouses and work areas.

PAY: $9.80 per hour / 40 hours per week. Temporary year-to-year. Medical benefits, holidays, vacation, sick leave. Annual medical monitoring. EOE.


Democrat Mania

After watching news coverage and reading online blurbs about people's enthusiastic support for either Hillary or Obama, I'm left with a feeling of sadness more than anything. People are so desperate for change and these two Status-Quo/Corporate Pawns are using that to their advantage with their often emotionally-charged speeches about how much they care about this country, most particularly how much they deeply and truly care about you and I.

Never mind of their past support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, The Patriot Act, their support for the official 9/11 story, their support for Nafta and Israel, their support for war with Iran. Forget how they are backed by Big Pharma, HMO's and The Banking Cartels. Nope. None of that really seems to matter today. All these two have to do is say "America Wants Change!!" and people, in their desperate states of mind, will rally around them.

Point this out to people and they insist Hillary and Obama are the real deal. Or they say "Well, they're better than McCain." Both comments still a classic sign of "sweep the real issues under the rug". That mentality doesn't work within families, within the workplace, within any social structure. It sure doesn't work in the political system either. The truth ends up oozing out at some point. It's always the least damaging to deal with it sooner rather than later.

So with this Democrat mania, the truth will continue to be swept away, drowned out in pie-in-the-sky optimism and blind faith. As I said, an understandable phenomenen considering the deplorable mess less behind with the last 20 years of the Reagan/Bush/Clinton Administrations. Or truth be told, since the Johnson Administration. The U.S. (Uncle Sam) will continue to believe in its right to rule the world, to take away our freedoms in the name of "peace through war", to support NAFTA and the global economy while turning blind eyes to deplorable workers rights violations and disappearing jobs, to talk the big talk on poverty and hunger while pocketing millions from their corporate bed partners. In other words, the Status Quo Check will simply be handed down from the previous president's administration, just like it's been done for decades.


Corvallis Food Bank Issues

Well, you know the saying. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." I've been a squeaky wheel for much of my adult life. Sometimes not enough. Sometimes, perhaps, too much. (Well, too much for some that is.) Reading and commenting on a local blog this morning reminded me to share my experience I recently had when I took to task addressing some issues I've had with the local food bank. It all started when I wrote to the head of the Linn Benton Food Bank (LBFB), housed at Community Services Consortium. My issues were: 1) Expired food items being handed out. 2) Differing amounts of food distributed, meaning the South Food Bank hands out more than the North Food Bank. And 3) Lack of fresh produce and healthy foods being distributed.

After playing phone tag, I finally connected with him earlier this week. I certainly learned some things. I now know, basically, how the system runs. But first, I will share what he had to say about my concerns.

Expired food items being distributed. My concern was about salad dressings, yogurts, mayonnaise and soy milk, which often have expired by the time they are distributed. Sometimes as long as a year. I was told that baby foods are really the only food items that are held in strict compliance in terms of expiration dates. They will not distribute any baby food product that has expired. I was relieved to hear that. As far as the rest of the products, they aren't so strict about those. Canned foods last for years after their expire date. The only thing that really suffers after the expire date is nutritional value. I wasn't aware of that. I asked him about the items mentioned above and he said he would look into that further. Apparently, a few weeks or a month or two beyond the expire date was ok. While I disagreed with this, I conceded that industry standards make this claim. I learned that the Oregon Food Bank relies on "food industry standards" when distributing food and dealing with expiration issues. When I asked him to further explain what he meant by "food industry standards" he couldn't. He was simply not sure. (Which today I think, "You head the Linn Benton Food Bank. I think you may want to know more about this." I certainly would if I were in his position.)

Differing amounts of food being distributed between the North and South Food Banks. This is, mostly, a space issue. The South Food Bank has at least 3 times the amount of space as does the North Food Bank. I was told LBFB is now looking into a grant to either provide more space or more refrigeration for the North Food Bank to allow for more food distribution. I said both would be best, although given they have two refrigerators and limited shelving, I said I believed additional shelving space would be a better use of grant dollars.

Lack of fresh healthy foods and produce. This is when I learned how the food is distributed. It's all delivered from the Oregon Food Bank to a central warehouse out in Tangent. From there, it's delivered to local area food banks. 1-2x per month (can't recall), each food bank is given a 5 page sheet detailing the available foods for distribution. Each food bank then determines which foods are wanted and needed for distribution. I was told that there is always fresh produce to be delivered and therefore, the North Food Bank is simply choosing not to receive it. He said he was addressing this to make sure fresh produce will become the norm rather than the exception. As far as fresh healthy foods instead of the heavily processed canned foods, sugar-laden peanut butters, trans-fat laden margarines and those "beef patties", which are made with all sorts of strange-sounding chemicals, well you know the saying. You get what you get. This issue wasn't really addressed. But read on for what can, possibly, be done about it.

One last thing for those of you who visit food banks. If there is a food item you wish to have, you may request it with the volunteers at the food bank. I wasn't aware of that. It was good to know food bank clientele do have some say in the foods they receive. Speak up! Start asking for healthier foods. Organic foods. Whole grain products.

I also heard the obvious news. Donations are way down as is funding. Empty shelf space has become more frequent, something I've seen on the local news. More people are in need of food help. I think it would be a wonderful idea if we had more garden space here in town instead of retail space that was used for the growing of food for those in need. It could be run by volunteers, including those who need to rely on food banks. A plot of land with greenhouses and usable land to grow food year-round.

While I'm still bothered by the fact that expired items are allowed to be distributed (primarily because of the health and nutritional aspect, but also because I believe it perpetuates this lack of worth mentality towards those with less income/financial means), I feel good that my letter was not only read, but taken seriously and acted upon. Changes are being made, the issues looked into.

For all you squeaky types, keep on squeakin'!


On Trying To Be Creative In Today's Job Market

I've just spent the better part of an hour researching the various types of cover letters one sends to a prospective employer who isn't hiring. These letters are given highly technical names: prospective and networking. You are to know about the company. You are to know what you want to do for the company. Examples include things like "I received my MBA from Harvard and have extensive experience in networking solutions" and other such ramblings that are a foreign language to my brain.

Uh, what about example letters for the rest of us? Those of us who have yet to find our passion. Those of us who have passions in the creative fields where competition is overwhelming, where success is in the single digits percentage-wise. Those of us who have kind of drifted along, bouncing along, trying out different jobs, searching for what we enjoy and what we don't enjoy. Those of us who don't have that glaringly impressive, shiny, peachy, ass-kissing, brown-nosing resume.

Hi. I'm out of work and I need a job. But not just any job. A job that will reward me both financially and mentally. A job with a company that is progressive, casual. A company that sees employees as people, people who are more than just an employee. A company that doesn't require its employees to dress like starched-up robots. A company that doesn't micro-manage. That rewards innovative ideas. The creative spirit.

Does this employer even exist?

If so, what do I want to do for them? Ideally, I'd like to write for them in some capacity. Or help out in some counseling-type capacity, where we are providing for the survival, mental and emotional needs of clients. Or both write and help.

How do I put this all in a letter? Every few years I come to this fork in the road. This place where I have to reinvent myself and try something new. What happens? I end up being told "sorry, without experience we aren't interested" and end up resorting to some boring office-type position where I sit at a desk, staring at a computer screen, entering information, filing, invoicing, answering phones, for some company selling widgets for whom I have zero passion in.

I keep reading these articles about passion and how important it is. Sincere interest. Oh yeah? Why is it then not one company in this town has ever cared about my interest, my passion, in what they do?

My experience is that employers simply want a zombie to come in on day one and get to work making the company money. Period.

If anyone knows of a company in which I am seeking, please pass it along. My search, and it has been vast, has yet to uncover this place.



Being it's the first of the month, that means it's bill payment time. Some months I write things in the memo. For example, when writing a check to the phone company I will write "padding the pockets of the telecommunications monopoly". For the electric company, "padding the pockets of the energy and oil cartel". Etc. etc. This month is such a month.

That being said, I used to write little smiley faces and "thank you's". That was back in the day before I woke up to the realities of the System.

Someone is flagging my post about my International Hour of Prayer idea on one of the craigslist boards. London, to be precise. I thought there may be a bit more sophistication in good 'ole London, England. Looks as though I was mistaken. Mindless stupidity has no boundaries.

The sun's out. The air has a chill. But I need and want to move my ass. A bike ride will be forthcoming shortly.

Been trying to stay focused on what I want. Focus on love, the "positive". Listening to one of my affirmation tapes earlier today, I demanded it "oh shut the hell up please!" then turned it off. Maybe someone should market some affirmation tapes based on such thinking to help out during those days, those moments when we just want to say "fuck it all" and go back to bed.

I used to really get into birthday's, my own included. Now they've just become a thorn in my ass that says "buy me something/spend money/send a card/focus on MEEE". Not even a slice of decadent chocolate cake could turn my thoughts around on this one at this point. At least I don't think it could... (hint: this means I could be persuaded...)

Don't know why I blog. I get lots of hits, but few comments and even much fewer in the way of people actually spending more than 5 seconds reading (according to my counter stats). I still know I'd receive more interest if I were male. Or if I had some special interest I was either obsessed with or focused on every day. But I'm just a simple female who is boringly ordinary, who ponders and wanders, who hasn't found her calling. Or if I have, I missed the boat.