Democrat Mania

After watching news coverage and reading online blurbs about people's enthusiastic support for either Hillary or Obama, I'm left with a feeling of sadness more than anything. People are so desperate for change and these two Status-Quo/Corporate Pawns are using that to their advantage with their often emotionally-charged speeches about how much they care about this country, most particularly how much they deeply and truly care about you and I.

Never mind of their past support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, The Patriot Act, their support for the official 9/11 story, their support for Nafta and Israel, their support for war with Iran. Forget how they are backed by Big Pharma, HMO's and The Banking Cartels. Nope. None of that really seems to matter today. All these two have to do is say "America Wants Change!!" and people, in their desperate states of mind, will rally around them.

Point this out to people and they insist Hillary and Obama are the real deal. Or they say "Well, they're better than McCain." Both comments still a classic sign of "sweep the real issues under the rug". That mentality doesn't work within families, within the workplace, within any social structure. It sure doesn't work in the political system either. The truth ends up oozing out at some point. It's always the least damaging to deal with it sooner rather than later.

So with this Democrat mania, the truth will continue to be swept away, drowned out in pie-in-the-sky optimism and blind faith. As I said, an understandable phenomenen considering the deplorable mess less behind with the last 20 years of the Reagan/Bush/Clinton Administrations. Or truth be told, since the Johnson Administration. The U.S. (Uncle Sam) will continue to believe in its right to rule the world, to take away our freedoms in the name of "peace through war", to support NAFTA and the global economy while turning blind eyes to deplorable workers rights violations and disappearing jobs, to talk the big talk on poverty and hunger while pocketing millions from their corporate bed partners. In other words, the Status Quo Check will simply be handed down from the previous president's administration, just like it's been done for decades.

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