Ted Turner Tells All: "We're Consuming Too Much"

This out of the mouth of someone who owns more than 200 million acres and owns massive, lavish homes. However, this article is a bit ridiculous as it questions whether there is any sort of global warming. I still question the exact causes (thinking it's a myriad), however, science has definitely shown the temperature of our earth is rising. On the other hand, it makes some good points though about government and elite controlling population. These hypocrites who condemn you and I for our modern-day consumption habits while they stuff away their millions, rush home in their chauffeured limosines to their huge estates.

What I wish such writers/reporters would do is to address the very obvious: the resources on our planet are finite--when the population isn't conscientious of its choices. Do these folks really think it's doable (for the planet) for all of us to live like the Ted Turner's of the world? Sure, no one wants the government telling us how to live. And I absolutely resent elitists like Ted Turner doing so in such a hypocritical fashion. So then, what are these writer's suggestions to ensure we live in such a way so that resources can indeed be infinite.

I'm starting to think the problem isn't so much about you and I, but much more about Big Business and Government Policy.

Whenever anyone starts saying "there are too many people and we need to do something about it", I get chills up and down my spine. What do we do? Cull off a few million? I read something about the population issue here in the states. There are fewer children being born than in decades past. And more people die each day than are born. In time, that will lead to a population decline. Japan, I read earlier this year, is also experiencing the same thing.

Perhaps the population problem is simply some elite agenda, aimed at controlling us even more. It is something to think about.


tkn said...

In terms of sustainability, we need to start encouraging people to have less children. Population shouldn't keep increasing, because it seems to me we've already outstripped earth's ability to provide for 6 Billion. How many of those live on a dollar a day? Global capitalism isn't working in terms of distributing resources equitably.

A friend of mine once said something that sent chills down my spine. That by helping the poor, we're only increasing their population, so perhaps we shouldn't help the poor. That really stuck with me and I've sought counter-arguments to that point ever since. It is everyone's responsibility to make sure everyone is doing okay. A just world must accept all existing persons as sacred and worthy of a dignified life of freedom.

But the fact is, thinning our ranks, in the long run, is better for the planet, and everyone on it.

Nina. Or is it Norman? said...

People are having fewer children, at least here in the states and japan, as I stated on my post. I know in parts of europe people now often wait longer to get married and as such, have fewer children.

That being said, we need birth control that is readily available and affordable to all citizens. Abstinence only is a ridiculous policy. We need to address religions, belief systems, government's that refuse to allow a woman to control her reproductive cycle, refuse to allow for the use of birth control. It's a human rights issue.

I believe the planet can sustain us where we are now. It's how resources are being and have been distributed that is the issue. Capitalism can work--in so long as respect for the planet and people are part of the equation. This isn't the case, so what we have isn't really capitalism. It's greed.

The global economy was never meant to bring people out of poverty. It was meant to establish central (and further) control over the people, creating a host of environmental and social problems. And what has happened? This new world government rule points the finger of blame on the people for said problems. Nonsense. Corporate, religious and political greed and corruption are the root cause. Of course people can refuse to partake, in ways that are doable for them. But that system will still march on.

As I have stated before, freedom is the right to live as one wishes in so long as that choice is not interfering with the rights of others to enjoy the same freedom.

If people want to talk about population reduction, let's talk about thinning out those doing the most damage. At least let's stop talking about the victims needing to do this or that. Let's go after the real offenders instead.