Monday Musings

Haven't had much to say lately. Mood's been a mix of sarcasm, apathy and dismissiveness. Been spending some time watching the Dead Like Me series on DVD. Good entertainment. I like the writing and the biting wit and sarcasm is just what I need at the moment. Oh so much better than engaging my mind in the political process. I'm done with that and it feels good not to numb my mind with rambling sugar-coated dribble. (As a side note to that, received our voter's pamphlet. I noticed DeFazio's up for re-election again. Given his complete dismissal of his constituents on a myriad of issues, I would hope people would not re-elect him again.) Also been watching, in segments, some material by Eustace Mullins. He used to work for the library of congress and was a student of Ezra Pound. He's a wealth of knowledge. Talks about Israel, war, the federal reserve and other dark secrets government and business says we're best not knowing about.

Been thinking more about ditching city life and living out in the country. While I love being around people and having neighbors to talk to, equally so, I love quiet, need quiet, especially when I sleep. Seems we're often being woken up by neighbors coming home after midnight then woken up again by other neighbors leaving at 6am. You would think when people are on the move during these hours they would be quiet. But nope. They are addicted to their cell phones and car stereos. They gotta rev their cars up and let 'em idle. Consideration is unknown to some, most especially college students. They should not be allowed to live on their own until they are in their 20's, or else house them all away from the rest of the population. Before they reach their 20's, that frontal lobe is still developing, which means their choices are often acted out without any thought. I was taught, more likely brainwashed, into thinking of others first and foremost at all costs, no exceptions. In truth though, it's a balance. Thinking of oneself while taking others into consideration, in so long as you aren't sacrificing your own happiness. The other night, we could hear the neighbor's video game system clearly through the walls. It was shaking our floor and wall making it simply impossible to focus on our movie. We refuse to talk with these morons anymore as we have done so repeatedly to no avail. So instead, I took out a can of tennis balls and threw them at the wall, over and over again, until finally the damn volume was turned down.

Honest to god. If it's that loud over there it must be outrageously loud over there. And as such, don't they stop to think about their neighbors? Especially when it's 10:30pm in the evening? That answer would be "no".

I've decided that next time, I'll pull my ass out of bed at 6am and play my piano. Or blast some Led Zepplin, speakers right up against their bedroom wall. Sometimes responding peacefully doesn't work. Sometimes you gotta give a little bit of fire.

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